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    1. As a technician, Bahkmar had suffered thru all that indoctrination, had to salute it, pass tests on it, know his duty, so on and so on

    2. He'd said 'yeah, yeah, yeah' to Desa when she told him they couldn't be monogamous, but there was still the lifetime of indoctrination from the Christial Church sitting in his brain

    3. Christian language or indoctrination will help a person in that

    4. indoctrination in this pursuit of truth

    5. Indoctrination is the counterfeit of truth

    6. All too often in present day America, not only in K-12, but also our colleges and universities, it has been replaced by indoctrination; the order of the day being not to teach students how to think, but what to think

    7. It involves the indoctrination of children at ever younger ages with the homosexual agenda

    8. More troubling, however, has been the emergence of Fifth Columnists who are using our college campuses, correctional facilities and, sadly to say, military establishments as recruiting (indoctrination) centers for advancing racist and anti-American viewpoints

    9. I am fully aware of our indoctrination from childhood that the dearly departed is now a floating soul, in the air above us, looking down at the funeral proceedings and they are sad to see us weeping and seeing us missing them, but boy are they happy with the best funeral ever! “A funeral to die for”, one could say… This is another fallacy, courtesy of the false churches!

    10. This is because the churches repeats their false indoctrination every day and have been for thousands of years, therefore I also have to employ the same method to make you aware of the truth, even if it requires a number of repetitions in the same book

    11. If you have read this book and you are susceptible to the content in light of what the Bible teaches, you are probably only part of an estimated 3%; the remaining 97% will either not read the book in its entirety or burn the book because the content is totally against their indoctrination by their churches or upbringing

    12. Some of these “challenges” are held very dear by Christians and they totally believe this is what scripture teaches due to their church indoctrination, but in fact most of them are nowhere to be found in the bible

    13. From those influential positions they have turned the mission of the colleges that teach teachers away from the study of history, civics, and other basics to indoctrination in

    14. The contrary indoctrination is paid for by the working families of the city of Seattle, at least some of whom might have something else in mind for their children’s education

    15. Students subject to this sort of indoctrination are not able to stand erect as fully developed and self-sufficient adults, but must always bear the hunch back feeling of remaining something less

    16. Mix in the indoctrination kids get in school where they are trained in sex devoid of love, and to hate and reject the values that have held American society together

    17. Most children are already trapped in the indoctrination of public schools from K-12

    18. And no amount of indoctrination has been able to change my nature, my biology

    19. outfits that had been hers to wear during the indoctrination

    20. means indoctrination into accepting the idea that only a one-

    21. as indoctrination to destroy the family?

    22. In the public sector, the student and his family were the unwitting subjects of state indoctrination

    23. The evil they accomplished is seen on the campuses today with the fascistic restrictions on freedom of speech and the Marxist indoctrination so common in the social sciences and humanities

    24. Court thought for a few minutes about the Clark trip, then spent a half hour getting Lieutenant Toby Parker, executive officer of the 504th Theater Indoctrination School, on the line

    25. They, two lieutenants and a captain, had come to Phan Rang to give a class�ified briefing to selected FAC students in the Theater Indoctrination School about their mission which was to insert Army Special Forces into areas deep inside enemy territory and later, extract them

    26. They, who believed in opposition to civil authority and thus became imbued with supporting the unsavory falsehoods of collectivism in their youth, now in colleges, have succeeded in the fateful and one-sided indoctrination of a large percentage of our younger citizenry

    27. Other tactics are opposition and criticism, besides the stealthy infiltration of schools for indoctrination and altered history teaching

    28. I do not advocate passing “a law” against one-sided indoctrination because I am convinced that honest and open presentation and debate (the true market mechanism) can achieve lasting success

    29. The continuous harangue of the socialist indoctrination to mislead students and others, in too many people results in a hatred of anything “capitalist” and establishes a negative, resentful association with the concept of Capitalism, which has to gnaw at the very feeling ability of the person embracing the structure of collectivism

    30. Such is the power of childhood indoctrination that, being brought up to respect the law, we imagine it to be immutable

    31. Elbert’s breeding centre and Xanthippe’s educational indoctrination are two of our most successful enterprises, kept extremely busy maintaining the right number of suitable people for each caste

    32. By indoctrination & bleaching of their innate colors

    33. Those are the fraternity rules set in the Charter of Indoctrination

    34. When I got into Catholic high school there was more blind indoctrination

    35. -Brainwashing of children into indoctrination is a common

    36. least should be given) as part of the indoctrination of

    37. Although pagan, these doctrines or indoctrination qualify as a ‘watering’ of the

    38. indoctrination: one is an extension of the student’s desires for growth; the other is the tendency of those in power to assimilate citizens into a worldview that supports the status quo

    39. who find more freedom by avoiding the early indoctrination that

    40. As he mulled over Garann’s indoctrination, he concluded that before the boy ever laid eyes on Illiat, he would first have to lose his superstitions and misunderstandings

    41. of one man; millions perished because indoctrination ran its

    42. Why, Islam that prohibits drink to the believers yet inebriates them with a heady mix of religious indoctrination; how would the Mohammedan Decommissioned Adult know that while the alcoholic inebriation brings the drunken back into normality in time, the Islamic elixir would keep the believer inebriated forever!

    43. Every transaction is a transfusion, a pollution, an indoctrination

    44. Every holiday celebration is a ritual indoctrination of children

    45. Propaganda, indoctrination of an idea, concept or mindset, is as old as the world

    46. Like a clever and skilled indoctrination isn't it? Notice that most of these phrases are harlotry terms! Don't tell me there is no conspiracy!

    47. confirmed the indoctrination had taken place and called it "unacceptable

    48. Islamic indoctrination during time that was supposed to be used for a

    49. In the Texas case, a school email to parents provided only a halfhearted acknowledgment that such mandatory religious indoctrination might not

    50. They never make it to the indoctrination centers - they’re usually

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