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Horrifying in a sentence | horrifying example sentences

  1. It was a horrifying thought.
  2. It was a horrifying moment.
  3. I told you that it was horrifying.
  4. A horrifying image formed in my mind.
  5. Staying would’ve been a horrifying.

  6. It wasn't that the troll was horrifying.
  7. Quickly turn to horrifying and twisted.
  8. It was too important and too horrifying.
  9. We pushed the horrifying scenes behind us.
  10. It was at once horrifying and intriguing.
  11. A horrifying theory also occurred to him.
  12. The scene was horrifying; black water was.
  13. Then the horrifying sound of liquid being.
  14. But the horrifying, death-rendering crunch.
  15. He whispered some very horrifying words to me.

  16. Across town, Harold was also having horrifying.
  17. It was exhilarating and horrifying all at once.
  18. These last few turns have been… horrifying.
  19. I waited patiently for numerous horrifying hours.
  20. Each of the goons brandished a horrifying machete.
  21. It is that loud, that deafening, that horrifying.
  22. It was the most horrifying picture I’d ever seen.
  23. The rate at which the virus spreads is horrifying.
  24. The effect of his words on the other was horrifying.
  25. It was horrifying and devastating at the same time.

  26. It was horrifying to see my poor baby being jolted.
  27. It was a rather horrifying affair, by any standards.
  28. By the summer of 1945, the horrifying atrocities of.
  29. Now the enormity of it set in with a horrifying bang.
  30. We were all still stunned about the horrifying ordeal.
  31. It was horrifying, obscene; it was the essence of evil.
  32. He had horrifying memories of being tossed in the pit.
  33. It would be his discovery that started the horrifying.
  34. For one horrifying moment, Hal wondered where Darcy was.
  35. And all the time the horrifying bellows filled his ears.
  36. But then, another horrifying thought ran through my mind.
  38. He started to call out but a horrifying thought hit him.
  39. Her senses were overwhelmed with horrifying impressions.
  40. Hillary could not look at the horrifying scene unfolding.
  41. It had that terrifying, menacing, shrieking, horrifying.
  42. He willingly took that horrifying cup and drank it up fully.
  43. But you’re a role model now, as horrifying as I find that.
  44. Olin's eyes bulged in their sockets at the horrifying thought.
  45. Within seconds it built up to a horrifying destructive power.
  46. Her reaction and the fear in her eyes was a horrifying sight.
  47. The members of the tribe shifted and horrifying howls, like.
  48. She had felt horrifying pain, and relief had come as numbness.
  49. The outlook is equally horrifying for bears which are kept alive.
  50. No one said a word as they watched the horrifying scene play out.
  51. This is the tale of Horrifying Hippo and the Courageous Cleaners.
  52. There was a swirl of acrid smoke, accompanied by a horrifying hiss.
  53. Charles was still dazed by his horrifying experience in the room of.
  54. There would be plenty of time to relive the horrifying ordeal later.
  55. What caused his stillness was far more shocking, far more horrifying.
  56. It would be the most horrifying thing to lose one’s wife and child.
  57. The sight of Ethan's head slamming into the stone wall was horrifying.
  58. Through it all, despite the horrifying judgments of God affecting the.
  59. Among the American forces, a horrifying piece of news had just surfaced.
  60. The shotgun had done its horrifying work, just as it would have done me.
  61. I was falling backward in time, feeling the pain of that horrifying night.
  62. Although the Toro de la Vega is undoubtedly horrifying to witness, what is.
  63. Whenever a Muslim extremist carries out a horrifying act in the name.
  64. It was horrifying to be in the middle of a hurricane - in complete darkness.
  65. I see that horrifying hotel room where they died senselessly and needlessly.
  66. Every intimidating inch of these horrifying figures could now be clearly seen.
  67. This is how it works: people notice a horrifying stench similar to rotten eggs.
  68. The horrifying details came on the same day court heard Williams was in his.
  69. From then on, things only got more horrifying until Molly was all but erased.
  70. It was a deeply rich blue, very enticing in some respects, horrifying in others.
  71. Everything about the moment was horrifying her and she did very little to hide it.
  72. The massacre at My Lai was one of the most horrifying outrages of the US-Vietnam War.
