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Inflict in a sentence | inflict example sentences

  1. For those who inflict pain.
  2. You will neither inflict nor.
  3. It could inflict a lot of pain.
  4. Their teeth are sharp and can inflict a.
  5. To inflict punishment such as is described.

  6. Kali could inflict pain that would never end.
  7. But why did he want to inflict the same on her?
  8. Man, you shall repent of the injuries you inflict.
  9. There were no strikes or kicks that would inflict.
  10. Which are two of her virtues, and do not inflict tort.
  11. Baboons, however, can inflict serious injuries on an.
  12. Was this ‘test’ going to inflict cruelty upon an.
  13. There are 2 ways that we use money to inflict vengeance:.
  14. She did not inflict any further verbal punishment on him.
  15. Knives are deadly and can inflict serious injuries or kill.

  16. Who would want to inflict this amount of pain on anyone?
  17. Hiss liked to inflict pain even when there was no purpose.
  18. Carrying negative thoughts around for years will inflict.
  19. We would not inflict any harm on others in achieving our.
  20. The ball on the tip waited to inflict sharp stinging pain.
  21. This time, he wasn’t going to inflict his feelings on her.
  22. Since these individuals will inflict rather than experience.
  23. The guilt still haunts me, so I swore never to inflict this.
  24. It was so lovely a revenge that lay now in his hand to inflict.
  25. Council, and when she refuses, they inflict the ritual of pain.

