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Handicap in a sentence | handicap example sentences

  1. It will be a serious handicap.
  2. Your handicap is not your self.
  3. It was run on a sort of handicap system.
  4. Regulation only served to handicap Merthin.
  5. A woman cried, and what a handicap that was.
  6. Hindered only slightly by his handicap, the younger.
  7. One handicap is greater vulnerability to overfitting.
  8. I had to drive with the added handicap of tremendous.
  9. He was still too young to fully understand his handicap.
  10. It seemed to me that it was a handicap to be considerate.
  11. Depending on the severity of the handicap normal physical.
  12. Many who watched felt that the cloth was a handicap, but just.
  13. This building had been built handicap, or wheel chair friendly.
  14. You start me on my investigation with a very serious handicap.
  15. As a result of my handicap nothing really exciting has happened.
  16. He has made up for his swimming handicap in a matter of seconds!.
  17. There are many benefits to establishing and tracking your handicap.
  18. The rich are sick; greed is a soul illness and a spiritual handicap.
  19. The front porch was adorned with a handicap ramp and the van that.
  20. Not speaking the local language is a real handicap for a journalist.
  21. Final thought: 4 Time-tested And Proven Methods To Lower Handicap!.
  22. It is said that he handicap was half of what it used to be afterwards.
  23. The third handicap to security analysis is found in the market itself.
  24. Because of this physical handicap, she’d been having trouble finding.
  25. Forward tees are usually used by high or middle handicap seniors and women.
  26. They're also terrific for high handicap golfers who have been around a while.
  27. Because of his mental handicap the smugglers took good care of him, and he was.
  28. It was an enormous hard-ship for him to run his business with this type of handicap.
  29. Sure, with the 14 handicap that Alan sported, David Clark could see why he'd want to.
  30. Mark the Rooinek was a good player (4 handicap), while I am an exceedingly bad player.
  31. I am constantly reminded of this handicap and recently an editor enlightened me on the issue.
  32. This was a significant handicap, as braking bread together has always been a source of.
  33. Of course, having no radio was a bit of a handicap, but it was the tropics, for crying out loud.
  34. An almost insurmountable handicap for the Huskies, declared the New York Sun’s Malcolm Roy.
  35. According to the rules of Go, the game should have been played with a sizable handicap called okigo.
  36. But for golfers who are something less than pros, your handicap may be a tedious piece of paperwork.
  37. Some of the terms you may want to research on would include fore, bogey, bunker, handicap, and more.
  38. Those who have chosen to experience a disease or handicap will not respond until the lesson is learned.
  39. However, you, as an individual investor owning 5, 10, or 20 stocks, don’t have a large size handicap.
  40. Not having the skill to enter and exit at the best price leaves the trader with a significant handicap.
  41. I am an actress and I found my name a handicap, she said in the hearing to finalize the name change.
  42. Commissions, tax stamps and the invisible eighth, in addition to frequent losses, form too great a handicap.
  43. That inherent bias and inability to understand another’s perceptions is a standard handicap of the human race.
  44. Alice didn’t quite understand the distinction, but she loved Lydia for seeing her handicap as an enviable skill.
  45. The wealthy are not victims of wealth-prejudice; they cannot claim disadvantage or handicap, exclusion or oppression.
  46. Papa is not a relation whose introductions they value, and to come from him is a handicap rather than a recommendation.
  47. The result of this advantage is that: each wave of unseen entities entering that realm; comes in with a distinct handicap.
  48. It doesn't matter how well you handicap the next presidential election if you can't discern a good business from a bad one.
  49. Cliff, the real sportsman and all rounder, manages a par 3 with his handicap of as much as five, and he wins the game easily.
  50. Another handicap for Holland was steering into the wind, which caused spray to drench the lenses of the British range finders.
  51. Because I wanted to show you someone with a different handicap than you have, Monica, and how this man copes with his problem.
