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Bullet in a sentence

It was a bullet chip.
She could be a bullet.
My son was bullet proof.
Time to bite the bullet.
The bullet graze on my.
Pa took a bullet in the.

And the touch of a bullet.
Bullet is no more remedy.
It had bullet holes in it.
Shot with a silver bullet.
A bullet in the head.
It has some bullet wounds.
I was literally in a bullet.
It has a fifty bullet clip.
Another bullet came his way.
One was killed by a bullet.
Every bullet has its billet.
It was a bullet in the heart.
The bullet nicked his heart.
It was full of bullet holes.
Bit the bullet on the price.
A bullet frozen in its path.
He only had one last bullet.
He had a bullet in the chest.
Bullet went right on through.
A bullet hit her in the back.
This is a bullet chip gun.
A shotgun or a single bullet.
Jock must need a final bullet.
Bite the bullet, utilize his.
The bullet hit him in the head.
One bullet wound to the heart.
This bullet will, I said.
The bullet had only grazed her.
Bullet holes riddled the tenth.
The bullet had missed the bone.
A bullet had pierced his skull.
By the way I love bullet points.
The first bullet hits the wall.

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