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    1. This kind of breathing will harmonise the whole system

    2. You must know how to harmonise your physical and mental vibrations with those without

    3. Your external world will begin to harmonise with the positive inner changes taking place as your beliefs, feelings, thoughts and actions become aligned

    4. Through the heart we are able to harmonise our inner and outer worlds

    5. Best way to a healthy sex life is to harmonise your relationship by connecting with your partner mentally, resolve all problems with him, communicate your sexual needs, and settle any issue of infidelity and mistrust

    6. ‘This time around our two singers lost the ability to harmonise correctly

    7. This is probably a bit early for us but we are mirroring to attempt at least, over time, to harmonise the specimen portfolio with the legacy one

    8. He did not like it, nor did he like those who tried to harmonise it with life

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    Synonyms for "harmonise"

    chord harmonise harmonize reconcile accord agree concord consort fit in

    "harmonise" definitions

    go together

    write a harmony for

    sing or play in harmony

    bring (several things) into consonance or relate harmoniously

    bring into consonance or accord

    bring into consonance, harmony, or accord while making music or singing