  73. She had a horrifying thought that maybe he had figured it out that she wasn’t a man.
  74. But what was truly horrifying was a broken heart that convinced a woman to wed a corpse.
  75. Its campaigns manager, Justin Kerswell, said: ‗It is a horrifying possibility that dog.
  76. Who was behind this horrifying massacre? What could the banker Michel Chevron have known?
  77. It’s horrifying, it’s bestial, yet in this form I still find Barrons savagely beautiful.
  78. Like the fire in that dream, this new vision grew to horrifying and unexpected proportions.
  79. What’s that? Rango heard a horrifying cat cry echoing from the house’s upper level.
  80. Anyway, the Hunter left a trail of mutilated bodies in their wake, horrifying the good witch.
  81. After scrabbling with it for a horrifying millisecond, she brought it up and parried his blow.
  82. Oh my God, gasped Ginny as they stared in terror at the horrifying scene in front of them.
  83. It had been a long, horrifying ordeal and the weight of all that happened was finally setting in.
  84. Most of them were panting severely as if they had virtually witnessed horrifying visions my words.
  85. Brigadier Menzies, whose face had just reflected a horrifying thought, then jumped in the exchange.
  86. The shock of his horrifying experience soon rendered him unconscious from sheer nervous exhaustion.
  87. I turned around and squinted to see what could be so horrifying, but I could see nothing but trees.
  88. Dave told her about his horrifying adventure, followed by her profuse apology for leaving him alone.
  89. But perhaps the most horrifying images from Riefenstahl’s film were seemingly the most innocent.
  90. She hadn’t had a maredream in a while and had thought the horrifying visions had finally vanished.
  91. Her sister, meanwhile, merely stared, her face a portrait of disbelief and even more horrifying shock.
  92. The thought of spending any time cooped up with one of the creatures kept as specimens was horrifying.
  93. Hiding from the shadows of tall trees, a horrifying bolt from the blue seemed to strike him in the head.
  94. All of it, together, was horrifying, and the small amount of courage Thomas had gathered began to slip away.
  95. Only the horrifying alternative would provide the final incentive to become a part of a new cybercommunity.
  96. This was a horrifying experience as I spent the first ten years of my childhood being kept and treated as an.
  97. Goldie answers in a dreamy voice with a giggle that is completely inappropriate to how horrifying the moment is.
  98. Horrifying Hippo, quite representative of his clan, was regarded as one of the most dangerous species in Africa.
  99. The step he took towards her seemed far more horrifying than if she had stood in front of a whole army of monsters.
  100. You’re telling me, Lindsay, these horrifying murders were committed by Coombs’s son? The boy at Stanford?
  1. I stared at him, horrified.
  2. She looked at him, horrified.
  3. The image had horrified her.
  4. That's how horrified we were.
  5. He did, and she was horrified.
  6. A horrified look came over Mrs.
  7. We were horrified, of course.
  8. That’s how horrified we were.
  9. Nyla was stunned, and horrified.
  10. Saffyre took one horrified look.
  11. Cherish felt horrified by what.
  12. She shot a horrified look at him.
  13. She was horrified when he laughed.
  14. Balthus muttered a horrified oath.
  15. His true advisors were horrified.
  16. He came back to Kravena, horrified.
  17. Seff look horrified at the thought.
  18. But Ma! Jed looked horrified.
  19. I just gave her a horrified stare.
  20. This astonished and horrified him.
  21. Horrified to await what was coming.
  22. When he opened up he was horrified.
  23. I was horrified at what I had read.
  24. She felt trapped, hunted, horrified.
  25. Other horrified faces crowded around.
  26. The miniature trolls looked horrified.
  27. He shuddered, horrified at this omen.
  28. Several horrified gasps filled the air.
  29. God save us! Alice was horrified.
  30. The idea of being a nun horrified Caris.
  31. His face twisted into a horrified mask.
  32. Michael was horrified but kept his head.
  33. But Debbie looked absolutely horrified.
  34. Morgan had a horrified look on her face.
  35. Margaret stared in horrified disbelief.
  36. He was shocked and horrified by what Ms.
  37. Harvey-Browne would have been horrified.
  38. Mother would be horrified, Tony thought.
  39. Such Beliefs horrified me; I had read Mr.
  40. Caris was shocked, though not horrified.
  41. Horrified, she quickly withdrew her hand.
  42. Squirrel Girl's audience looked horrified.
