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Instruction in a sentence

In the instruction.
with My Instruction Book.
instruction of Sir Richard.
of learning or instruction.
instruction not to open it.
prayers and our instruction.
He did not need instruction.

It was a direct instruction.
instruction from the referee.
If given an instruction then.
received instruction from him.
But only limited instruction.
On instruction from Lisbon,.
The instruction here I fear's.
Cassa followed his instruction.
Of insulting instruction given.
Study this Book of Instruction.
of instruction and protection,.
I have one last instruction.
The instruction to leave Mecca.
Following these instruction he.
Thy sacred words of instruction.
they will walk in My instruction.
Instruction for the Meditation:.
instruction on what do with it:.
What directorial instruction.
instruction in the things of God.
was comfort in taking instruction.

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Synonyms for instruction

didactics education instruction pedagogy teaching command statement direction