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Harsh in a sentence

He was a harsh man.
The struggle is too harsh.
Here is the harsh reality.
It would be harsh on him.
He was cold, but not harsh.
The weather was still harsh.
The seasons have been harsh.

A harsh, ascetic, holy face.
Elizabeth would be too harsh.
His voice was harsh and mean.
He barked a short, harsh laugh.
He was being harsh on purpose.
With harsh words and a stern.
There is harsh action needed -.
This time his words were harsh.
His voice was gravelly and harsh.
Discipline was harsh and absolute.
I sucked in another harsh breath.
You are being too harsh with him.
It’s very harsh, Joan said.
He could face harsh repercussions.
The vial judgments are harsh but.
She could be a harsh mistress but.
The sound was harsh and compelling.
They pointed out the harsh way home.
What he heard was harsh and painful.
I'll own that he's with a harsh set.
Quickly, came the harsh answer.
Clothed in harsh cloth, with no wife.
A few hours later, the harsh cough.
Shouldn’t you be cold, harsh and.
Our breathing was harsh and labored.
She thinks Chicago is cold and harsh.
Perhaps I had been too harsh on them.
Lea I heard his harsh voice say.
She breathed in harsh gasps, Dont.
This is a just a tad harsh, isn't it.
Let’s face some harsh realities here.
Become aware of harsh reality within it.
The man bowed lower at that harsh voice.

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