  43. My dad found it amusing; I was horrified.
  44. Why King Aiden would be horrified if he.
  45. She stepped sharply backwards, horrified.
  46. His mother would be horrified if she knew.
  47. Horrified, Rose watched from her concealed.
  48. Is this Jasra’s room? I was horrified.
  49. Quinn was speechless and plainly horrified.
  50. She was horrified at what was soon to ensue.
  51. Where is he? Bree demanded, horrified.
  52. Horrified, Jacob stopped and picked her up.
  53. Godwyn stared at them for a horrified moment.
  54. For a long time we sat in horrified silence.
  55. They watch, horrified, as the voids become.
  56. She stood, horrified, in front of the mirror.
  57. That alliance, however, not only horrified.
  58. His mouth is agape in horrified astonishment.
  59. Who? exclaimed Roger looking horrified.
  60. She was horrified, and people wondered at hor.
  61. Ralph was staring at her with a horrified look.
  62. I could understand Kara’s horrified reaction.
  63. Annie would be outraged and horrified at the.
  64. He was busy watching Peik, stunned, horrified.
  65. Everyone at the house was horrified by the news.
  66. The captain, a horrified look on his face, ran.
  67. We were horrified and saddened by the spectacle.
  68. One of the reasons we are so horrified is that.
  69. Every time I looked at myself, I was horrified.
  70. Mary was amazed and horrified at the same time.
  71. Where are you going? Therese was horrified.
  72. Rose, horrified, knew what the gleam in his eye.
  73. The doves were speechless, horrified by the tale.
  74. El Faya was horrified and his nose hurt terribly.
  75. Jesse woke and lay in bed, horrified at her dream.
  76. Perversely diabolical, he horrified his other men.
  77. The casual y delivered information horrified Libby.
  78. Which still horrified him, actually, he reflected.
  79. He was horrified at such a mix even as a teenager.
  80. Horrified, the creature halted and looked their way.
  81. They were horrified that they were being spied upon.
  82. My eyes traced over to my father’s horrified gaze.
  83. Lancaster staring at us with a horrified expression.
  84. He seemed phlegmatic about it, but she was horrified.
  85. Guzkat looked horrified, ‘I’ll tell her that you.
  86. In an American school the principal was horrified to.
  87. You knew about this? I asked, feeling horrified.
  88. You’re bleeding to death, she said horrified.
  89. Horrified, the Souls surged past the group, only to.
  90. A mixed noise of cheers and horrified yells went up.
  91. Father Peregrine was almost fascinated, then horrified.
  92. The women at Rob’s table inhaled in horrified unison.
  93. She was horrified when she received his little missive.
  94. She looked horrified, and the Blood was intensifying it.
  95. Who said romance was dead? she whispers horrified.
  96. Victoria Moon King, of course, was horrified by such a.
  97. A horrified shout then started answering that question.
  98. Mick was horrified by her early morning jaunts but Doc.
  99. Glenna was horrified when I told her what was happening.
  100. How could she be watching us? Liz looked horrified.
  1. The only thing that still horrifies me is the ending of.
  2. He first visits Hell, and the scene he discovers there horrifies him.
  3. When the word slave horrifies us like the word nigger, then we will have begun to grasp poverty.
  4. China horrifies through its dictatorship over anything, spending time in destructive lies to clear their way.
  5. The thought horrifies me, because now, even though I don't want to, I think there's a chance it could actually be true.

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1. This might horrify family members or a parent figure, but it works.
2. He whispered, Anne, what I’m about to ask will horrify you, repulse you.
3. What ought to horrify us is that we are so accustomed to it, and not this or that isolated crime.
4. Nor did wild rumors of all sorts fail to exaggerate, and still the more horrify the true histories of these deadly encounters.
5. Unfortunately, though this vagueness helped unite the delegates, it has been abused by our government in a way that would horrify the founders.
6. The death of these children would horrify everyone who heard about it; for the victims’ parents, the very idea of a driverless car would become repugnant.
7. But what is there to wonder at, what is there so peculiarly horrifying in it for us? We are so accustomed to such crimes! That's what's so horrible, that such dark deeds have ceased to horrify us.

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