  26. Then she wanted to inflict the worst pain, and then: Dacian.
  27. It’s your turn to inflict the punishment and to purify others.
  28. It is wise not to inflict the slow pupil on the audience in a solo.
  29. Be not wrathful, Elpidias! I don't wish to inflict any evil upon you.
  30. The emotional pain was beyond what any physical torture could inflict.
  31. Venomous spines in the tail can inflict severe, sometimes fatal, injury.
  32. The greatest disasters to ever inflict the earth, I had read, were from.
  33. Their arguments are suicidal, and inflict a fatal wound on their theory.
  34. Sea urchins can also inflict painful injuries and Sea anemones can sting.
  35. Surely they didn’t expect him to masterfully inflict and repair wounds?
  36. She was living proof that he could inflict the pain he threatened her with.
  37. Even a small spine can inflict a bad prick with consequent risk of infection.
  38. It would inflict immense pain if an attempt was made to use a gift or ability.
  39. Camels can spit and could inflict a powerful bite on your hands, face or body.
  40. The Sanhedrin, or great council, which could inflict the punishment of stoning.
  41. Let us inflict punishment, since we are history: old Blucher disgraced himself.
  42. Actually Agatha, you can inflict even a greater punishment than that upon him.
  43. And Terry believed that his father could inflict more misery on me than he could.
  44. She has studied the human body and knows where to strike to inflict the most pain.
  45. A fresh wrong did these words inflict: the worse, because they touched on the truth.
  46. I wouldn’t inflict anything like that on you unless it was in a really good cause.
  47. While correcting this error, E Boat 40 mm guns opened fire to inflict further damage.
  48. Let the power of Hypnotherapy help rid of you of the torture bullies try to inflict.
  49. God inflict eternal pain without end on those who they loved on earth, and makes them.
  50. It could inflict a lot of pain; if there was ever a time to use it, I knew it was now.
  51. There’s been enough pain without having to inflict more pain, Rivan, Trini said.
  52. We faced impossible odds, but still we were able to inflict numerous casualties on them.
  53. Their practices are barbaric and I wouldn’t inflict those on you, Sithias told her.
  54. I believe that such a regulation would inflict no injury or inconvenience on the country.
  55. If he was lying to her, then he deserved every bit of the pain she would inflict upon him.
  56. It is not necessary to inflict pain on your partner to prove that your technique is correct.
  57. But he seemed to inflict them in such a way, that the prisoners felt no rancour against him.
  58. The judgment, the council of twenty-three, which could inflict the punishment of strangling.
  59. These soldiers mocked and derided him, but they did not inflict further physical punishment.
  60. Tusks inflict severe injury, often dangerously close to the femoral artery on the upper leg.
  61. Maybe it was a habit of politicians to inflict pain on new acquaintances, as an aid to memory.
  62. Inept managers may diminish a franchise's profitability, but they cannot inflict mortal damage.
  63. As newsman John Chancellor commented, The public seems to want to inflict him upon Washington.
  64. He will surely punish you and hit you with a belt or any hard thing to inflict pain and shame.
  65. The Lykanthros clawed at the chain mail of their opponents but failed to inflict any serious damage.
  66. He felt the need to inflict pain on this pathetic fool that stood before him, before he killed him.
  67. He paused: With any luck while you’re inside your fellow inmates will inflict equal pain on you.
  68. Georgia was aware of what you would need if you wanted to inflict undue spiritual harm onto someone.
  69. Oh! don't be afraid, I shall not inflict myself upon you for more than a minute! I won't sit down.
  70. I tried in a worthless attempt numerous times, only to have the same occurrence inflict me over again.
  71. Enduring the lurching start in silence, praying that my motion sickness would not inflict itself on me.
  72. C Rome, does not fail to inflict upon the reader the authors collectivist, yea, communist, proclivities.
  73. Projectiles that size didn’t need to explode to inflict devastating damage on a ship Sojourn’s size.
  74. Inevitably, in the end, man came to bring misery upon him and inflict injury on the world of the species.
  75. The guilt still haunts me, so I swore never to inflict this particular brand of parenting onto my children.
  76. Medications are widely available but have been known to cause muscle pains and inflict damage on the liver.
  77. For that price, he had been able to inflict severe damage to the Cavite Naval Base and to the coastal forts.
  78. Fortunately, we were able to inflict considerable harm on them and still get away with our superior mobility.
  79. Tucked away in a box where she couldn’t inflict herself on me but where I could visit her from time to time.
  80. I hope it may be altogether effectual; and I believe it will inflict a wound which will be felt with poignancy.
  81. I was…ruthless in my vengeance—my desire to inflict harm upon the ones who didn’t want us to be together.
  82. Multiple humans with simple knives can inflict more pain on the theirops than it wants to encounter for his meal.
  83. He tried to paint my lips and pluck my eyebrows but I pushed him away before he could inflict such tortures on me.
  84. God allowed the devil to inflict pain upon Job but he clearly states that Satan was not allowed to take Job's life.
  85. The superb Russian T34 tank then made its unexpected appearance to startle the Germans and inflict heavy casualties.
  86. Most ants have a stinging bite and some large jungle ants can inflict one that will lay the victim out for 24 hours.
  87. Rather, Stirling proposed using parachute saboteurs to inflict damage on enemy airfields and lines of communications.
  88. All you had to do was see the size of it, the pregnant bulge, to know what kind of suffering it was going to inflict.
  89. God says: "but on the day when We will inflict the sternest punishment, We will bring out all what hidden in spirits".
  90. She could inflict a nasty warning bite on Freddy and he had to learn to stick up for himself the way only a terrier can.
  91. Their lances were connected by a cord to them and they could inflict terrible pain to anyone they touched with the points.
  92. She had experienced the misery of losing her own children and said she couldn’t inflict that kind of pain on Margaret Cohen.
  93. Every time I committed a crime, I thought about you and how I would have welcomed the opportunity to inflict pain in your life.
  94. Stop, stop you beast how much more cruelty you would inflict on my country…? Leave something behind at least some thing….
  95. It looks more orderly and planned, like there were trying to inflict pa- he suddenly realized what he was saying and stopped.
  96. I'm just sitting here on the couch and I've stopped trying to inflict bodily harm on you two for taking me away from the blood.
  97. Every time I committed a crime, I thought about you and how I would have welcomed the opportu¬nity to inflict pain in your life.
  98. Since her mother’s death, Zoe had a new purpose and it wasn’t to annoy the Germans but to inflict as much damage as she could.
  99. In a war with England, we could inflict severe wounds on her immense commerce, and she is always vulnerable on the side of Canada.
  100. Each time a praver jacked into Daniel’s mind to inflict some imagined injury, I recreated the same one in the tormenter’s mind.
