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Covert in a sentence | covert example sentences

  1. By covert standards, it was.
  2. It is most intense, yet covert.
  3. Space Force Covert Special Ops.
  4. You are my covert from the tempest.
  5. You would be so covert, you would.

  6. This will have to be totally covert.
  7. Emory had used her for covert action.
  8. The title of that book is Covert Reich.
  9. Chloe and Kaitlyn shared a covert glance.
  10. Matts conducting a covert investigation.
  11. He wondered if revealing the covert American.
  12. Now, I’m all for covert ops and everything.
  13. Story of the Largest Covert Operation in History.
  14. The Covert started dipping and weaving on its own.
  15. One was open and overt while the other was covert.

  16. Covert ops were clearly lost on the talkative cat.
  17. Under strict, covert orders, Sam, we blew the.
  18. It’s a covert project, developed for use on F.
  19. We redirected the Covert towards the enemy aircraft.
  20. While you played covert, I was a useful distraction.
  21. Instead, it simply transformed from overt to covert.
  22. Today, The River Farset is a covert river that flows.
  23. They were busy with covert operations and undermining.
  24. Covert operations are incompatible with constitutional.
  25. Since our date I have spoken to him only in covert messages.

  26. Putin is a former KGB leader whose covert and overt terror.
  27. Now for the covert side of things, a side that even Bob Smith.
  28. He wears a blue-abyss Covert Cardigan and a pair of wood-smoke.
  29. We were upon the meadow and could see the Covert just across it.
  30. I needed this for gathering intelligence for my covert missions.
  31. You have access to many of the capabilities of the Covert vehicle.
  32. So, this is a covert op? Can we do whatever we need to in order.
  33. The Covert efficiently moved to the coordinates entered by Martina.
  34. It was a crime to reveal the identity of a covert agent of the CIA.
  35. Chris began the next day with another covert visit to the Hesperian.
  36. Encubierto - it sounds like a Spanish restaurant but it means covert.
  37. Investment Bankers were no longer merely the covert rulers of mankind.
  38. He patted the Covert and waved us over to the theoretical training area.
  39. Herb was the spokes-person, since this was a CIA covert operation, with.
  40. We figured we could kill two birds with one stone, both you and the Covert.
  41. Years before Clark had been in this area of the forest on a covert mission.
  42. Center for Science Education, told Reuters this week she thinks this a covert.
  43. I heard the whoosh of missiles narrowly missing the undercarriage of the Covert.
  44. Andy entered the coordinates and the Covert quickly achieved the target coordinates.
  45. I grabbed the manual joystick and pulled back, shooting the Covert up into the air.
  46. I could feel the thudding of the podium hydraulics grabbing on to the Covert vehicle.
  47. For Richard, there was little difference between a kind gesture and covert blackmail.
  48. The War That Never Was: An Insider’s Account of CIA Covert Operations against Cuba.
  49. This was a novel twist on that old system that allowed no covert or coded communication.
  50. Activities Division – the section that deals with covert activities in foreign countries.
  51. The financial planet in the 10th house often indicates pay rises (either overt or covert).
  52. All the Army Commander would tell him was that Mark had been overseas on covert operations.
  53. The ones that were stopped dead in their tracks were done so by covert and overt operations.
  54. Farm’ but, was sometimes covert, doing something for The Company, and now was the pit bull.
  55. Her crazy long distance, no name, covert relationship to her old friend was a lifeline to her.
  56. The financial planet in the 10th house often indicates pay rises – either overt or covert.
  57. This cartel answered to, and took instructions from, a covert centre of operations directed by.
  58. The Place of No Pity aside, my covert comprehensive study had put it in its proper place.
  59. They’ll pass a bill, but what about all of the covert garbage they never intended us to see?
  60. I want him pushing the law to its limits, outrage after outrage, covert beatings, the odd murder.
  61. I think you guys have come across a covert operation of some kind and shape, Jersey commented.
  62. Peter suspected that he was an ex law enforcement officer familiar with covert types of operations.
  63. He was at the Covert, at the site of the dead soldiers, by the time we were going around the meadow.
  64. At MI5, she began to excel in investigative and analytical techniques and covert operational training.
  65. Mick, was the ‘go-to’ guy when covert or ‘black-ops’ was necessary by the SAD section here at.
  66. So he elected to tell the six young experts at covert operations most of the story as he understood it.
  67. Since Plame was known as the agent, the only conclusion that might be drawn was that she was not covert.
  68. Reaching under the bed, I produced the covert supply, a container about the size of a jar of mayonnaise.
  69. The covert methods exploit a basic principle of this holographic universe, which is that it is based in.
  70. Inside the Covert the interior was comfortable and surprisingly stark; two seats in front and two in back.
  71. While this watch was doing his covert job a technician had been dispatched to the Happy View Terrace flat.
  72. Even at the trial, their covert affiliation was never revealed, only their standing service in the Legion.
  73. He clicked the remote and all four doors to the Covert whirred up, opening up a view of the cockpit inside.
  74. A sneer, however, whether covert or open, had now no longer that power over me it once possessed: as I sat.
  75. As it was, he took her words for a covert judgment, and was certain that she thought his sketch detestable.
  76. Conan had no instinct to tell him that men were watching him from a covert among the reeds of the mainland.
  77. In vain Amy telegraphed the word `talk', tried to draw her out, and administered covert pokes with her foot.
  78. The oasis of the Otradnoe covert came in sight a few hundred yards off, the huntsmen were already nearing it.
  79. The second moment gives up its secrets reluctantly, but far more readily than that more covert first moment.
  80. The oasis of the Otrádnoe covert came in sight a few hundred yards off, the huntsmen were already nearing it.
  81. Through the control panel at the top of the gun, you can enter some of the same modes as in the Covert vehicle.
  82. Do you think that this encounter was planned? Asked Isaac, worried about the safety of their covert mission.
  83. Next, the public was treated to a riveting story about how an undercover (covert) agent of the CIA had been outed.
  84. But when wealth and power control the commons, it is polluted with their covert coercion and their self-worship.
  85. The covert Justices and the overt revolutionists share a zealous faith in whatever they believe to be just causes.
  86. The survivor was an American pilot who had obviously been on some covert operation for the United States government.
  87. In the center of the circular training facility was a round podium with the RMD-driven Covert vehicle sitting on it.
  88. I’m not supposed to know about it, but he’s been training with Covert Services for a few months, and doing well.
  89. The RMD-driven Covert has been destroyed by an attack from above, said the information system’s automated voice.
  90. We are the silent professionals; we’re covert operators and inviting the media to the airport is not in the program.
  91. And strangely, if they fail avoiding the mirror they become covert enemies of the persons who hold such wisdom in them.
  92. If she had known that the onsite lab was going to be such a sensitive subject, she would have been more covert about it.
  93. We are the silent professionals; we’re covert operators and inviting the media to the airport is not in the program.
  94. You have an interface with the system, either through the hand-held model, or controlled by a crew member back in the Covert.
  95. He would have tracked her down the whole night and found her at the covert, and would have recovered the body fluids from her.
  96. He had an excuse for everything he did to conceal his covert affairs—this one took the prize for the most loving and original.
  97. The podium started rising in the air, with us and the Covert lifted up high, ascending to the reality of the Earth surface above.
  98. This does not have the all-encompassing defence of the Covert vehicle but it could be used as kind of an attack resistant shield.
  99. At the hospital, he’d learned the differences between overt and covert anger; in his own life, he’d been well versed in both.
  100. Gretchen, one of Tom's covert body guards has scanned the scene and habitually looked up to survey the buildings around the square.

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