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    1. hidden ways of doing things

    2. It can run circles around other computers, it can steal passwords, break encryptions, discover hidden security backups

    3. know what is hidden within our heart

    4. It’s in a United Order base hidden within the city in the basement of a building posing as a bank,” Ackers said in one large breath

    5. As they searched for the hidden inlet, she noticed a plank-up on the beach that wasn't here before

    6. She could have hidden it somewhere in the house

    7. Off to the side were multiple holographic workstations displayed in the air from hidden projectors around the room

    8. The carpet was rich with red, and there were large, expensive paintings hidden in the darkness of the walls

    9. But there is one hidden danger of inflation, which many of us forget or ignore while devising the financial strategy for retirement

    10. If you have determined that its carpenter ants then go to the Dances with Ants chapter and treat like you would the ants, the only difference would be that you place the ant cafes inside the house, in the attic, crawl spaces, any place where they are seen, hidden from view

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    Synonyms for "hidden"

    hidden obscure secret concealed out of sight esoteric symbolic mystic occult abstruse cryptic unseen covert clandestine unknown

    "hidden" definitions

    not accessible to view

    designed to elude detection

    difficult to find