  1. The Taliban are quite adept at inflicting pain.
  2. Unless, the inflicting punishment will be drastic and.
  3. Tobias destroyed a little at a time by inflicting pain.
  4. Inflicting pain on someone I despised was oddly therapeutic.
  5. The ability to feel pain as a result of inflicting pain upon others.
  6. Our historical pastime is the direct satisfaction of inflicting pain.
  7. That's third degree burns you're inflicting there Batistuta! That.
  8. The last time he had done this had resulted in his inflicting pain on her.
  9. To see men inflicting such wounds on one another intentionally revolted her.
  10. He was enjoying the terror he was inflicting; she could hear it in his voice.
  11. Will attack without provocation, inflicting dozens of painful stings in seconds.
  12. And, of course, Rostam inflicting a mortal wound onto his son, the warrior Sohrab.
  13. She was inflicting painful, but hardly damaging injury on her two brawny attackers.
  14. Next he cut a dog and discovered that he very much preferred inflicting pain to receiving it.
  15. Packs of wargs roamed at will, inflicting damage by guerrilla raids, quickly in and out again.
  16. Twelve aircraft out of one hundred and seven were lost without inflicting any damage whatsoever.
  17. The Russians, started to hold off the Germans and their Italian allies, and inflicting heavy losses.
  18. He wondered, inflicting himself purposely with this anguish, if he were to die, would he be with her.
  19. Even with the losses, the damage he is inflicting on the Swordsmen is many times greater than his cost.
  20. The Sun gets a grip on the comet by mass inflicting gravity and as it gets hold of the comet it drags the.
  21. Rob reckoned him much more interested in inflicting pain than alleviating that of starving Guild families.
  22. If instead of inflicting pain, I use the energy to heal; I could save my own life, either way I had to try.
  23. Only a fully paid up member of a sub-species would take enjoyment in inflicting pain on a person like James did.
  24. He recorded specific injustices and cruelties that European colonialism had inflicting upon Africans at the time.
  25. He was inflicting on him that frightful living death, that death beneath the open sky, which is called the galleys.
  26. Take heed lest it make you overlook bad conduct, rather than have the pain of inflicting punishment and correction.
  27. In Block G, four older boys were tormenting a thirteen-year-old named Daniel by taking turns inflicting phantom pain.
  28. Crays are equipped with armored plates and are capable of inflicting nasty wounds with a swipe of their powerful tails.
  29. The blonde, who had really started to enjoy inflicting pain on others, smiled wickedly and walked over to her friend.
  30. As I had lunged I had turned so that his sword merely passed beneath the muscles, inflicting a painful but not dangerous wound.
  31. Shore batteries and the French warships immediately replied and heavy shells began falling near the Hood inflicting minor damage.
  32. Do not expect high returns from safe assets; investments with historically high returns are capable of inflicting ferocious losses.
  33. He wasn’t sure which outraged her more: that Karyl suggested letting the raiders raid, or that he spoke of inflicting pain on them.
  34. They were by this time incapable of inflicting the serious losses on Allied aircraft, armour and troops they had previously achieved.
  35. Vera had got him used to expecting very little; but it was Lucy, his adored Lucy, who was inflicting this cruel disappointment on him.
  36. I needed a lift badly and for someone — anyone — to stop, but it seemed as though God was succeeding in inflicting his wrath on me.
  37. I was inflicting damage as a result of both my skillful fighting experience and the brute strength I was employing against my hated foe.
  38. These wars are, in fact, only acts of getting satisfaction by deliberately inflicting injury for injuries inflicted-mere acts of vengeance.
  39. Know that those who genuinely enjoy inflicting pain for it’s own sake are indeed evil, and they tend to cruel sexual practices as well.
  40. Even though the battle in space had been lost, the Swordsman soldiers fought valiantly inflicting great losses on the advancing mercenaries.
  41. They are capable of inflicting and threatening bodily harm if someone contradicts their dictates and refuse to acknowledge their righteousness.
  42. To dream that you are inflicting pain to yourself indicates that you are experiencing some overwhelming turmoil or problems in your waking life.
  43. This catastrophe I am inclined to regard as an unhappy accident, for I am convinced that the lady had no intention of inflicting so grievous an injury.
  44. He ran up again to Captain Mitchell, for the desire to relieve his feelings by inflicting blows and pain upon this Englishman was very strong within him.
  45. The fortress had been burned to the ground, however, meaning that in spite of inflicting horrendous losses on the enemy, they had eventually been overrun.
  46. Unfortunately, civilization is turning out these humorless robots by the billions and inflicting their sour dispositions upon every living thing around them.
  47. I made it only a few blocks before the Sinsar Dubh reduced me to a gibbering, drooling mess in a gutter in Temple Bar, crushed by the agony it was inflicting.
  48. But it can be somewhat traumatic the first time, so I think it’s only fair that you should experience sodomy yourself before inflicting it on your girlfriend.
  49. I killed, and I killed, and I killed, inflicting as much suffering as I could before the kill, until one day I got critically wounded in an ambush, but I came out alive.
  50. Nothing, however, could prevent his inner consciousness inflicting on him the punishment which ate into his spirit like rust, and which he could only alleviate by drinking.
  51. Ingrid and her pilots had done their best during those three weeks to prevent that string of disasters, inflicting heavy losses on the mechanized and motorized enemy units.
  52. They would always talk about sucking human blood through accidents, and inflicting deadly revenge on those they claim to have offended their members in one way or the other.
  53. But, still not satisfied by the massive carnage they were inflicting, Hitler and his henchmen created large deathcamps that were designed much as modern slaughterhouses to.
  54. Except in special cases, when the little sultana amused herself by inflicting suffering upon some unoffending citizen, no one was let into it but wretches condemned to death.
