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Heater in a sentence

He had a big heater.
The car’s heater was on.
Get closer to the heater.
Even with the heater going.
The heater had been on for a.
I hefted the heater and smiled.
And even let me keep my heater.

We can switch off the heater now.
Claire heard the whir of a heater.
Even with the hydrogen cell heater.
We immerse an electrical heater in a.
He put the heater on for me and asked.
I'm a bit worried about that gas heater.
A little cube-style space heater came on.
She had an old-style heater without vents.
Minimize the use of your shower’s heater.
The automobile’s heater had done its work.
Insure that the heater is in good condition.
It wasn't the water heater, it was the frig.
She would need to have the heater turned down.
They’re outside keeping that heater going.
I can just turn off the heater and wear layers.
His ‘ice-cold’ golf game, needed a heater!.
He put the heater on for me and asked me where.
We sat in the car with the heater on full blast.
Liam was shivering in the car despite the heater.
She hooked it on the wall behind the wood heater.
It’s not a traditional hot water heater system.
Zeke put the heater away, sat down and lit his pipe.
The lights were low, the heater still casting warmth.
Look, I’m carrying the heater and that’s final.
The heater was a good idea, they were not cold at all.
She then looked at the room and noticed the heater on.
He had only an arctic sleeping bag and kerosene heater.
Turning the heater on, I drove straight back to the Hab.
A leak could develop, the heater could stick in the on.
The first order of business was that damned water heater.
The damn heater will eat half my battery power every day.
I can turn on the heater for short bursts when necessary.
I had no idea she had turned up the water heater that day.

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