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    1. He had to voice that complaint, she only made a face at him

    2. There was a head that made the booth around the camp's digester can seem really spacious

    3. The boiler looked like it was made of a very good imitation of aluminum

    4. "But we made for you also, I invite you to come up

    5. The rusting cranes and conveyor belts in the water made a challenging obstacle course

    6. I was informed that no exception would be made to the rule, to which I

    7. The fact that there were a lot more eyes available made the price come down, but eye-time still wasn't without significant cost to the average plots-man like himself

    8. When made redundant, I had to claim Job Seekers Al owance

    9. "It was already made when I woke up," he said

    10. filled with water whilst others had pink turrets made from bricks

    1. I have consulted my New York lawyers on this; sorry, make that my new,

    2. Make sure that you use a variety of methods to build your customer database

    3. While I was here this world underwent a revolution in communication, and it seemed to make little difference, it was a fashion fad for a few years, decades I mean, and everything is the same

    4. "So what have you been doing the past two years?" he asked as a way to make conversation

    5. The more specific you are the more power your brain uses to make that goal a reality

    6. figuring out how to make it happen

    7. ” It’s not, “I want to make more

    8. When God make a covenant with man, He enters into a

    9. It was far from the same thing, and where did that leave Leand in her parentage? Did she have three parents, but didn't the child who became the ghost also have two? Could he ever make love to such a creature? He had made love to such a creature, made love to her so much that she ran from him

    10. grand scheme of your daily life isn't going to make much difference

    1. But one minute more and one minute less over the course of a year, adding all of those additional steps into your routine, makes a huge difference

    2. autoresponder follows up with additional offers based on what the How to Pick a Shopping Cart System that Makes You Money

    3. It’s all pure profit! The Kick Start Shopping System makes it easy for your How to Pick a Shopping Cart System that Makes You Money

    4. Fortunately the high fat content of nuts makes them very filling, helping curb hunger

    5. The following recipe makes approximately 47 pounds

    6. The following recipe makes about 30 pounds

    7. “Oh really? Compton?” That makes sense

    8. He locks eyes with me as the right hand makes a fist, pumping a stabbing motion into an imaginary chest

    9. I believe in the phrase: practice makes perfect

    10. That makes you a hundred and thirty eight

    1. " She turned and bent over to pick up the quilt, making sure the guy in the boat could see her spreading

    2. They see the unbelievers making it in life without

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    4. But she looked fine, he had to admit he had enjoyed making love to her even as she was haunted by this ghost from space

    5. They were in the middle of making a beer bottle tree when Raj passed

    6. If you're using it to better your life and you’re making the lives of those around you better in the process, that’s not selfish

    7. "There's a lot at stake," she said, "More than you could know, but I do care for you more than you think and that fact is making it difficult to fulfill my obligations

    8. When you have an intuition, you are going to be faced with making a decision

    9. When you have an intuition you are making a decision and you are running through your mind the different scenarios that may occur based on your

    10. C, commitment, you have to make a choice that you are making a commitment

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    Synonyms for "make"

    make shuffle shuffling brand make water micturate pass water pee pee-pee piddle piss puddle relieve oneself spend a penny take a leak urinate wee wee-wee ca-ca crap defecate shit stool take a crap take a shit get make up establish lay down draw cause have induce stimulate make believe pretend score seduce create do produce build construct cook fix prepare ready give hold throw arrive at attain gain hit reach get to progress to work take bring in clear earn pull in realise realize take in name nominate constitute form make-up character nature style shape structure construction output product production manufacture assemble fabricate erect change transform convert turn compose prompt give rise to occasion obtain acquire procure secure win perform accomplish execute effect bring about act practice estimate judge gauge reckon

    "make" definitions

    a recognizable kind

    the act of mixing cards haphazardly

    engage in

    give certain properties to something

    make or cause to be or to become

    cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner

    give rise to; cause to happen or occur, not always intentionally

    create or manufacture a man-made product

    make, formulate, or derive in the mind

    compel or make somebody or something to act in a certain way

    create by artistic means

    earn on some commercial or business transaction; earn as salary or wages

    create or design, often in a certain way

    to compose or represent

    reach a goal

    be or be capable of being changed or made into

    make by shaping or bringing together constituents

    perform or carry out

    make by combining materials and parts

    change from one form into another

    act in a certain way so as to acquire

    charge with a function; charge to be

    achieve a point or goal

    reach a destination, either real or abstract

    institute, enact, or establish

    carry out or commit

    form by assembling individuals or constituents

    organize or be responsible for

    put in order or neaten

    head into a specified direction

    have a bowel movement

    undergo fabrication or creation

    be suitable for

    add up to

    amount to

    constitute the essence of

    appear to begin an activity

    proceed along a path

    reach in time

    gather and light the materials for

    prepare for eating by applying heat

    induce to have sex

    assure the success of

    represent fictitiously, as in a play, or pretend to be or act like

    consider as being

    calculate as being

    cause to be enjoyable or pleasurable

    favor the development of

    develop into

    behave in a certain way

    eliminate urine