  55. Frostbite had become a deadly serious problem, inflicting more than half the division’s total casualties over the last two months, and it was worst of all for the men’s feet.
  56. Having broken the story of the extent of the injuries the murderer was inflicting on his victims it would then be up to the rest of the media to exercise control over themselves.
  57. Even by the standards of his honor-conscious culture, he was unusually consumed by his perceived humiliation, and was intent upon inflicting the same pain on the men under his power.
  58. The joy of inflicting pain on a member of their close-knit fraternity had seeped into his veins, had reinvigorated him as he’d relived the sounds and the sensations of the accident.
  59. I can't be prevented from going to Wuthering Heights, except by inflicting misery on two people; whereas, if you'll only not tell papa, my going need disturb the tranquillity of none.
  60. Captain Leach realised that if he continued much longer in this unequal battle, he might soon deprive the Royal Navy of a valuable ship without inflicting further damage on the enemy.
  61. The man had a confident arrogance to his step, something Frank had seen many times during his spell in prison - the signature look of a cruel man who wouldn’t baulk at inflicting pain.
  62. I can’t be prevented from going to Wuthering Heights, except by inflicting misery on two people; whereas, if you’ll only not tell papa, my going need disturb the tranquillity of none.
  63. The two Ca’s were still deep in conversation, the Captain tried to get’s his brothers mind off the inevitable and cursing himself for not staying on the outside and inflicting more damage.
  64. Merlin had used one of those drugs to simulate death in all three of the Mahlards, but he’d been unwilling to risk using both on the children, however small the possibility of inflicting harm.
  65. With such politicians the end always sanctifies the means; the least possible good to themselves perfectly justifies, according to their creed, the inflicting the greatest possible evil upon others.
  66. Upstate New York’s five months of severe weather is hardly conducive to maintaining and servicing the units, inflicting wind and storm damage to the boards along with freezing temperatures on the men.
  67. In Hamlet, the prince lacked the clarity of heart and the courage to be a minister of Truth, as he should have been, but he sure was a bang-up scourge, inflicting upon his kingdom more killing than necessary.
  68. He worked his way back up to my lips from the torture he was inflicting upon my neck and shoulders, then pulled my hand from his back and placed it on his now hard and throbbing member and stroked it with my hand.
  69. For the next six rounds, Louis staggered about the ring, punished by a relentless barrage of rights to the jaw, somehow staying on his feet but scoring few if any points and inflicting little damage on the German boxer.
  70. The punishment he would then receive had enough of Jenkins' own personal methods of inflicting humiliation, whilst cleverly keeping within the rules, making this teacher seem yet more like someone not to be trifled with.
  71. Cruel and voracious, they treated every creature as prey, from mice to dragonkind with no distinction between them, and took great delight in inflicting the maximum of suffering before slaying and eating their victims.
  72. Dimmesdale, on the very day when Hester Prynne first wore her ignominious badge, had begun a course of penance,—which he afterwards, in so many futile methods, followed out,—by inflicting a hideous torture on himself.
  73. The grand illusion of a short and victorious war was effectively over, and Mussolini pleaded with Hitler to transfer Axis troops from Russia to North Africa with the object of inflicting a major defeat on the allied forces.
  74. By inflicting a catastrophic defeat on the western allies he was sure that the Americans, on finding themselves isolated and without support would feel obliged to turn away from Europe to concentrate on the enemy in the Pacific.
  75. The snow coming at him looked as though the flakes might penetrate the windshield and pierce his heart, hundreds of miniscule needles inflicting both physical and emotional pain on a level that, until now, Josh had not experienced.
  76. Chairman, the present scheme seems to me to be merely calculated to produce vexation and embarrassment at home; to operate with peculiar hardship on neutral rights, without inflicting on the enemy any injury commensurate with these evils.
  77. Depressed and slinking though they were, eyes of fire were not wanting among them; nor compressed lips, white with what they suppressed; nor foreheads knitted into the likeness of the gallows-rope they mused about enduring, or inflicting.
  78. She picked out the gloating chortle of some debased practitioner inflicting his ministrations, and she pushed on to land a further distance away, in a widening cavern under an iron-barred grate through which daylight filtered in from above.
  79. We showed her how to plead the Blood of Jesus directly against him and the physical abuse he was inflicting upon her – and God moved in very quickly to completely stop all of the physical abuse she had been taking over the last year or two.
  80. Hence, the Wisdom of the Almighty decreed that He would limit His Benefits and His Granting of requests in favour of inflicting difficulties and disasters upon them so that they might pay attention to their wrongful ways and come back to their senses.
  81. We listened to the radio: The joint forces of our army from all over Russia, under the leadership of our revered leader and hero Jossif Stalin, has held out against the aggressors and are currently defeating them and inflicting upon them heavy losses.
