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    1. Allcock's expression could not be easily described, but was a sincere reflection of the extremes of fatherly pride he felt at Harry's triumph, and the eagerness which he tried to constrain in broadcasting this news to everyone he encountered

    2. Ursempyre frowned instinctively as if his hearing had failed him, and blinked a few times before feeling a complete idiot for being unable to constrain his physical reactions

    3. two things vehemently constrain me, for I cannot resist you, and my soul, moreover, cannot note the evils of my mother

    4. constrain, in evaluation, what the subject has been, may be, and can become

    5. also consider the characteristics of the intentional field to help constrain what an intentional source must be

    6. So the Lord said to his servants Go out into the roads and the ways and the paths and everyone who you find invite to the feast and constrain them to enter till my house is filled

    7. People cannot serve when the social norms constrain their ability to do what is a natural human instinct, to serve other people

    8. do not constrain users to specific, fixed movements, and therefore require more

    9. Then said the lord to his servants: `Go now out into the roads and the countryside and constrain those who are there to come in that my house may be filled

    10. There were no employment laws to constrain him

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    Synonyms for "constrain"

    constrain stiffen tighten tighten up confine hold restrain enforce impose railroad tyrannise tyrannize bulldoze threaten coerce compel require drive urge pressure oblige restrict curb stifle check tie down enclose

    "constrain" definitions

    compel to behave in a certain way

    to close within bounds, or otherwise limit or deprive of free movement

    severely restrict in scope or extent