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    1. calculates it, down to the very last detail

    2. Athnu excused himself, but Ava knew Kulai would know every detail of their embrace and who it was that initiated what

    3. "The disadvantage of traveling at this speed is you never have a chance to get local detail maps

    4. I relived in detail the months before Joanna came on the scene

    5. ' I said, hoping that she'd go into detail a little

    6. What she chose to reveal was invariably better than the inter-intelligence communiqués where one agency often hid detail from another in order to maintain tactical advantage

    7. There was no detail, but with what you just said it seemed obvious enough

    8. He needed to find Sammy the Shark/Gino Ngata first and the only living connection he had right now were the surviving victims of last night's attack which Melinda had described to him in disturbing detail

    9. I relate in scathing detail how the interview went, letting rip and quite enjoying the experience

    10. He goes into some detail about the anonymous letters the police have received, stressing the threat to Liz

    11. In the dark Theo was unable to make out much of the detail

    12. She ordered him to lay out his plan in detail

    13. There were many diagrams and many levels of detail

    14. He got right down to the etch dimension detail in it

    15. He's astonished as every detail is the same

    16. Oh there was a little more ceremony and detail, but that was the gist of it

    17. "A difference in detail only," Ernesto said about the alien plants

    18. The second statement doesn’t bring that kind of detail

    19. Her real first question was, where was the entity? Was there some way she could tell, or would she have to do element balances with the same attention to detail that Delos had? Ava had far more interest in penetrating the native data network than worrying about element balances seven decimal places out

    20. ’ Kara said absently, her mind occupied in trying to recall any detail of the two men that might give a clue as to why they had attacked her

    21. Unlike you, who prefer a broad brush, I see the intricate beauty of the devil in the detail

    22. They don't understand the human mind, but if they copy the brain at a fine enough level of detail, the interaction you get with that mind is indistinguishable from the living mind over a communication channel

    23. We can reference this detail with those ten toes on the statue in Daniel 2

    24. How can God bless all nations of the earth through them without this detail? To be a priest is to offer sacrifices on behalf of

    25. He could examine the still-growing circle in finer detail when the shuttlecraft passed over the area every four hours

    26. She put loose limits on all format matches at the finest levels of detail in every user manual, trying to get an idea what kind of format was in use

    27. By setting the stimulate/recall level a session could navigate it's search, or read increasing levels of detail

    28. While on the topic of Moses, I’ll also point out another interesting detail

    29. It then gains more detail as we progress through Genesis

    30. The bargemaster explains in detail to me how the sea floods this area frequently in the winter and how the wasteg has to be reinforced regularly to keep it functioning

    31. This in turn leads to a lecture from Wiesse on how important this waterway is as an artery to the West Country, stressing how vital it is for local commerce and going into incredible and extremely boring detail about how it is maintained and how much it costs

    32. The riders were amazed at the workmanship and the intricate detail; she had obviously worked long and hard on these garments

    33. They didn't get into a lot of detail, just camping their way across

    34. ’ He said, affection and pride warring in his voice as he describes his home in detail - sounding not unlike an estate agent I once met when I was across in Bristol

    35. Brancettrabble would be interested in his findings but was too bored with the exacting detail of the work to follow his daily observations

    36. ‘Perhaps we could discuss it in more detail some other time

    37. ‘What is it?’ I asked, admiring the beautiful detail of the chain

    38. That he is no longer in direct control of the levers of power is a shame, but in his time of greatness he employed a whole army of secretaries and assistants, whose sole job it was to document every fact and every detail of every case and policy so that he could remain true to his principles

    39. His curious eyes fixed on Alastair, he explains that Sally has gone off to North Wales to see Uncle David’s house and that they have been to church with Anna who has given them a fantastic picnic lunch in her garden, going into substantial detail before finally reaching the salient point which is that they are trying to cut Anna’s lawn, but that the lawn mower is not working properly

    40. Intelligent crime on a huge scale with a demon in the detail; a high-powered, heavily-armed, luxurious schooner feeding world-wide drivelling greed, gagging for more and supplied on demand by ruthless slavering zeal

    41. And so they began, Alessandra, Alexis and Nikos, taking their time covering every detail and full of suggestions on how to overcome the looming threat from Kaliantikos

    42. ’ Ben replied, relating in detail how Anna’s mower had broken, explaining that he had gone to see if Jo could help - and that Jo and Alastair had gone over to Anna’s too - and that Jake, Alastair’s son had also come over

    43. Of all the people to bump into! Alastair doesn’t go into detail but I gather Barrie was less than complimentary about me which really upset Alastair

    44. They both went over everything he had done in detail

    45. Gary had gone into great detail over dinner in the pub about what a capable cook he is - he laughs – acknowledging the hit

    46. But he insisted a detail should accompany her and carry any provisions she needed

    47. He in turn sent out word to the other Holds, and to the security detail at Ohmu

    48. Within a short time, Katie and Jake appear with plates of cake wrapped in paper napkins which they start handing round - looks as though Ben and Abi are on cake-wrapping detail