  82. This means consists in representing the existing state structure (no matter what it may be,—whether a free republic or the wildest despotism) as something sacred and invariable, and so in inflicting the severest penalties for any attempt at changing it.
  83. As soon as I could speak, I replied that I had not supposed it possible, coming in such a state of mind into that house as I had done, that anything could occur to make me suffer more, but that she had been inflicting deeper wounds in almost every sentence.
  84. As enemy was brutal and treacherous, he implemented grotesque actions, thinking them, analyzing them and carrying them out, without any sense of proportion, with the sole purpose of inflicting the greatest possible damage to the recipients of his punishment.
  85. She had been sitting still for a few minutes, but not in any renewal of the former conflict: she simply felt that she was going to say "Yes" to her own doom: she was too weak, too full of dread at the thought of inflicting a keen-edged blow on her husband, to do anything but submit completely.
  86. To know that somewhere far away there are men who torture other men by inflicting all sorts of humiliations and inhuman degradation and sufferings on them, or for three months incessantly to look on while men were inflicting these humiliations and sufferings on other men is a very different thing.
  87. We demand of our governments that they should untie and reverse all bilateral connections with Zulimistan at once and beg pardon of Muslims at once for inflicting brutalities on them, and reverse all relation with Zulimistan that has put entire world in intense confusion and fear and created warfare in entire world.
  88. Now, sir, if the measure proposed could in any way counteract his views—if it went the full length of preventing him from procuring the various articles which his necessities require, I confess it would be inflicting a punishment, which not only the laws of war would authorize, but which the unprecedented baseness of his late attempt most loudly calls for; but no such effect will be produced.
  89. But it is, notwithstanding, partial and accidental; for, if Great Britain had not the Canadas on our borders, how could we attack or resist her, armed as we are? If we possess ourselves of the Canadas, and this we shall certainly do in the event of war, how and where shall we then continue the war without a naval force? We shall suffer the evils of war, without inflicting any of them on the enemy.
  90. Nekhludoff found in this the explanation of the surprising phenomenon that men, with the mildest characters, who seemed incapable of witnessing the sufferings of any living creature, much less of inflicting pain, quietly prepared to murder men, nearly all of them considering murder lawful and just on certain occasions as a means for self-defence, for the attainment of higher aims or for the general welfare.
  91. They were relieved however, not by her own recollection, but by the good will of Lucy, who believed herself to be inflicting a severe disappointment when she told her that Edward certainly would not be in Harley Street on Tuesday, and even hoped to be carrying the pain still farther by persuading her that he was kept away by the extreme affection for herself, which he could not conceal when they were together.
  92. Have we made an impression on the Prince Regent and his Ministry? are they now more disposed to succumb and accept your terms than before the war? How stand the people of the British Empire? Instead of their coercing the Government into our terms, which we fondly anticipated, the late election to Parliament shows them disposed to go hand in hand with the Government in resisting our claims and inflicting on us all the evils of war.
  93. Whether or not ―hate crimes‖ have increased in recent years as a matter of fact or (by definition) is not necessarily a function of diverse impressions, (although they might be) especially when there is nothing of material value to be gained other than the perverse enjoyment derived by inflicting harm on someone considered socially or morally offensive or inferior in some manner or for no other (apparent) reason than someone‘s race or ethnicity.
  94. If God inflicted a punishment on those under the Old Testament, which those under it were never told would be the wages of their sins, a punishment of eternal suffering for the soul that was in them after they were dead, when in the law given through Moses (John 1:17) God warned only of punishment in this life time, but said nothing about eternal punishment, and nothing about the Hell that He was going to eternally torment the soul in, then would He not be inflicting a punishment unjustly?
  95. In that case actors would take care to send their plays to the capital, and could act them in safety, and those who write them would be more careful and take more pains with their work, standing in awe of having to submit it to the strict examination of one who understood the matter; and so good plays would be produced and the objects they aim at happily attained; as well the amusement of the people, as the credit of the wits of Spain, the interest and safety of the actors, and the saving of trouble in inflicting punishment on them.
  96. There is no one to-day who does not see the uselessness and injustice of collecting taxes from the toiling masses to enrich idle officials; or the senselessness of inflicting punishments on weak or depraved persons in the shape of transportation from one place to another, or of imprisonment in a fortress where, living in security and indolence, they only become weaker and more depraved; or the worse than uselessness and injustice, the positive insanity and barbarity of preparations for war and of wars, causing devastation and ruin, and having no kind of justification.
