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Pawn in a sentence

He was a pawn.
He’s a Pawn.
And the 7 same color pawn.
Satan is nothing but a pawn.
Joey waited near a pawn shop.
It is the pawn who goes to.
I drove to a pawn shop near-by.

How she would use him as a pawn.
The Castigator was another pawn.
only a pawn in the game of kings.
pawn, and remembers who they are.
"You are a pawn for the devil?".
diamond ring that I wanted to pawn.
He knew she was a mere pawn in Mr.
Your weak mortal pawn told us that.
The pawn lays on the ground bleeding.
Unless a pawn who assumes the role of.
Raedwald is Octha’s pawn all right.
Are you saying that I’m a pawn?.
She had nothing she could sell or pawn,.
Do not be a pawn of the Olympians, my dear.
He moved a pawn, then rose from his chair.
between the weapon store and a pawn brokers.
Who’s using whom, here? Who’s the pawn?.
unwitting pawn in a science experiment the U.
remains a pawn, that person becomes that piece.
Nothing more than a pawn in a much bigger game.
They spotted a gold-buying pawn shop on the right.
became the biggest spiritual pawn in all of history.
Come save your friend, the Pawn calls out to me.
I was done being the pawn in Cooper’s little game.
Setting up house for her time after time and then pawning the furniture on him every Saturday almost.
Call it happiness, success, ghigh self esteem I still wanted the goods my mascquarading frinds were pawning.
The man had been without employment for many weeks and they had been living by pawning or selling their furniture and other possessions.
Don Quixote next set about getting some money; and selling one thing and pawning another, and making a bad bargain in every case, he got together a fair sum.
But it is a wonder that his necessity did not put him upon selling or pawning some of his jewels, that he might have wherewith to relieve himself in his journey.
Pawned it for some cash.
but not limited to articles to be pawned.
For this purpose he had pawned his copperplates of the Flora.
Believe me if it had been worth anything, I’d have pawned it already.
‘How dare he say I had his breeches stolen! Pawned them for drink, I expect.
He killed an old woman, a pawnbroker, with whom he had pawned things himself.
They secretly sold or pawned their clothing and their furniture and lived in semi-.
The woman took Cosette's outfit to Paris, and pawned it at the pawnbroker's for sixty francs.
He was without an overcoat, it was pawned in London, and he had not yet been able to redeem it.
To buy more drugs, he pawned his instruments and in the early 1960s spent prison time in Italy.
Her first thought was that he must have gotten his hands on one of the rings that Visola pawned.
It’s even been pawned on occasion, our diamond engagement ring, but its only glass and nine carat gold.
He had done for himself in the office, pawned his watch, spent all his money; and he had not even got drunk.
He chose not to disclose the information that he had been pawned off on Sarek by Spock because Spock had not wanted him.
Nevertheless, my mind was all white and pawned in retaining its valued findings, if there was any, I did not understand it!.
He pawned his fine clothes, sold his gold wristwatch and hocked his patent leather shoes, until he had nothing left but his old army clothes.
Both Easton and Ruth - whose best clothes had all been pawned to raise the money to pay the poor rate - felt very mean and shabby before them.
The idea of parents spending time with children is pawned off to baby sitters, and nannies, and schools, and extra curricular activities, and TV, and movies, and computers, and shopping.
She had pawned enough jewelry and paintings so that she could have moved into a beautiful apartment, but Kate would have learned of it and would have demanded to know where the money had come from.
Six weeks ago he had remembered the address; he had two articles that could be pawned: his father's old silver watch and a little gold ring with three red stones, a present from his sister at parting.
He walked the streets day after day; pawned or sold all his clothes save those he stood in, and stayed in London for six months, sometimes starving and only occasionally obtaining a few days or weeks work.
That afternoon she pawned an emerald bracelet she had been given a week earlier by an infatuated insurance executive with a wife and three children, and bought some new summer outfits at Lord & Taylor and a round-trip ticket to Nassau.
'I sought for a service again--very hard, after having a house of my own!--but he used to follow me, and kick up such a riot when he was drunk, that I could not keep a place; nay, he even stole my clothes, and pawned them; and when I went.
Tránsito Ariza knew that world, although this was the only time it caused her suffering in her own person, and she knew that her clients always reappeared on the eve of great parties to ask her please to dig down into her jars and lend them their pawned jewels for only twenty-four hours in exchange for the payment of additional interest.
Nearly everything of any value had been parted with for the same reason - the furniture, the pictures, the bedclothes, the carpet and the oilcloth, piece by piece, nearly everything that had once constituted the home - had been either pawned or sold to buy food or to pay rent during the times when Newman was out of work - periods that had recurred during the last few years with constantly increasing frequency and duration.
We all begin as pawns.
His brother used men as pawns.
’s office, pawns of the state.
A F pawns who led the formation.
The pawns are fighting each other.
The pawns were proceeding forward.
Pawns on a7, b7, c7, d7, e7 and f7.
Pawns on a2, b2, c2, d2, e2 and f2.
They were the expendable pawns, if.
I’ve fought Akons, Runners and Pawns.
pawns have moved into place for the plan.
They became pawns of Greek homosexuality.
We could be merely someone's actual pawns.
Saeed used him and Cristal as pawns ever again.
Are they all Pawns? Miku asked her brother.
that we have used them as pawns for our own gain,.
Pawns on a2, b2, c2, d2, e2, f2, g2, h2, i2 and j2.
trolls who were being used as his over-sized pawns.
with their pawns in front of the door, having fun,.
We are just pawns on a chessboard that are expendable.
selves--in many cases, the snow-boarders are pawns in.
Thats when they agreed to use us as their pawns?.
any one else! They were being used as tools, pawns in a.
Chess players don’t fall in love with the pawns, Jesse.
I realized that Victor and I were both pawns in Pallas’s game.
see that they were mere pawns, playing a part in events beyond.
fact, it’s those who see themselves as mere pawns of other people.
dren are considered political pawns, used to strengthen alliances and.
My pawns had actually done something useful with their pathetic lives.

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