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Item in a sentence | item example sentences

  1. It was a news item.
  2. Yes we are an item.
  3. He picked up the item.
  4. Then, you buy the item.
  5. Item on the current Page.

  6. Item 2: Something to sell.
  7. If more than one item is.
  8. The biggest item was for.
  9. Next item on the programme.
  10. You can open the item for.
  11. Only one more item remained.
  12. Each food item had a white.
  13. Happiness is one item that.
  14. The first item was a stun gun.
  15. User adds an item to the cart.

  16. It was as though the item we.
  17. Holmes grinned at the last item.
  18. I did not sell one single item.
  19. Best scoffed, and took the item.
  20. That’s the only peculiar item.
  21. The specific item is not here.
  22. This is sometime an item on the.
  23. The second item was an MP3 player.
  24. GT failed on this checklist item.
  25. Might I inspect the item?

  26. Uncle Harry handed the item to me.
  27. The last item is accounts payable.
  28. In a late-breaking news item, the.
  29. Identify the item to be validated.
  30. Checking the item over carefully.
  31. Iran’s one item on the agenda.
  32. The large item that the computer.
  33. I didn‘t see one boy scout item.
  34. We will cover each item one by one.
  35. A square item with rounded corners.
  36. The next item Lewis glanced at was.
  37. A gift does not have to be an item.
  38. Is there any item of clothing that.
  39. But they weren’t an item any more.
  40. There is only one item missing and.
  41. That is a fairly powerful item there.
  42. In our last news item of the evening.
  43. This checklist item has two questions.
  44. Highlight one item through an auction.
  45. I looked at the item with the trigger.
  46. For this one item, Sharon, a woman of.
  47. There is only one item with weight 60.
  48. He gave us the chronology of each item.
  49. I have an interesting item to report.
  50. GT failed this research checklist item.
  51. You end up buying the lost item anyway.
  52. Depending on the item it can be cat safe.
  53. As far as they could tell the item was.
  54. They are just one more 'disposable item.
  55. Therefore, it fails this checklist item.
  56. Therefore, GT failed this checklist item.
  57. This is always an item on the employees.
  58. Click on the item you edited in the past.
  59. This item, whatever it was, listed for $25.
  60. My next big item I looked at was insurance.
  61. Chile Pepper Oil is another Asian food item.
  62. Is this an item of interest? he asked.
  63. If the item sells, these fees are refunded.
  64. Were Marilyn and Bobby The New Item?
  65. Goodyear Tire fails in this checklist item.
  66. Maybe it’s a service item for the dealer.
  67. Shipping for one item or five items is $6.
  68. There is one more item Dmitriy requested.
  69. It was an item Marie would hold close for.
  70. And your actual profit on this item was $41.
  71. I have run this auction item again and again.
  72. Just choose the appropriate item to edit it.
  73. Item on another Page within the application.
  74. Probably the cheapest item on the bill, too.
  75. Do we know what that item is? he asked.
  76. Now stay there quietly like a good item of.
  77. He slyly gave the item to Rad, who kept it.
  78. Every single item holds a little of his past.
  79. Each item Ij has a weight wj and a benefit bj.
  80. Honor was a tangible item with extreme value.
  81. Open the app with the item you want to email.
  82. However, the most telling item was: 'A move.
  83. I had this item for over forty years, now.
  84. As he read out the last item, they all laughed.
  85. The lad lifted his head to glance at the item.
  86. For example, here is a profitable item of mine.
  87. The item comes in a box and requires minimal.
  88. Together they examined every item in the chest.
  89. You should have selected a more sensible item.
  90. We stand there together watching the news item.
  91. What item was it you were at, Wemmick, when Mr.
  92. Pack up the diaper bag with every item in the.
  93. Don’t bid more than the item is worth to you.
  94. The food item that was most popular with them.
  95. Name of the Joomla! User who created this item.
  96. The following is the product table: Item name.
  97. I clipped and saved every dumb, stillborn item.
  98. Opens the editing screen for the selected item.
  99. Bilgewater showed off his item of manly apparel.
  100. She picked up the first item she saw, a sweater.

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