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Impediment in a sentence

Sometimes the impediment is curiosity.
The expense need not be any impediment.
Harry, I see the obvious impediment.
Long hair was a nuisance and an impediment.
But there is one impediment to his gigantic project.
It is an impediment to carrying out a swift, efficient job.
The impediment wasn’t picking up a date,(he could do that), it was.

Fortunately I never met a man who had such a speech impediment himself.
Far from being an impediment the cuffs actually helped my ascent up the tree.
Impediment: That which hinders progress or motion; an obstruction; an obstacle.
The greatest impediment to capital structure optimization is the addition of too.
Modi was convinced that the Planning Commission was an impediment to faster growth.
Furthermore, his gratitude to Haik for the help he provided was a further impediment.
Brooke's definition of the place he might have held but for the impediment of indolence.
The first was that he had no equipment, and the second impediment was that he could not ride.
An impossible impediment which remains between ourselves and that which we desire with ardour.
Though tiered I couldn’t impediment reading, looking for any information that could be helpful.
I am in a condition to prove my allegation: an insuperable impediment to this marriage exists.
EPAs rules to curb emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases were cited as impediment.
Here it may be well to give the history of this impediment of the speech and hearing of Monsieur Grandet.
He was mocked as a child by other children because he was shy, ugly, sickly, and had a speech impediment.
But in the past decades it has been the single largest impediment to quality inpatient mental health care.
Unfortunately, he had an impediment in his speech, and when first one met him he was difficult to understand.
Having removed this impediment, and lifted certain silvery envelopes of tissue paper, she merely exclaimed—.
But, as Global’s life was on the line, Gautam took it upon himself to bring Naina around to remove the impediment.
Let’s forget about it, he said at length as though to ward off the impediment by dismissing the incident itself.
In my view, the biggest impediment to Kabat-Zinn’s—and now my—vision becoming a reality was meditation’s massive PR problem.
Personally, I think he has a charming accent, and since I have no trouble understanding it, I do not consider it to be an impediment.
Originality and invention imply an ability to break barriers; every new discovery represents the toppling of an impediment to thought.
He said he was as much opposed to throwing any impediment in the way of the expected negotiation as any gentleman in the United States.
The boys on either side of me began to laugh, softly at first, but it soon became an impediment, and they had to stop and calm themselves.
A mocking devil capable of transforming an impossible impediment due to tenacity and that supernatural force we use to realize our objectives.
But such a thought arises only out of the dust of conventionalism, and shall be no impediment in this free and unfettered search golden grains of truth.
To attain this end, are you justified in overleaping an obstacle of custom—a mere conventional impediment which neither your conscience sanctifies nor your judgment approves?
In either case, Human Dignity is (ultimately) compromised; considered an impediment to practical designs thought to promote either an Ideal or Orderly society, or whatever other intent.
He exposed their risk and fallacy with his usual skill; and it was only after he had removed every impediment, in the shape of opposing advice, that he ventured to propose his own projects.
Having removed the smaller impediment, we should return with courage, strengthened by trial and animated by success, to the relief of our rights, from the pressure of the strongest assailant.
These educrats know better than anyone else, though they would never admit it, that most of the massive school bureaucracy is not merely useless, but an overbearing impediment to good education.
Secondly, For that he perceived God was with them, though in that dark and dismal state; and why not, thought he, with me? though, by reason of the impediment that attends this place, I cannot perceive it.
He was eighty years old, had a speech impediment and a bad self-image, apart from that he had been living in the wilderness of Midian for forty years and we know what desert life can do to your appearance.

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