  52. When a child is born into the tribe with a physical handicap that makes it unable to serve the tribe, it is quickly put to death.
  53. His temperamental handicap was his lack of enthusiasm; he many times failed to encourage his associates by judicious commendation.
  54. The visible church should refuse longer to handicap the progress of the invisible and spiritual brotherhood of the kingdom of God.
  55. Tom Rochford, winner, in athlete's singlet and breeches, arrives at the head of the national hurdle handicap and leaps into the void.
  56. Most of the men thought they must have heard something good about the probable winner of the Handicap and had gone to put something on.
  57. You can measure the speed of the course using a stimp meter and track your scores to establish your golf handicap using the latest software.
  58. He may be suffering under a handicap that most people didn’t have to deal with, but he should still learn and be taught how to do something right.
  59. She had always been a master of bottling up anger, an emotional handicap that found its only useful outlet in the pain and revenge of the roller derby.
  60. This handicap costs the portfolio money, as it pays ½ point or more (or its decimal equivalents) on trades that are executed by less experienced people.
  61. That this process had been occurring for thousands, if not millions of years proved no handicap to the life forms on the planet as they mutated to survive.
  62. He has one important handicap, however—the fact that he has less time available to give to his investment education and to the administration of his funds.
  63. A small amount of superior selective ability should easily have overcome that expense handicap and brought in a superior net result for the fund shareholders.
  64. Ed often took advantage of a certain amount of mothering he received from his friends, but the group support was invaluable to him in the light of his handicap.
  65. A value investing approach can be a handicap in such an environment, as out-of-favor value stocks tend to rise less than the public’s favorite momentum stocks.
  66. In my humble opinion, the prescribed story structure, the limited length, and the other restrictions inherent to film cause the truth to be treated as a handicap.
  67. There is a conscious admission that life is difficult to cope with and the drugs can be compared to a missing link to be whole like crutches in case there is a handicap.
  68. There are several software and Internet programs available that will help you come up with your numerical handicap, and even help you track your scores to establish your.
  69. She ran for the restrooms inside the truck stop and carried him into the ladies room where she set him down on the commode in a handicap stall, placing his arms on the rails.
  70. And the order of payment from top to bottom, statistically, after every rider had a designated handicap, coupled with the odds that were bet on any one horse at any one time.
  71. If the wind was blowing on race day, whoever was assigned lanes five and six would likely start off with about a two-length handicap to overcome relative to the inside lanes.
  72. Trying to understand this in light of the fact that we exist as individuals on average of eighty laps around the sun, give or take twenty years, seems at first, to handicap us.
  73. You can find programs that do all the calculations for you, offering up a spreadsheet with all your stats, or choose a simpler program that merely gives you a numerical handicap.
  74. It may be objected further that such an attitude would severely handicap the financing of legitimate businesses of secondary size and would have a blighting effect on investment-banking activities.
  75. If there is still daylight to see by, you have no injuries to handicap you and are not isolated by un-negotiable cliffs or other barriers, it will be worth seeking possible better places in the vicinity.
  76. In choosing which set of tees are appropriate for a certain type of player, it is best to consider the player’s handicap, or the amount of strokes that he or she must subtract from his or her real score.
  77. And they were able to change the odds and the outcome of a future race by betting heavy on one end and light on the winning end, evening the odds of that horse winning, or at least covering its allotted handicap.
  78. A private wireless telegraph which would transmit by dot and dash system the result of a national equine handicap (flat or steeplechase) of I or more miles and furlongs won by an outsider at odds of 50 to 1 at 3 hr 8 m p.
  79. The reason that he telephoned me, Monica, is that he is concerned with the well being of all his patients and because you have a little handicap, he feels bad, because he doesnt know why you would try to destroy yourself.
  80. The quality of our pilots can compensate partly for that speed handicap, but the Mig-15 always has the option of breaking off combat at will or to dive through our bomber formations and shoot up one of our planes before fleeing.
