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Rugged in a sentence

had a rugged beauty.
asked the rugged man.
A bold row of rugged.
Along the rugged coast.
The rugged and festive.
Her rugged features of.
are usually fairly rugged.

hope on his rugged features.
To the old rugged cross.
Shiny Hats or Rugged Cross?.
O that old rugged cross,.
He said no, says Rugged.
Rugged yells at the villager.
did look much older and rugged.
In that old rugged cross,.
He had a deep and rugged voice.
4 km (22 miles) of rugged terrain.
His face was rugged and handsome.
The rugged, beat up truck stopped.
His body hangs on the rugged cross.
convincingly rugged image will result.
His rugged features matched his voice.
He had fallen in love with its rugged.
Shiny Hats or Rugged Cross? Volume One.
The ones that still maintained a rugged.

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Synonyms for rugged

rugged tough broken furrowed