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Gypsy в предложении (на )

  1. The Gypsy wiped her eyes.
  2. All this to Gypsy Music.
  3. Watch out, she’s a gypsy.
  4. The gypsy moaned and writhed.
  5. The woman wasn’t even a Gypsy.

  6. Gypsy the lips I press; and see.
  7. There’s a Gypsy camp ahead.
  8. The gypsy came to try the girls:.
  9. The gypsy man was ready to cooperate.
  10. That’s one of those Gypsy wagons.
  11. Last night I saw you heal the gypsy.
  12. When I was a child I wanted to be a gypsy.
  13. But they couldn't love the gypsy either:.
  14. Or by Gypsy Mummy spitting out blank cards.
  15. Unless, of course, you happen to be a gypsy.

  16. She turned to the Gypsy King and cupped his.
  17. Then a gypsy comes along and he, too, tries:.
  18. As Gypsy herself has said, though, the damage.
  19. Not a very respectable position for a Gypsy.
  20. She’s one of those dark, gypsy Lithuanian Jews.
  21. You're not gypsy are you? They tend to come here.
  22. Then why did you venture to the gypsy camp?
  23. I returned to the gypsy and waited until it was dark.
  24. Yes, stabbed him in the eye with that Gypsy sausage.
  25. Lee, nor was she Gypsy Rose Lee’s naughty daughter.