  81. In America talent is rather a social handicap to a girl or woman, and an escape into a wider field is tolerated only by our extremely conservative society when balanced by some peculiar prestige of early environment or personal allurement.
  82. The drawback of not being able to compel the payment of dividends on preferred stocks generally is almost matched by the handicap in the case of noncumulative issues of not being able to receive in the future the dividends withheld in the past.
  83. Reminiscences of coincidences, truth stranger than fiction, preindicative of the result of the Gold Cup flat handicap, the official and definitive result of which he had read in the Evening Telegraph , late pink edition, in the cabman's shelter, at Butt bridge.
  84. What a handicap it was to be divorced, thought my son; self-service at home and harlot-solace in a brothel; what service and how much solace! Women were ever scary of even wealthy divorcees as if divorce underscores one’s incompatibility once and for all, and a whore was no answer for a wife.
  85. If it was Rajiv’s naivety in allowing himself to be caught between two emotive stools - that of Shah Bano’s sharia and Ayodhya’s Ram mandir – which caused his political fall, Rahul’s vacuousness, coupled to his dithering 'to be or not to be' persona that was a psychic byproduct of his mother’s initial 'daughter or son on the throne' dilemma, might forever handicap him for Sonia to realize her dream of seeing him in Delhi’s kursi.
  1. I recall a night at Yonkers using this particular method of handicapping.
  2. While he was laying here in bed, handicapping the races, we were making the bets with our money.
  3. Unbeknownst to the doctors and unbeknownst to the nurses, he was handicapping the races with the racing form while he was supposed to be lying in bed and recuperating.
