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Indestructible in a sentence

Id imagined I was indestructible.
A Time Walker is not indestructible.
The ships were virtually indestructible.
All three are eternal and indestructible.

Not a buzz; it wasnt indestructible after all.
Plato was wrong, the soul is not indestructible.
So Joanne had a Heart-Wall made of indestructible.
It looked flimsy but was made with indestructible.
Sikorski's indestructible patriotism was inspiring.
That would seem to indicate they are indestructible.
Realization of the indestructible God, the root from.
These cannot dissolve because they are indestructible.
The indestructible unit of life and awareness that is.
The union of the indestructible wind and mind is nor-.
On the indestructible drop that always abides at our heart.
He’d imagined that Jacques was somehow indestructible –.
It is the same in all living beings and it is indestructible.
The indestructible drop is like a small pea that has been cut.
Inside the indestructible drop resides the indestructible wind.
Dragons are almost indestructible and have unlimited lifespans.
Paul to convey the idea of indestructible existence in torment.
They were creatures beyond both life and death, indestructible.
The indestructible wind is the very subtle wind that is associ-.
The nature of the indestructible wind is a very subtle ‘inner.
This mind, which has always existed is unborn and indestructible.
It cannot be scratched or marred, and it is almost indestructible.
Hope that is found in the Infinite is limitless and indestructible.
The man who knows that the embodied Soul is indestructible, perman-.
Those who waited outside the indestructible force field could only.
These hollows are uneffaceable; these formations are indestructible.
The one who is indestructible, who never dies, is the Supreme Spirit.
Every inhabitant of India was thus regarded as an indestructible life.
Power conjoined to aggression and justified in the indestructible horns.
Realization of the immutable, unmanifest God, who is indestructible and.
After all, we're indestructible and they can’t harm us – can they?’.
All was destroyed, except something intangible yet powerful and indestructible.
How did it cause it? This way—they believed the spirit of man indestructible.

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