  97. If thou dost acknowledge this fairly and openly, thou shalt escape death and save me the trouble of inflicting it upon thee; if thou fightest and I vanquish thee, I demand no other satisfaction than that, laying aside arms and abstaining from going in quest of adventures, thou withdraw and betake thyself to thine own village for the space of a year, and live there without putting hand to sword, in peace and quiet and beneficial repose, the same being needful for the increase of thy substance and the salvation of thy soul; and if thou dost vanquish me, my head shall be at thy disposal, my arms and horse thy spoils, and the renown of my deeds transferred and added to thine.
  98. I wonder what the recent preachers of this 'gospel of love’ would have said if they had stood on high with Abraham, and seen through the gloom the rain of burning sulphur descending on Sodom and Gomorrah, inflicting remediless destruction on those unclean sinners against their own souls? Would they have ventured on these bold philippics against the Power that herein 'confessed the failure of His earthly providence,’ so that He 'could do nothing else than kill off’ all that lived in the cities of the plain? Yet Christ declares that even these Sodomites are to suffer again in the resurrection of judgment, though not so grievously as the men at Capernaum and Chorazin, who beheld and rejected the Light of the World.
  99. It was enough for a few men, some personally concerned in the affair and others simply outsiders, to express their disapproval of floggings that had taken place elsewhere, and their contempt and loathing for those who had taken part in inflicting them, for a few persons in the Toula case to express their repugnance to having any share in it; for a lady traveling by the train, and a few other bystanders at the station, to express to those who formed the expedition their disgust at what they were doing; for one of the commanders of a company, who was asked for troops for the restoration of order, to reply that soldiers ought not to be butchers—and thanks to these and a few other seemingly insignificant influences brought to bear on these hypnotized men, the affair took a completely different turn, and the troops, when they reached the place, did not inflict any punishment, but contented themselves with cutting down the forest and giving it to the landowner.