  1. Whether the handicapped person is.
  2. His biological mother was handicapped.
  3. Yes, it is a fact that I am handicapped.
  4. As more and more handicapped persons are.
  5. Why did God give me a handicapped son?
  6. The attitude of others toward the handicapped.
  7. She is handicapped and confined in a hospital.
  8. The special needs of the handicapped person can.
  9. Obviously, no clear bias against the handicapped.
  10. Stalin was also handicapped by a fighting mentality.
  11. She looked at me and said, I am handicapped, Linds.
  12. Now it was my turn to care for my handicapped husband.
  13. Is it because she is handicapped? I asked mutely.
  14. Perhaps he had been handicapped by loving her so much.
  15. Education for All Handicapped Children Act (1975), 226.
  16. Many of the beggars are handicapped, maimed or grossly.
  17. He was hardly 7 or 8-years old, moreover, a handicapped.
  18. Handicapped children and their families have additional.
  19. With visibly handicapped infants the mother and father.
  20. Social Integration of Handicapped Children, set up in 1963.
  21. Julie pulled up to the one handicapped spot they had at the.
  22. The handicapped bathroom is in the back, one of the men.
  23. Though he was handicapped, Jason made his way in the world of.
  24. The Khmer Rouge was handicapped by a lack of intelligent thought.
  25. You, like us, are handicapped by the limitations of your senses.
  26. One of their mottos was, A handicapped life is better than no life.
  27. She was back in shackles, hurt, exhausted, and telepathically handicapped.
  28. There’s a handicapped parking space not far from the apartment of my mom.
  29. And how dare she flaunt a handicapped baby in the face of abortion on call.
  30. Only later did he learn that the boy was autistic and severely handicapped.
  31. The other likely candidates, James Buchanan and Lewis Cass, were handicapped.
  32. A blond haired woman that worked with handicapped kids looked at me quizzically.
  33. A religion without science is as handicapped as myth, lacking mental abilities.
  34. I would hope that a handicapped person would receive inspiration from my books.
  35. He did musical therapy with the handicapped people in his job in Social Services.
  36. I waited patiently for an elderly single or a couple, or someone who was handicapped.
  37. Have the racquets handicapped so the stronger players have to swing heavier racquets.
  38. One of the younger little girls was clearly handicapped and wore callipers on her legs.
  39. The father of the handicapped boy came to me after the service with tears in his eyes.
  40. And, as Lester liked to point out, having that handicapped placard came in, well, handy.
  41. Not far away, at a school for severely mentally handicapped children, there’s a vacancy.
  42. According to rumour, one mother had brought aboard a severely handicapped boy, and the two.
  43. Even this was a struggle for Bridget with three young children one of whom was handicapped.
  44. Over the long boring years of no mass murders, no human sacrifices, no parking in handicapped.
  45. I said so to Claire as she pulled into the handicapped zone right in front of Susie’s Café.
  46. Most of them looked handicapped, and she was not at all interested in them as boyfriend material.
  47. It handicapped the most talented and fastest boats, and gave every advantage to the slower boats.
  48. In those lonely, struggling years before he came, I taught severely mentally handicapped children.
  49. Is there any other country besides ours that has handicapped parking in front of a skating rink?
  50. He felt very self-conscious wearing it and thought people stared at him as though he was handicapped.
  51. He ran leaving his old father broke with a handicapped teenager on his hands, knowing that there was.
  52. To some extent, therefore, he is handicapped in the application of the undervalued-security technique.
  53. Bridget would often ring her, as she and her husband Mick would visit him in the home for the handicapped.
  54. Metin Şentürk (Turkey), president of the World Handicapped Foundation, drove a car blindfolded at 292.
  55. Handicapped as he was by lack of poundage, Dublin's pet lamb made up for it by superlative skill in ringcraft.
  56. On the way I pass the handicapped spots that I was told I could use for my dirt bike and that I always refused.
  57. They thanked the kindness and thoughtfulness of the nurses and the handicapped children who just smiled innocently.
  58. Elderly and handicapped people wouldn’t have to drive themselves to the doctor (or, if they prefer, to the beach).
  59. Patrick now worked in Social Services, dealing with the handicapped and Declan now worked with the Electricity Board.
  60. The mother eventually explained that the boy was mentally handicapped, and didn’t understand what I’d been doing.
  61. Perhaps many of the security analysts are handicapped by a flaw in their basic approach to the problem of stock selection.
  62. Single parents in the US preferred adoption special needs kids who were described as older, a minority race or handicapped.
  63. The mother eventually explained that the boy was mentally handicapped, and didn’t understand what I’d been doing.
  64. I know she’s serious because last summer she coached a Special Olympics team with severely handicapped kids and grown-ups.
  65. But to have one's son handicapped at the very beginning because his mother was not unselfish enough to endure a little for his sake.
  66. The one thing they had planned to do during their time in Dublin was to visit Baby Luke in the home for the handicapped in Palmerston.
  67. Doctor Stepanic had informed her about several programs available to the handicapped, one of which was to learn computer programming.
  68. With Hagan dead, Ash still telepathically handicapped, and the Sariceans’ files encrypted, he had zero evidence to support his claim.
  69. The Conquest of Deafness: A History of the Long Struggle to Make Possible Normal Living to Those Handicapped by Lack of Normal Hearing.
  70. Instead, her attitude in the therapy room responded to the needs of those trying to learn and master the techniques of the handicapped.
  71. His resistance to Nazism was to see him board a train cramped with Jews, handicapped adults, and other political opponents to Auschwitz.
  72. Zac had told her that Aaron-Rey was mentally handicapped but had never been in any kind of trouble before his single, fatal incarceration.
  73. Of course, the chimpanzee was handicapped, wearing gloves and often-times muzzled, unable to fight off his human adversary in a true sense.
  74. He was a good executive, an excellent businessman, but he was handicapped by his many moods; he was one man one day and another man the next.
  75. De Maisonneuve agreed to that and had Closse fetch the said ‘Labarique’, who was still severely handicapped and resided at the Hôtel-Dieu.
  76. He was born, severely mentally and physically handicapped and had lived most of his life in the in the home for the handicapped in Palmerston, Dublin.
