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Point in a sentence

I got to a point.
Fun up to a point.
It is at this point.
She did have a point.
But she had a point.
He made a point of.
To the point where I.

Let us stay on point.
It gets to the point.
And that is the point.
The point was that a.
This is a vital point.
Perhaps he had a point.
You have a point there.
One point three a head.
The point of no return.
Keep to the point, Bob.
Of worlds at the point.
This is the point from.
At that point, I think.
Come to the point, Mr.
This point, known as a.
The point is to become.
This point needs to be.
Now for the brains point.
Case in point, look at.
He had proved his point.
But that's not the point.
A good case in point is.
At this point, I looked.
Perhaps Suzy had a point.
At this point she burst.
There’s no point to it.
This was a turning point.
Of course, he had a point.
Maybe that was the point.
This is the crucial point.
But on my point of view.
McClure would have a point.
Said pointing to the spot.
He said pointing at his Mr.
This / that (pointing at).
Ronan, pointing to the west.
By pointing out the myths.
What were you pointing at?
He jumped up pointing in the.
He was pointing to a letter r.
While pointing at me he said:.
Nodding and pointing in that.
Peg stood in the door pointing.
He looked where she was pointing.
Everyone was pointing to the TV.
He was pointing it right at her.
She was pointing her gun at Smith.
He was pointing his pistol at me.
It was pointing at Max’s heart.
Rather than pointing fingers at.
Schmitty was pointing up the rise.
She was pointing that knife at us.
There is a gun pointing at you.
He told her about the pointing arm.
Pointing to the back of the skull.
However, the All Heels, pointing.
He was pointing in that direction.
See here, said Ronan pointing.
Robert looked where he was pointing.
Pointing at the diagram, she spoke.
She looked to where he was pointing.
The people protested, pointing to.
Then I looked where she was pointing.
Pacing circles, and pointing at her.
She was pointing to the touchscreen.
It’s pointing to the north star.
But the music is counter pointing me.
Up the stairs, he said, pointing.
Pointing out what is happening and.
This way, he added, pointing ahead.
In the drawer, she says, pointing.
Pointing out its link to the yet to.
Zoe pointed to my pen.
A need to be pointed.
I pointed to his arm.
He pointed to the map.
He pointed at the cat.
As I have pointed out.
He pointed at the map.
He pointed to all of.
He pointed to the west.
I pointed at the storm.
Barry then pointed a U.
He pointed to the door.
He pointed at the sand.
Hans pointed to the map.
It pointed to the moon.
He pointed at the couch.
He pointed at the board.
Then Zem pointed to a.
Bill pointed at the map.
She pointed at me and.
I pointed it out, and.
I pointed him out to Zia.
But, as it was pointed.
He pointed to an old pub.
He pointed it at Grimes.
He pointed to the camera.
He pointed to his table.
He pointed to the screen.
I pointed my own finger.
They pointed at the alter.
Jose pointed to a closet.
Jose pointed at the walls.
Locke pointed to the silo.
Kay pointed with her cob.
There! she pointed.
I pointed out that Mr.
He pointed to a chair,.
He points to my feet.
It got you 30 points.
Ella points up to it.
He points at the door.
Bush points at the sea.
She points at the pond.
Aaron points to my face.
She points to her purse.
Nine points out of ten.
Bush points at his head.
He points up at the sky.
From all points of the.
Bex points at the Marlin.
It still all points in.
Juan points out to him).
He points at the wizard.
Here are two key points:.
Get other points of view.
And all points in between.
He points to the ceiling.
First to five points wins.
Here are the key points:.
What are the main points?
She points down the hall.
Key Points to Keep in Mind.
He points over by the woods.
I focus on where she points.
God points to the ways of.
Some of the major points.
Hanson points to our table.
Bernard points to the chair.
Systems of these points of.
The breakeven points are 60.
Major points to think about.
Sowell points out that the.
The giant points to the jeep.
Major Points to Think About.
Keep a few points in mind:.
As Ney himself points out :.
Cherrie points to the stairs.

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