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  1. Compassion is a very untenable ground.
  2. How could this go on? This situation was untenable.
  3. But it would have put you in an untenable situation.
  4. My role in helping Executive Suites survive was untenable.
  5. They never abandon a position until it becomes untenable.

  6. My business situation, eventually, became untenable in Egypt.
  7. Against this highly untenable background we, as a government, happily.
  8. The thought was untenable but the coincidences were simply too many in number.
  9. I will find that idiot and make sure he pays for creating this untenable situation.
  10. I could see that this was an untenable situation and either Buzun or I would have to go.
  11. She said that I was putting her in an untenable situation, and that it was her duty to.
  12. Law enforcement agencies and political groups are struggling to come to grips with this untenable situation.
  13. Manstein informed Hitler that due to the Stalingrad disaster the position in the Caucasus had become untenable.
  14. One didn’t have to be a genius to work out that, in the long term, the fair folk’s position was untenable.
  15. Our position though was now becoming untenable and I could see that Colonel Terry was quite worried about this.

  16. They had little time to prepare defensive positions in the hard ground, thus rendering the German position untenable.
  17. Finding their interests at loggerheads with hers, she realized her continued stay with them was an untenable proposition.
  18. At first I thought he might be Tarzan of the Apes; but he neither speaks nor understands English, so that theory is untenable.
  19. He moved on in silence, as if his energies were benumbed by the hitherto undreamt-of possibility that his position was untenable.
  20. In taking the ridges our aggregate losses had been 1140 officers and men in a battle that artillery alone could have made untenable.
  21. It was now as the German counterattack stalled that they turned tow machine guns on our trench and this made staying there untenable and suicidal.
  22. What was worse, he averred, with right inducements, they could be easily made to look the other way, even in the case of apparently untenable claims.
  23. Ordered into an untenable position, the striking individuality of the American soldier, criticised by some as indiscipline, rose superior to the occasion.
  24. Anyone who is too honest is soon fired or sabotaged and attacked for threatening the shaky, untenable pile of artificial crap known as human pyramidal civilization.
  25. This left me no course but to regret that I had been "betrayed into a warmth which," and on the whole to repudiate, as untenable, the idea that I was to be found anywhere.

  26. They believe it to be biologically untenable as it is not supported by the fossil record; they also generally reject the concept of universal descent from a common ancestor.
  27. So I told him about the German strafing and the counter attacks he was staging of the fact that no troops came to relieve us and the untenable position we found ourselves in.
  28. Sir, the constitutional objection to this bank, on the ground that Congress had not the power to grant an act of incorporation, has ever appeared to me the most unsound and untenable.
  29. It seemed an untenable situation until Bosco solved the problem with the end of a small iron shovel he had picked up and swung with immaculate precision into the front of Toby’s face.
  30. Not only that, the nature of market trading has become more untenable, and international markets are little understood even by economists, bankers, and brokers, in their more honest moments.
  31. It doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to see that attempting to regulate these things on a state-by-state basis, with each state having a different agenda, would create an untenable situation.
  32. Because life was becoming untenable in the Imperium and because the head of the Imperium Ministry of Security has plans to use time travel for his personal benefit, something which I refused to help in.
  33. The suggestion that the gold and ivory statue of Alcamenes could have been the one borne in procession at the time of the Greater Dionysia is, of course, untenable from the delicate construction of such figures.
  34. There is no institution for whose history I have a deeper admiration; but I cannot honestly be ordained her minister, as my brothers are, while she refuses to liberate her mind from an untenable redemptive theolatry.
  35. Major Dillonback's batteries opened well, but every Spanish rifle was soon directed against the guns, which were barely entrenched, and in great confusion the pieces were dragged from the ridges, that were absolutely untenable at such a range.
  36. I ran those few seconds endlessly after that, the calculus of re-enactment, my fairytale princess, pregnant, besieged by a dragon, and thoughts stacked up like a tower of cards, inevitably untenable, the want of a breath being enough to bring them down.
  37. Be that what it may, having weighed the possibility of a third-party (George Wallace) and finding it untenable or perhaps untimely might be the better word, many (Conservatives) sought refuge in the Republican Party who many believed reflected their values.
  38. I passed old clear-cuts that were slowly coming back to life, great fields of stumps and roots and small green trees that stood no higher than me, where the trail became untenable in places, difficult to track among the litter of blown-down trees and branches.
  39. Many opinions and beliefs which have been cherished among ourselves quite as strongly as the sacredness of property have passed away; and the most untenable propositions respecting the right of bequests or entail have been maintained with as much fervour as the most moderate.
  40. In order to keep this unnatural untenable condition from toppling, undead shit things have used every possible swindle and lie and deception in order to program and brainwash living humans into slavery into resignation into cowardice into fear into terrorized terrified timid little fucking mice, by controlling all of this mass of living humanity from the top on down.
  41. When she was in the family way, she instinctively knew that Satish was the father of the child; and as the issue in the offing began to draw her towards him, she thought about the ethics of its upbringing in the existing setting; as her maternal instinct got the better of her feminine infirmities, her husband’s position in her life seemed untenable in her perception, and it took little time for her to resolve that my son was the man of her destiny.
  42. But, rightly or wrongly, that was not the way Hindustan was partitioned, and if so, what’s the rationale for those millions of Musalmans to stay back in India even after Pakistan came into being? So, any Pakistani argument for wanting Kashmir, citing its Muslim majority would be untenable to any reasonable mind and likewise, the urge of those Kashmiri Musalmans to merge the valley with the Islamic Pakistan wouldn’t sync with the spirit of partition.

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