  77. On the other hand, someone handicapped or sub-endowed could also derive a lot of satisfaction from a less prominent rank because of lessons well learnt.
  78. This distinction expresses the broadest concept of all those underlying the term investment, but its practical utility is handicapped by various shortcomings.
  79. He would continue the war, but remain very handicapped by divisions in Congress and public perception that he would give in to the treason of the Confederacy.
  80. The analysts hired by brokerage houses, we are convinced, are greatly handicapped by the general feeling that they are supposed to be market analysts as well.
  81. We must not grow overly reliant upon our magic, and this will remind us of what the Normals must, by needs, deal with in their frustratingly handicapped lives.
  82. Kalver was handicapped by his restraints, Brookins by the still-healing bullet hole in his chest, and Rykus by a fear that threatened to send him over the edge.
  83. Ulbrickson summoned up a deeper level of despair, calling the Bears the clear favorites before lamenting, We have been handicapped this year by inclement weather.
  84. A financial analyst blessed (or handicapped) with a good memory will think of an analogy between Emerson Electric and Zenith Radio, and that would not be reassuring.
  85. Sarah was home before Matthew that evening and was very upset, she remembering him as a child at home in Dublin and visiting him in the home for the handicapped there.
  86. A good forty Iroquois warriors were waiting for them on the shoreline, including the said Laplume, who eyed with contempt the handicapped Labarique sitting in Nancy’s canoe.
  87. Baby Luke who would have been close to him in that respect was taken away to the home for the handicapped in Dublin when he was young and the twins, both boys had died at birth.
  88. She was helped by Margaret and Joe to explain that a handicapped brother they had little or no memories of, through cruel circumstances, had passed away and gone to Heaven as she put it.
  89. Severely handicapped by their degraded computers and their sick crews, the Morg cruisers fared badly against the massive missile salvo fired by the Human cruisers of Konovalov’s force.
  90. A nurse who visited them regularly to monitor Baby Luke and saw the position they were in suggested to Bridget that she could have him admitted to a home for the handicapped if she applied.
  91. Too many times, leaders and nations have dwelled in the past, which has handicapped the immense potential of the present, instead of using knowledge of the past advantageously towards the future.
  92. A company of relatively minor size is more vulnerable than others to unexpected happenings, and it is likely to be handicapped by the lack of strong banking connections or of technical resources.
  93. But whatever the merits of these proposals he would have been enormously handicapped with no party in Congress to back him, a hostile and undiplomatic temper, and a tendency to imagine dark plots.
  94. The Kaiser job fell apart by the summer of 1974, so I immediately started looking for another position in the Bay Area, but was handicapped by the fact that I was not admitted to the California bar.
  95. But unlike Muhammad, who provided for his faithful of Medina with the ‘spoils of war’, Jinnah was handicapped to prop up Pakistan for Islam has no wherewithal for nation building, intellectually speaking that is.
  96. It is a beneficent condition that as yet a first ray ego is so handicapped and limited by the form nature and the quality of that form nature that it is unable to make adequate or intelligent use of its destructive force.
  97. A handicapped mother here, an Alzheimer's patient there, brothers, nephews, abandoned families, lonely men, underpass women, ghettoes of the forgotten, of the all who can only be loved one by one, not by the thousands and not with credit.
  98. There are all kinds of more or less remarkable talents and, from what Balder gathered, people with these skills are called talented savants and capable of quite outstanding accomplishments given the fact that they are otherwise handicapped.
  99. Without wasting time, Eunice established Camp Shriver in the summer of 1961, a small day program for mentally handicapped and disadvantaged children on the Shriver estate, Timberlawn, in Maryland, where she hosted outdoor games and swimming.
  100. There are a number of NGOs doing good work in the field of healthcare, bringing up parentless and destitute children, care of physically handicapped, education of poor children, nourishment for patients and disaster management and rehabilitation.