  1. And that it was inflicted.
  2. Blood from his self inflicted.
  3. And that it was inflicted to satisfy the.
  4. And should never be inflicted for any reason.
  5. Yet much of Obama's problems were self inflicted.
  6. As if death inflicted for sin was not a punishment.
  7. Inflicted as I tried to escape this prison of tears.
  8. Blood gushed from the large wounds inflicted by the.
  9. Not all of the songs were freshly inflicted wounds.
  10. The scars that were inflicted within her were oceanic.
  11. He repeated every injustice he had ever inflicted on her.
  12. However, this was the first time he'd inflicted serious.
  13. Kali had inflicted pain on him without Elena’s consent.
  14. Nothing deserved the pain inflicted by the shield, nothing.
  15. Doing so inflicted excruciating pain, but he did so anyway.
  16. Some of the wounds were inflicted after the heart had stopped.
  17. Bane’s contempt was without concern for the damage inflicted.
  18. Nations sanctions inflicted upon a ‘targeted nation’ will.
  19. Every time SC inflicted ‘new harm’ on Louis he’d glance.
  20. Thomas inflicted this act upon him because he was fleeing her.
  21. All three punishments were the heaviest that could be inflicted.
  23. It yelped and scurried backward as if the light inflicted pain.
  24. I didn’t want that! My punishment had to be inflicted upon him.
  25. Why have you inflicted so many atrocities on these countries…?
  26. A flogging, inflicted on a petty thief, inflicts more actual pain.
  27. He's inflicted awful torments on the villagers in the name of God.
  28. He had inflicted the major blow on Nixon, probably more than major.
  29. It was never inflicted on them and Jesus always knew he could stop.
  30. And that’s the other thing: The injuries are carefully inflicted.
  31. These two eventually inflicted a major punishment down on the Company.
  32. Most of the time if wounds lack blood, they were inflicted post mortem.
  33. It had happened to Aarav before but this time he was inflicted real bad.
  34. The revolver appears to have fallen from his hand after he inflicted the.
  35. You abhor evil in all its forms, whether chaos driven or inflicted by law.
  36. The bullet had but inflicted a painful wound in one of the great shoulders.
  37. Why all these atrocities were inflicted in Muslims only…? Imran asked.
  38. Large streaks of blood ran from injuries inflicted on her body so maliciously.
  39. Your father, I think, was one of those inflicted with paranoia and delusions.
  40. Jabran! We had never inflicted such a cruelty that you are causing to my nation.
  41. With his help, she might escape the fate the Elder Council had inflicted on her.
  42. Apparently all better again after the injuries I inflicted on him with the knife.
  43. Why I inflicted this torture upon myself, why I went to the Nevsky, I don't know.
  44. The abuse in this story is just a small fraction of what Harriet inflicted on me.
  45. Were they subjected to the same acts inflicted on Federal prisoners of war?
  46. Most of the people who inflicted those punishments were still on their committees.
  47. I was seriously crazy! I had to die to escape the net of self inflicted stupidities.
  48. Before you get too self-righteous, that wound was self inflicted, Petrarca said.
  49. Herman inflicted those bruises on Jennifer? You didn’t see him do it, did you?
  50. The illness that had inflicted the East Kingdom for generations disappeared overnight.
  51. The instrument with which the injury had been inflicted lay upon the carpet beside him.
  52. Two have been fired and two wounds inflicted, so that each bullet can be accounted for.
  53. And that it was inflicted to satisfy the offence regardless of the pain accompanying it.
  54. Mistakes meant pain, and I was not used to the pain this lady so easily inflicted on me.
  55. You were against wishes of our people and inflicted sufferings on poor helpless Muslims.
  56. Though not necessarily possessed by evil, the boy was inflicted with more of an emptiness.
  57. These aircraft bombed at masthead height by daylight and inflicted a fearful casualty rate.
  58. We have to put an end to unending series of cruelties that Zulimistan inflicted on Muslims.
  59. And never have to be punished by suffering the same fate they inflicted upon their victims.
  60. Danny’s intent was to deliver a round of blows similar to those he’d inflicted on Melvin.
  61. I didn't want to admit that the torment Akito inflicted on me was actually for my own benefit.
  62. Her face had been severely bruised from the repetitive blows his father had obviously inflicted.
  63. WEYMOUTH: Gehenna of Fire Or ‘Hel ,’ The severest punishment inflicted by the Jews upon.
  64. Max realized that he had inflicted the damage upon himself by offering a solution to the problem.
  65. Failure to do so would result in the chosen victim being inflicted with more and more suffering.
  66. I asked if his kind were still prone to the blood madness that inflicted them if they ate humans.
  67. That’s when the full enormity of what he had inflicted upon Carl Sanderson took hold of Edward.
  68. These Zulimistan ruler class instead inflicted massacred on ZTA men through their secret agencies.
  69. Harald was unable to forgive his brother for that and the thousand other insults inflicted on him.
  70. He cries for himself and for the thousands of painful experiences the gods have inflicted him with.
  71. And yet, here he is, lying in front of me, unconscious and in pain from wounds that I’ve inflicted.
  72. He put up with the taunting humiliation Eve Blackwell inflicted upon him only because he needed her.
  73. Mercifully, the suffering inflicted on the peoples of Hiroshima and Nagasaki has never been repeated.
  74. You informed us Roy ages ago that your wife ups the rate of attack if you flinch from pain inflicted.
  75. We had inflicted maximum casualties on the enemy, while only sustaining minor losses on our own part.
  76. Tears were welling in her eyes; pain she was showing on her aging face, the pain that I had inflicted.
  77. I shook my head, wondering what nightmares Uncle Hobart had inflicted on her impressionable young mind.
  78. When the injuries of which we complain were inflicted, our choice was between submission and resistance.
  79. When he was recaptured, the fresh severities inflicted on him only served to render him still more wild.
  80. Even with inertial compensators the forces inflicted on the two were enough to render Roidon unconscious.
  81. Henry had been correct in thinking that Felt should not be inflicted on her Army and Air Force personnel.
  82. We regard the punishments inflicted by law as cruel and shameless, but we must assist in supporting them.
  83. Old men came at her with swords, but their frail bodies were no match for the magic she inflicted on them.
  84. There was something horrible to Dorothea in the sensation which this unresponsive hardness inflicted on her.
  85. The Israelis simply want her dead for the humiliation she inflicted on them during the Israel-Iran conflict.
