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Hock in a sentence | hock example sentences

  1. Hock in green glasses.
  2. Remove the ham hock and let it cool.
  3. That ham hock of a head swiveled to acknowledge Jezza and me.
  4. He also was in hock several thousand dollars for gambling debts.
  5. First he settled accounts temporarily and got his VW out of hock.
  6. It is self-evident that US Presidents are in hock to various financial interests.
  7. All they see there is people coming in to hock their Playstation for booze money.
  8. Place the ham hock, lentils, water, bay leaf, and thyme into a large Dutch oven and bring to a boil.
  9. Robinson didn’t hock everything he had and take out every loan he could to see that his child lived.
  10. What makes you think that Chris will just let me walk over there? the whole game Chris had his eye on me like a hock.
  11. When they find out that they’ve become insignificant others while abroad, they hock these items in the plethora of pawn shops that dot this town like chicken pox.
  12. But it had never occurred to him that he should live in any other than what he would have called an ordinary way, with green glasses for hock, and excellent waiting at table.
  13. It has conflated the interests of party and state, dishing out contracts for public works as rewards for loyalty—hence the bitter jest that the government is in hock to ‘tenderpreneurs’.
  14. But maybe he was one of the legitimate ones, the new poor just starting out this winter, not a beggar ever before, so you hock your clothes to feed a stomach and wind up a man in the rain without a cap.
  15. Quickly rolling onto his side, he bent double, so that he could see what his leg had become trapped in, and discovered it was a strong, pliable plant stem, which had wrapped itself around his leg just above the hock.
  16. Judges will tell you that most embezzlement results not from some master mind wanting to take advantage of other people, but rather from some poor soul who has gotten himself in hock to the point where he sees no other way out.
  17. This idea was created by Seng Hock Tan, CEO of Aegis Group of Companies, a Singapore-based investment management organization, who came up with this classification while watching a Discovery channel program about lions and hyenas.

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