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    1. So, you don’t have any idea about the murders?

    2. There is this idea of perseverance even through a hopeless situation, strength through adversity

    3. “Oh, that was a bad idea

    4. Johnny had no idea how someone could show so many outward signs of emotion without seeming to feel them

    5. "We agreed it was a stupid idea," Herndon said, "and vetoed it immediately

    6. It was his dream that he would marry and have children … and Dan is a man to make his dreams reality … I think he had some crackbrained idea that he could have the wife and family along with my friendship as well … I daresay he thought I would come to terms with Joanna … after all, she was a friend of mine … it made some sort of sense

    7. ‘It would require someone with specific skills … have you any idea who might have been able to do that?’

    8. Physical power was one thing, but he had no real idea of what she was capable of, he didn’t know what other tricks she could be hiding

    9. I have a vague idea that I have seen her in something or other on the stage

    10. This was not her idea of a fun way to spend the dusk, especially when she imagined the fine cups that would be going around at Kulai's duskmeal while they discussed the upcoming evening's entertainment

    11. For example, if the testator never knew English but has the will drafted in that language, then it can be contested on the basis that the testator had no idea what he/she was signing

    12. ’ I said, taken with the idea of seducing this man

    13. That’s a good idea

    14. The basic idea is to provide for the ants a feeding center, see Ant Cafes™ chapter one

    15. There are many natural fungicides that are used to control Downey Mildew, Rust, Black Spot, Powdery Mildew and other exotic diseases, but by now you should get the idea that the basis for regaining the health of the roses and other plants is to regain the health of the soil

    16. That's a stupid idea

    17. Zitteraal looks at him as if he had no idea what John is talking about

    18. She was a new-age hippie who fell in love with the idea of all religions coming together

    19. The idea is to provide plants with important trace minerals, bacteria, enzymes, and elements necessary for a healthy plant to grow

    20. ‘Yes, I suggested it might be a good idea

    21. The main idea is to turn the pile over in such a way that you are turning the layers together except for the center of the pile

    22. An attempt to arrive at that which lies back of the form considered, or to reach the idea that is responsible for the form

    23. doostEr did learn a few words in their language but not enough to have any idea what this animal was telling him

    24. "I have no idea what's in the crate, I'm charged with delivering it unopened

    25. He always hated being told but, invariably, by the time we had argued it through a couple of times, he came round to my suggestion, pouncing on it as though it was a new idea he had just had

    26. Anyway, she totally rejects the idea that there could be someone who hates her that much

    27. ‘No idea, she told him she wouldn’t speak to him and hung up

    28. It is a good idea to plant flowers and herbs along with your vegetables for best insect protection

    29. People’s idea of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ keeps on changing from time to time, from nation to nation, from family to family and from person to person

    30. Something about the idea actually excited her

    31. He briefly toyed with the idea of convening a council meeting but knew how contentious that could be if aluminum was flashing in the area

    32. doostEr pondered the idea that this Ava, who deleted herself from search engines, could be aiding her old lover in stealing the cargo from its rightful owner who was deeper in the chaparral? It could be that Ava was arranging to have the cargo hijacked as it went by? He was suspicious of that Sorceress because of the deletions from his searches

    33. It was about that time that the idea presented itself to place what he calls his “Moral ABC’s” - a complete version of this is now available in book form - on a label

    34. ‘Do you honestly think it is a good idea, Mum?’ he asked, throwing the towel on the bed … I pick it up quickly … when will he learn that wet towels and beds don’t mix!

    35. ‘Do you want me to organise something to eat?’ I suggested, my imagination running riot on the subject of this idea of his

    36. Emma suggested a cock and bull idea of moving Barney into their bedroom and thus making space for me, but I know how small that house of theirs is

    37. ‘Yes … that would be a good idea … though to be frank, I’d prefer a stiff whisky

    38. The thing is, we’ve got a small annexe here at the house and I came up with the idea that your mother might use it for a while

    39. ‘Sounds like a sensible idea, this annexe of yours

    40. ’ I said, wondering if it is such a sensible idea after all

    41. ‘No, I think it is a very level-headed idea, Molly

    42. Now, let’s talk about this housing idea, shall we?’

    43. ‘I thought it might be a good idea if we had a little chat … and we agreed that she should come to look at the rooms

    44. ‘The idea is that I’ll go over this weekend to help with the decorating and, with a bit of luck, move in the weekend after

    45. He leans in close to Ahmed who is obviously warming up to the idea

    46. Put this idea

    47. this idea bery

    48. John is still skeptical, but obviously warming up to the idea

    49. If it was his idea to leave, his mother had probably called once from the front porch and sighed, then got on with her life

    50. You had no idea she existed before last week

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    Synonyms for "idea"

    approximation estimate estimation idea thought mind melodic theme musical theme theme opinion belief judgment supposition sentiment concept notion inspiration conception image abstraction impression goal object objective intention plan

    "idea" definitions

    the content of cognition; the main thing you are thinking about

    your intention; what you intend to do

    a personal view

    an approximate calculation of quantity or degree or worth

    (music) melodic subject of a musical composition