    49. They inspected the dress carefully, inspected the stitching in detail

    50. detail of every case and policy so that he could remain true to his

    1. A detailed understanding of this hard fact is essential for all men but all the more for senior citizens as they spend time in each other’s company most of the time

    2. For detailed inputs, one has to subscribe on an yearly basis

    3. moment of reverie I found that I could read a fully detailed cyanotype from within my

    4. This map detailed a spot that was as exactly in the middle of nowhere as it was possible to get in the west cheek of the dry end of the Gengee floor

    5. He had a thick and detailed metal stick strapped over his shoulders, shiny black low-calf boots and several shiny black canisters strapped to his upper thighs

    6. All the populace knew was that they needed to welcome new souls, but all non-technical souls thought they were in a paradise of God's making as detailed in the scripture of holy war, they did not know they were simulated in a machine

    7. He had to go down into the most detailed layer before he found labels that told him this was power to the female section of Paradis, or at least, that section of it that was on the Al-Harron

    8. By triangulating the times and apparent directions of our transfers, and using Menachem’s more detailed knowledge of the country, we decided that we must be somewhere to the west of London, probably the Thames Valley

    9. ‘I was detailed to shadow you as it was felt likely that there would be another attack

    10. She’d dragged a detailed version of my adventures in Italy out of me when I’d been too relaxed to resist and has no illusions about the very real dangers attendant on this quest of mine

    11. Besides the advanced fiber-optics that lit it, the stand that bore it was finely detailed Kimotran Bale-leaf, deep in lacquer with an ornate row of book rests fronting it, plenty of toe space and conveniently placed wand-racks

    12. He drew the cross section of how that was mounted into the tower now, it was just a sketch, the detailed drawing was in his head, this was a backup recording

    13. James gave them detailed descriptions of their base camp and the strength of the beasts they fought

    14. to ask detailed questions as to where they are planning on going

    15. Though it was very cold for humans, (the blankets were a welcomed relief), Lord Tarak took their minds off the cold and pointed out the various vegetation and wild life they encountered on the journey, giving a detailed history of each

    16. "He was a busy boy in those days when he was stealing half our clock cycles, he detailed out all kinds of different societies

    17. Develop a detailed plan and timeline with the core founding group listing all of the tasks that need to be accomplished before doors open

    18. that has his or her own members (as detailed above

    19. Rital could not find out who the traitor was, but, since the plans were very detailed, he believes it has to be someone high in our government

    20. “We could detect nothing of Kassidor but its presence,” Daedelus said, “until Yellelle brought back the detailed records from your ship, but we do know that the space occupied by the souls from Kassidor is about four times as large as that occupied by souls from Earth

    21. ’ He replied, launching into a detailed account of his weekend

    22. She used her antique phone to dash off a quick note of thanks to the guys at the DOCA, and a longer and more detailed note to Yellelle

    23. Then she detailed the necessary steps which enabled it to perform as intended

    24. detailed the necessary steps which enabled it to perform as intended

    25. Plato left us a detailed description of the death of Socrates

    26. I’ve always intended to become more familiar with what is what but, although I have a very detailed book on wild flowers, I find the hardest bit is actually matching the flower in my hand to the picture in the book

    27. “Oh? I don’t think I would remember anything that detailed

    28. There are insufficient officers at the scene to perform a detailed search, so the Inspector in charge splits the uniforms up and sends them off in different directions to check on the basic lie of the land

    29. He did ask a few people about the address, and got more detailed descriptions that agreed with the snack seller’s

    30. He could see that the house was more imposing in appearance than the room it really contained, the tall and detailed arches faced with reliefs in a thulitlanth motif graced the end panes, but they were used only to make high ceilings in most rooms

    31. His face was perpetually blank, he spoke in a dead monotone, he was the kind of guy who wouldn’t know what Fun was if it gave a detailed presentation on its benefits with detailed charts and graphs

    32. ” A sheaf of plans from topographical situations with grading and filling, landscape, access and building situations, to detailed construction plans, materials lists and timelines were amassed there on the table before them

    33. carry out a more detailed search

    34. He added Construction plans, well-phased and detailed

    35. He sent a probe to that volcanic plug to get some detailed pictures of the feature

    36. And so opened the floodgates of a world of detailed and comprehensive knowledge of all the planet's biology

    37. Alfred thought it was really sad that all the detailed info they had came from that one native girl

    38. detailed description of his quarry

    39. He gave a detailed description of the two

    40. complete and comprehensive than the most detailed aerial

    41. Certainly, the Malaysian authorities have been less than helpful in a timely and detailed response

    42. Her detailed diagnostic recording buffers had overflowed

    43. "The other guys, over on that side of the world…" he actually had a beautifully detailed globe of the planet on a stand across his desk which he pointed to in the flesh

    44. Once she had seen it with detailed probes from above, she would defend the beauty in his creation at that castle with whatever might the expedition could muster

    45. that a detailed explanation might be useful

    46. How to Give Detailed Instructions

    47. Be as specific and detailed as possible

    48. By placing the sales copy up online and sending some traffic to it (detailed

    49. Give them clear and detailed explanations so they can grasp a new idea

    50. The book detailed information about fallen angels and how demons could increase a witch’s power

    1. on his mobile phone as they went round, detailing the state of disrepair in almost