  86. I guess if I did I would be pretty confused as I had not harmed or inflicted malice upon anybody but myself.
  87. However, on that Day their torture will not be inflicted upon them by anyone (other than themselves);.
  88. By ni-Frith Thlayli, still bleeding from the Mark gash inflicted in his left haunch, had taken up his duties.
  89. Fred was all the more embarrassed for having reacted so violently and dangerously when it was inflicted on him.
  90. The damage was inflicted at the Millard Break Mine near Wittsburg, Kentucky, in an attack similar to the others.
  91. I wondered whether I had inflicted them on Jazzy, had scrubbed the bathroom sinks with a little too much vigor.
  92. You are trying to disconnect yourself from your reality by focusing on the pain that you inflicted to yourself.
  93. In striking at a boat, he swiftly curves away his flukes from it, and the blow is only inflicted by the recoil.
  94. Every day it was his police force that picked up the pieces of the terrible human suffering this vice inflicted.
  95. It was not the first time such a thing happened, and the king always inflicted a death penalty upon the newborn.
  96. Instead, she concentrates on the world around her and the agony that seems to have been inflicted upon the earth.
  97. I still do not know if it was from the shock of what happened to the baby or from the blows inflicted by Matthew.
  98. I cannot explain it, there is no physical wound; I can only guess that what was inflicted on him rebounded to me.
  99. I pulled a folded cloth out of one of my pockets my hands slick with blood from one of her inflicted nicks on me.
  100. For a span of weeks, Cupid only used his lead arrows, which inflicted hatred and resentment on those they touched.
  1. He is, despite the injuries he inflicts, a weak personality.
  2. Regardless of the reason for the suicide, this act inflicts.
  3. I visit the waterfall after a dud inflicts my creative senses.
  4. A flogging, inflicted on a petty thief, inflicts more actual pain.
  5. An attack with this Bonus inflicts a special disease or curse on targets.
  6. It’s difficult to count the number of casualties a country inflicts on its own troops.
  7. This is why he accepts all the thousands of woes that life inflicts on him without becoming a victim.
  8. Having received the terrible humiliation that Scylla inflicts on him, Ulysses can react in two ways:.
  9. More evil still is any attitude that inflicts pain without remorse on all who may be seen as fair game.
  10. My intention has been to inform readers of what this serial killer does, how he inflicts pain on his victims before killing them.
  11. The affair, as it will be reported, will cover us with shame; for in a society such as ours satire inflicts a painful and incurable wound.
  12. The natives are still intelligent and know they have no future, but are content to be looked after and spared the pain the disease inflicts on them.
  13. The coulpe is entirely spontaneous; it is the culpable person herself (the word is etymologically in its place here) who judges herself and inflicts it on herself.
  14. So ’tis frequently the case that the smallest and most invisible Enemy inflicts the greatest Damage, whilst the largest Enemy may be fell’d, like Goliath, with a tiny Sling.
  15. Why love her rulers? Why kiss the rod of iron which inflicts the stripes without a cause? When all admit we have just cause of war, such attachments are dangerous, and encourage encroachment.
  16. Yet, somehow, in your iWorld, CW, or even Bubble State you've discerned that fantasy finance generates fantasy green, that not only does not effect real world change, but actually inflicts more damage to it.
  17. The more intense our fire the more speedily it destroys its victim who, therefore, ceases to suffer, whereas the fire of purgatory inflicts the keenest, most violent pain but never kills the soul nor lessens its sensibility.
  18. The Colorado ACLU, in cahoots with the Anti-Defamation League, filed a lawsuit demanding that a charter school in that state desist in all mentioning of Christmas, including ancillary renditions of Jingle Bells, on the grounds of the harm and intimidation such jubilation inflicts upon Jewish students.
  19. President, I am ready to admit that where a measure obtains, that inflicts a violation on our constitution that is unquestionable, palpable, and notorious, however frequently and however solemnly this measure had been sanctioned, however long it had been submitted to and endured, would not be considerations with me of any importance or create one moment of doubt.
  20. But suppose one pass, as is permissible in philology, from the word itself to its softened synonym, then, instead of committing an ignoble assassination you make an 'elimination;' you merely and simply remove from your path the individual who is in your way, and that without shock or violence, without the display of the sufferings which, in the the word, of him who inflicts them.
  21. I have thus stated the grounds on which they deem, and I have felt myself bound to maintain, that this contemplated invasion of that territory is, as it respects the Canadians, wanton and cruel; because it inflicts the greatest imaginable evils on them, without any imaginable benefit to us; that, as it respects the United States, such an invasion is senseless, because, ultimately, ruinous to our own political safety; and wicked, because it is an abuse of the blessings of Divine Providence, and a manifest perversion of His multiplied bounties, to the purpose of desolating an innocent and unoffending people.
  22. At this thought he felt such vexation and anger that he reasoned the matter thus: "If Alexander the Great cut the Gordian knot, saying, 'To cut comes to the same thing as to untie,' and yet did not fail to become lord paramount of all Asia, neither more nor less could happen now in Dulcinea's disenchantment if I scourge Sancho against his will; for, if it is the condition of the remedy that Sancho shall receive three thousand and odd lashes, what does it matter to me whether he inflicts them himself, or some one else inflicts them, when the essential point is that he receives them, let them come from whatever quarter they may?".
  23. President, when we inflict death for the support of institutions Congress had no right to create, and for the violation of laws the constitution prohibits that body from enacting—(and under the denomination of each of the political sects into which this country is divided, agreeable to the principles now contended for by gentlemen, such laws have been passed)—are not the Executive which sanctions, the Congress which passed, and the whole body of our Judiciary, both of the General and State Governments, which enforces such unconstitutional measures, and under their surreptitious authority inflicts death upon our citizens, worse than usurpers? Are they not murderers? Yes, Mr.

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