  1. My handicaps are not.
  2. You had handicaps that you probably thought were benefits.
  3. Anger depletes the health, debases the mind, and handicaps the spirit teacher of man's soul.
  4. She rose above all these handicaps, surviving with her love of music and becoming a great singer.
  5. He should have been a shining example to all who face the awful odds of overcoming serious handicaps.
  6. Here are some of the handicaps mutual-fund managers and other professional investors are saddled with:.
  7. Remember, some diseases or handicaps are placed in your life as a spiritual lesson for your personal growth.
  8. Although he has obvious technical advantages over the small investor, he suffers from three special handicaps:.
  9. Handicaps and physical deformities are not simply for the being experiencing them within that seemingly broken body.
  10. The difference is this; instead of dwelling on their handicaps, they compensate for them by dwelling on their strengths.
  11. As a result of these handicaps, the probability that a specific horse will win is exactly the same as that of any other horse in the race.
  12. Between the glass counters, shelves, food, and the frightened counter girls scurrying back and forth, she's fighting with too many handicaps.
  13. The imperfections and handicaps of evil are inherent; the penalties of sin are inevitable; the destroying consequences of iniquity are inexorable.
  14. Most traders enter the marketplace with no awareness of the handicaps and weaknesses they bring into the arena, and they are doomed to failure before they even begin.
  15. By the same token, there have always been instances of people born in the lower social classes who by sheer gumption raised themselves up in life in spite of all handicaps.
  16. Despite of these handicaps, however, the American colonists fought on for years, sustaining many defeats, but eventually won through sheer resilience and strength of spirit.
  17. In the first place, what may be called the mechanics of speculation involves serious handicaps to the speculator, which may outweigh the benefits conferred by analytical study.
  18. Some suffer from the accidents of time, others as a result of the mistakes of their forebears, while some of you struggle under the handicaps of the imperfect conditions of your temporal existence.
  19. Many of the young men and women among our readers, who are concerned with love and marriage, have undoubtedly become aware of inner handicaps of their own--handicaps of thought and feeling which they recognize as their heritage from a generation of other-mindedness in regard to matters of sex.
  20. What types of securities or situations lend themselves best to this more positive activity of the analyst, and to what handicaps or limitations is it subject? It may be well to start with a group of examples of analytical judgments, which could later serve as a basis for a more general inquiry.
  21. This case would be especially embarrassing for them – first, they have stated that the crown was destroyed centuries ago and, second, you are a young Englishman, no religious beliefs, no historical background and limited access to Church files and vaults and yet, despite these handicaps, you are still ahead of them.
  22. While the growth in developing countries is faster than in our own, there are serious imponderables: Will regulations change in a way that handicaps the foreign investor? What are the chances the business will be nationalized? Will a contract with a foreign government be honored? And there are more mundane risks such as currency fluctuations, the accuracy of local accounting practices, and management corruption.
  23. But, would the Hindu majority, recovering from the humiliation of a thousand years of alien rule, suffer a foreigner taking the capital seat of Hindustan? The Congressmen, and more so women, though seem not to mind, unmindful of the perils of having a person of foreign origin as the country’s Prime Minister! Wouldn’t every nation be a hostage of its own history that lends itself to color its people’s thinking towards the other countries and their peoples? Could an Israelite origin Prime Minister be objective in India’s ties with the Palestine? What about India’s relations with the Western world under the premiership of some naturalized Iranian or an Iraqi? Wouldn’t an Indian political head of Bangladeshi origin, nursing a grouse of his sister’s molestation by some Punjabi fauzis during the crisis in his parent country be tempted to settle scores with Pakistan with India’s military might? Why, could any such one be what he or she should be as India’s Prime Minister; without a native Indian at the helm of affairs, won’t India’s detractors exploit the handicaps of a foreign origin numero uno to jeopardize the Indian national interests?
  24. Despite his handicaps and whatever health issues he was going through,.
  25. In spite of their tremendous handicaps however, they fought with great valor,.

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