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Bullet in a sentence | bullet example sentences

  1. It was a bullet chip.
  2. She could be a bullet.
  3. The bullet graze on my.
  4. My son was bullet proof.
  5. Time to bite the bullet.

  7. And the touch of a bullet.
  8. Bullet is no more remedy.
  9. Pa took a bullet in the.
  10. Shot with a silver bullet.
  11. It has some bullet wounds.
  12. It had bullet holes in it.
  13. A bullet in the head.
  14. I was literally in a bullet.
  15. Another bullet came his way.

  16. It has a fifty bullet clip.
  17. One was killed by a bullet.
  18. The bullet nicked his heart.
  19. A bullet frozen in its path.
  20. It was full of bullet holes.
  21. He only had one last bullet.
  22. It was a bullet in the heart.
  23. Bit the bullet on the price.
  24. Every bullet has its billet.
  25. This is a bullet chip gun.

  26. A bullet hit her in the back.
  27. He had a bullet in the chest.
  28. A shotgun or a single bullet.
  29. Jock must need a final bullet.
  30. Bullet went right on through.
  31. The bullet had only grazed her.
  32. This bullet will, I said.
  33. One bullet wound to the heart.
  34. Bite the bullet, utilize his.
  35. The bullet hit him in the head.
  36. Bullet holes riddled the tenth.
  37. The bullet had missed the bone.
  38. By the way I love bullet points.
  39. Then, like a bullet, it hit her.
  40. A bullet had pierced his skull.
  41. Yes, the bullet has got jammed.
  42. The first bullet hits the wall.
  43. You know? A bullet in the ankle.
  44. The bullet hit my left shoulder.
  45. The bullet shell hit the ground.
  46. Oh, those are bullet etchings.
  47. Hatred is number 3 with a bullet.
  48. Punk turned the bullet chip off.
  49. What kind of bullet was it?
  50. A bullet that just missed the car.
  51. She put a bullet through his palm.
  52. Seems he clocked onto the bullet.
  53. The bullet had your name on it.
  54. Smith fell, a bullet in his heart.
  55. Lifeless with a bullet in his head.
  56. The bullet did not pierce the wood.
  57. I could feel the pain of the bullet.
  58. Bite the bullet , he told himself.
  59. The bullet lodged in his foot had.
  60. Tent canvas will not stop a bullet.
  61. Easy, Bullet, it’s only a dog.
  62. A bullet came through the windshield.
  63. Winchester Magnum bullet with horror.
  64. The bullet catches him in the chest.
  65. The tower fell with the first bullet.
  66. The bullet passed through his skull.
  67. Salander has a bullet in her head.
  68. She would have taken a bullet for me.
  69. Watch as a bullet struck his shoulder.
  70. The last bullet had to be for herself.
  71. It had a bullet hole in the shoulder.
  72. The bullet had entered Said’s face.
  73. The bullet widely missed and hit the.
  74. I felt the bullet rip into my chest.
  75. Not in the sound of the bullet firing.
  76. Another bullet whined through the air.
  77. They were hit by the bullet that went.
  78. He transmitted a message to the Bullet.
  79. She heard the bullet whip past her ear.
  80. A bullet grazed my father’s left leg.
  81. The bullet should have hit the ten-mark.
  82. A bullet came whistling from their side.
  83. Cheet dropped a lead bullet into my hand.
  84. SOMETIMES A BULLET is better than a bomb.
  85. Tom’s bullet would catch up with them.
  86. Not one bullet appeared to have hit him.
  87. She knew the bullet would only end his.
  88. There a fourth bullet missed him, again.
  89. He stared at the bullet hole in the wall.
  90. Police said it was full of bullet holes.
  91. A stray bullet from an unseen gunman.
  92. You’re about to have a bullet wound.
  93. So I dodged a bullet there, I said.
  94. A bullet shattered the television casing.
  95. As said we never had bullet proof vests.
  96. With his last bullet, Blanding shot true.
  97. The bullet whistles off from the Blaser!.
  98. This time, the bullet hit me in the neck.
  99. The bullet hit a bieduvel in the shoulder.
  100. A bullet ripped through the guy’s heart.

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