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Atrocious in a sentence

Ugly? I think it was atrocious.
Security around here's atrocious.
caressing glance, and an atrocious smile.
I have been an utterly atrocious host.
Monygham by the mystery of his atrocious end.
The daily lives of the public mob are atrocious.
the question of who had committed the atrocious act.

God knows that the local weather is atrocious enough.
schedule that the manager had me pulling was atrocious.
yoke, might have recourse to the most atrocious means of.
Zorbantans are immune to this atrocious nightmare, said Dr.
steak! You say that you did not commit these atrocious claims.
unimaginable horrors and committing atrocious acts of barbarity.
"It is atrocious what I have to bear with this child," exclaimed.
the hel ish brood it-self; and it was an atrocious slander on God.
endured such things have been accused and convicted of atrocious.
these atrocious things to other human beings, it proved his godly.
mazzolato; [*] he is an atrocious villain, who murdered the priest.
periods of our atrocious history was that, besides the sameness of.
--It was of the most atrocious kind, as decency was set at defiance, and.
atrocious, too, and I knew that if he said pixtures just one more time to.
What harm had he done to you to cause you to take that atrocious action?.
81 makes clear, the base rates for decile 1 are atrocious and very consistent.
As with the decile 10 stocks from Value Factor One, the returns are atrocious.
Notwithstanding the Durban community’s concern about such an atrocious assault.
This may just be the signal for an atrocious bloodbath to start across the Pacific.
It is atrocious that this would be brought to light, but it has long been suspected.
who had called off the pursuit, believing the atrocious weather would finish Gorl-darl.
‘’Poor kids: to see their parents killed in such an atrocious way right in front of them.

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