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Make in a sentence

Make it one in a.
You need to make a.
He will make it yet.
He wanted to make a.
You make it too real.
I had to make a stand.
I could not make out.

I'll make a few calls.
I had to make a choice.
Make sure it has a lid.
The ones I could make.
Yes, but make it elk.
My mind will make it so.
This can make or break.
He was going to make it.
Roger could not make out.
You did make that avatar.
She could make the most.
How to make a use of it.
They could not make out.
I could make this happen.
He had to make a decision.
The moment you make the.
His job now was to make.
It would make anyone nuts.
Why, she didn't make them.
He wants to make sure he.
You may not want to make.
Then later they make some.
I wasn’t going to make it.
What sense did that make?
It all began to make sense.
I went to make another one.
They did make good progress.
Make of that what you will.
Itll make you feel better.
Make a fuss if she doesn't.
Make a coat of many colors.
It could make a difference.
Axel had a decision to make.
He is making it holy.
He is making you happy.
Jack was making a funny.
Ajax kept making a fuss.
She saw us making love.
Ill be making money too.
Making it a wheeled tool.
I’m making it up as I.
Is making the wrong sound.
The sound water is making.
It started making me laugh.
Am I making myself clear?
Why, because he is making.
Fizzicist was making it up.
I cried without making any.
This is a time when making.
Forest Gumps in the making.
I’m not sure I am making.
He wasn’t making any sense.
This would help in making a.
Sari stirred again making a.
We are making our need known.
You can’t stop making money.
It helps in making the audit.
I’m not making fun of you.
Making his way on the rooftop.
Maybe he was making things up.
The men inside were making no.
In a place of their own making.
Nothing was making sense to me.
Serve within 2 hours of making.
Making this quilt was a big job.
But sound decision making was.
They were making snowballs and.
I'm not making any promises yet.
The small craft now making its.
I consider making a break for it.
He could be making love to her.
Nothing was making sense to him.
They ended up making love again.
I made my way down.
Only I made it out.
He made a point of.
She was made for it.
I just made this up.
I made a mental list.
He has made each of.
As he made the turn.
That's why I made him.
I think it only made.
He, too, made his own.
A deal was made with.
He then made his way.
We made our way back.
It made her heart melt.
And he made it on time.
I made a faint protest.
He made a mental list.
Except when he made me.
The boy made his choice.
And that made me quiver.
It made Raven feel sick.
We could have made an a.
He never made a sound.
He made sure we had hope.
It made me sad to think.
Port calls were made to.
Because i have made the.
Once you have made this.
With a belt made of the.
I think I made a mistake.
That’s why you made us.
Carl made a gagging sound.
Little Jack made no reply.
He made a mark on the map.
He was a self made officer.
Every time they made love.
Suddenly it all made sense.
But she made it to the car.
He made a handsome picture.
It is what makes you.
He makes a funny face.
He makes up his mind.
The sun makes it too.
I guess it makes sense.
What makes this a poem.
On this day God makes.
That makes two of us.
This makes me happy too.
It makes time speed up.
It's what makes us men.
I guess this makes the.
For what makes its scent.
None of this makes sense.
That makes it easy for.
That makes me feel good.
This in turn makes the.
If that makes any sense.
It makes a lot of sense.
Makes him lose his head.
By the sound water makes.
It makes no sense to her.
It just makes our lives.
What she wrote makes my.
I will learn what makes.
It makes me feel better.
You love what makes you.
Now it all makes sense.
Makes my morning, and my.
I guess that makes us.
It makes a home within us.
Makes the man to run��.
It makes you grow up fast.
That makes me feel a lot.
Ah, it makes sense now.
It just makes it stronger.
He makes a grumbling sound.
That's what makes her so.
It all makes us speechless.
It makes one warm playing.

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