  26. In her visions with the Gypsy King, all she saw was Dr.
  27. Tam the gypsy? She moved to stand in front of him.
  28. He was no longer a danger to her or to her gypsy family.
  29. The Gypsy looked back at the vanishing palace of a queen.
  30. She was exactly what a gypsy would look like in his mind.
  31. There is something in October sets the gypsy blood astir;.
  32. She pulled away quickly from the Gypsy King’s mouth in shock.
  33. Crumley and I went out to stare at the young Gypsy woman's face.
  34. Perhaps I have some gypsy blood in my veins, too? she mused.
  35. Does she know? Who else, he wondered, has that Gypsy asshole told?
  36. Of course your father must be informed of the gypsy blight!.
  37. I met Gypsy Rose Lee in her tiny apartment in Queensway, West London.
  38. As he started from the Gypsy camp, a beautiful sunrise was occurring.
  39. It was 3:30 in the morning and they knew the Gypsy man closed at four.
  40. Claude established a rapport with one of the Gypsy trolls named Raphael.
  41. I’m a gypsy, I have the power that few possess, the power of insight.
  42. Wonder what big Lon had his fingers in besides Gypsy Jack‘s backside?
  43. The Gypsy man had not seen this attitude before, increasing his curiosity.
  44. Raiding Gypsy camps had about the same entertainment value as cockfighting.
  45. He wondered if the fateful evening at Gypsy Jack‘s was connected to this.
  46. He was a cute, scruffy ten-year old gypsy; the colorful clothing gave it away.
  47. She was a very handsome young woman, and I believe had some gypsy blood in her.
  48. Well the Gypsy man has a few tricks yet and that finger ain‘t gonna be cheap.
  49. And how long have you been pretending to be a gypsy? You're not very good at it.
  50. Bear’s my only family; these forests and the Gypsy caravans are my only home.
  51. The gypsy camp was a different world, it occupied the deserted land near the forest.
  52. Bohdan stood up and asked, I can handle a gypsy, they should be worried about me.
  53. Just before the attack on the gypsy camp, she had been sure he was going to kiss her.
  54. Compsilura concinnata is a fly that was imported from Europe to combat the gypsy moth.
  55. Then the Gypsy King kissed Isabella deeply on the mouth and any questions were answered.
  56. The dogs scared her and she had seen several nip at, and even bite, the gypsy children.
  57. What if the Surtorians see us, or what if the Gypsy woman can tell I am Princess Lucia?
  58. I could no more stop believing in Gypsy Mummy than I could stop believing in my own existence.
  59. One morning a remarkable square-faced woman with loop earrings and somewhat gypsy look was there.
  60. Gypsy lady with her legs dipped in gold, sold the rest of her limbs for a love she’d never know.
  61. The Gypsy man could feel mobility surging into his hand and fingers, his bulky body coming alive.
  62. A flock of birds burst suddenly from the trees and flew, cackling, over the heads of the Gypsy band.
  63. The only person she had not had any real contact with was the leader of the kumpania, the Gypsy King.
  64. Yet, it is doubtful that your friend the Gypsy thinks of her story as anything more than a fairy tale.
  65. An ominous cloud had fallen over the Gypsy band, and the raven left its branch and followed the wagons.
  66. With Emory’s help, he rolled the gypsy onto his side and wrapped the cloth around the man’s middle.
  67. As if by magic, visions of the Gypsy King and her family splashed into her mind and there they were—.
  68. Her gypsy family lived life with a fervor and veracity she had never seen in her own short time on earth.
  69. Gypsy Jack squinted into the sun as he turned the Lincoln town car into the yard at Bloodtooth‘s shack.
  70. They just couldn‘t ask anyone in Centra for fear of a leak to either Gypsy Jack or Joe Billie himself.
  71. Did Lord Garrett/Kyle had anything to do with the gypsy hunt? If he did, she wouldn’t stay in his house.
  72. For a moment her mind left the Gypsy camp altogether and returned to the little wooden boat out on the sea.
  73. The soles of her feet were calloused and rough now, one of the reasons she left her shoes with the Gypsy King.
  74. What a lot of money he flung away on the gypsy girls alone! He wasted a thousand, I daresay, on them alone.
  75. While you were on trauma duty I had Gypsy Jack and the Indian checked out and for sure they‘re unredeemable.
  76. They had been on the road for almost an hour and she could feel the strong, gypsy coffee gurgling in her tummy.
  77. Our gypsy vampire coven worshipped Hella Dracon and Blaec Toth Snaca with the sustanance of fresh innocent blood.
  78. This again was heightened by a certain gypsy character that set the banquet off; for while the table was, as Mr.
  79. Meanwhile, I cavalierly traveled about like a gypsy, seeking fame and fortune and a gratification of my own ego.
  80. I would have consulted Gypsy Rosa Lee, but since switching to tea bags, her predictions have not been up to much.
  81. She saw herself in the Gypsy camp, surrounded by bright caravan wheels and the stillness of the forest at night.
  82. Some swarthy men and women were really entering from the cold outside and saying something in their gypsy accents.
  83. In the late 1870's much of my ancestors' gypsy life was spent in travel between Nancy, France and Fredericksburg.
  84. Jack and Joe Billie had business that needed attention and if something was wrong Gypsy Jack needed to know, pronto.
  85. If I progressed from being a righteous man to being a scourge, my destiny might not match Gypsy Mummy’s prediction.
  86. With his arms spread out behind them like eagle’s wings, the Gypsy King held them in a protective embrace and smiled.
  87. He proudly informed the girls that he was a traveler and was with a big gypsy group, famous for their dance performances.
  88. She tried to let go of everything, all her fears and concerns, but the scene in the gypsy camp kept replaying in her mind.
  89. It was soothing to know that her gypsy family, her kumpania, would probably be leaving this area and moving on shortly anyway.
  90. Will ran with his father who still carried the, weapon that had fired the, smile that had killed the Gypsy and put her to dust.
  91. Regardless of its origins, whether mummified flesh and bones or clay and wire and latex, there might be some magic in Gypsy Mummy.
  92. At the back of the tent, where it had been on that long-ago night, Gypsy Mummy stood as if she’d been waiting six years just for me.
  93. She smiled as she remembered the first gypsy saying she memorized, Without now there was no before, just as there could be no after.
  94. True, a lot of gators caught were the results of tips or comments by some pool player or local pulling on a longneck at Gypsy Jack‘s.
  95. The Gypsy Road had become a street, and where the Tivoli and the lumber-yard had been, there were now houses and a row of side streets.
  96. Veronique tried to stop staring, but after the experiences with Diego, she was becoming much more comfortable around her new gypsy family.
  97. All of that is rational, and certainly in the case of the two girls and others who consulted Gypsy Mummy, your point would be irrefutable.
  98. She felt guilty soaking in the tub, being catered to by servants when people in the gypsy camp had been hunted down and maybe even killed.
  99. There were these men…well, you can guess what they would do to a young gypsy girl…can’t you? I mean, Madame, this isn’t a happy story.
  100. He’d administered some sort of prayer or blessing on the wounded gypsy and he had found peace as quickly as if the friar had pressed a button.

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