    2. The woman in love tells his story of how they met detailing

    3. The young woman continues detailing the history

    4. Master Jeffery asked them what they could do; and after seeing their writing skills he placed them in charge of detailing the history of the Dragons; they would work directly for him

    5. The ornamentation and artwork were breathtaking, the detailing much more refined than the reproductions made for tourists in the 20th century

    6. Leona and Bex are the subject of two Incident Reports alleging illegal substance misuse and detailing the actions taken by the medical teams

    7. She’d listened to updated versions of this programme all of twenty times, hoping with each new report there would be something – at least evidence that he would never be returning, rather than what amounted to no more than speculation; there was always the expert detailing how such cutting edge technology inevitably carried a risk of catastrophic failure

    8. Although nobody could be certain that Salisbury had actually hidden information detailing the murders and the club’s involvement, they couldn’t afford to take the chance

    9. Early scripture detailing the lives and beliefs of the Ancients

    10. I wrote back a long letter detailing the just completed campaign, and then I expressed my condolences for the loss of his child and assured him that my son was well

    11. Earlier, each person attending the meeting had received detailed minutes of the last management meeting detailing various accomplishments, failures and statistics about a TV or radio station, a newspaper or an outdoor billboard location

    12. I hid the entrance to the cave with a few leaves from fallen palms that I took from the surrounding and left him a written note in the sand detailing my plan, just in case he wake up before my return

    13. Suddenly, the articles ended, with the one detailing how the body of a hunter had been

    14. He had, however, just received a hand-delivered bill of sale from one of the jewellers on Gem Street, detailing a lengthy list of expensive purchases

    15. Hu realised that what this actually meant, was that they were not all that happy with his efforts and were detailing a “watch-dog” to report to them directly

    16. The Rabbi was detailing a plan to make education an export product

    17. I will send a courier missile ahead detailing our needs and I hope we will pick up staff and equipment there

    18. The American aviator, dressed like the other members of the Time Patrol in a two-piece, dark gray utility uniform, had approached Nancy and was detailing her equipment with curiosity

    19. ” Replied Kay in a gentle tone while detailing him

    20. One of the RAAF officers went to her at a near jog and stopped before her, detailing her with growing disapproval

    21. He came one evening carrying a folder full of photocopies detailing descriptions of what are commonly known as abduction experiences

    22. The document proved at once of being of certain interest: it was a general order signed by a Chinese field marshal and detailing the procedures to be followed with captured American soldiers

    23. Mike Crawford, who was detailing the children, frowned as he thought that he recognized some of them

    24. Trading softens the impact of this "trader's tuition," detailing a comprehensive

    25. The letters detailing specific yet seemingly minute issues with developments testified to the integral role this position played in ensuring the integrity of buildings through which many of the over thirteen million visitors to the area would pass

    26. Detailing the building itself, which ground section had an oval shape and which sides were covered with mirror-like windows tainted a sky blue color, Raymond could only wonder at the cost of it all

    27. really specific in detailing exactly what it is that you want

    28. Jean Barrot noticed her expression as she was detailing the state of the town house and gave her a reassuring smile

    29. ” Replied Claudette, detailing the log house-style building

    30. Adonai spent quite a bit of time in the wilderness detailing the Law

    31. ‘All we did was provide him a few bullet points detailing some local issues—the rest was all his mind

    32. Detailing the funding required to

    33. AIB released a statement last night detailing the pressure it was under and announced a climbdown

    34. Each of these organs would need long pages dedicated to explaining and detailing its components and functions in full

    35. detailing the steps on how to become like him; that what is left are only stories

    36. In 1946 the group produced this report, detailing the

    37. He then hurried to his office in Damascus Citadel, where he looked through the lists he always maintained detailing the names of many criminals and people who had been convicted in the past

    38. Detailing the meaning of this Holy saying, we say:

    39. Whatever man ascends of the ladders of sacredness in perfection and science, and whatever he perceives of the intellectual and mental facts, he will find the Qur'an not only preceding in showing them, but also explaining and detailing them greatly

    40. Before detailing this condition, we ask: under whose control Jerusalem will be when it will be conquered by the Moslems?

    41. Having answered the questions we have previously reported detailing and demonstrating that our Master Adam (cpth) did not disobey his Provider, and that his first spiritual state necessitates forgetting the matter which proves to us that what our Master Adam (cpth) and his wife did (of eating from the tree) based indeed, on high intention as the devil had sworn by God to them that they would possess or stay forever in that state of nice witnessing and magnific entering into God's if they ate from the tree, and since this prophet (cpth) did not recognize lying, therefore he believed the devil's saying and forgot Al'lah's Advice to him

    42. He then went hastily out into his work base in Damascus Citadel, where he looked through the lists he had previously prepared, detailing the names of many criminals and people who had been previously convicted

    43. offering to review some history books and notes detailing several symbolic

    44. Graham agreed this was probably best, then said that Susannah mentioned in a phone call that she had been commissioned to write a book detailing her life story

    45. statues and ornate detailing creating dark recesses and shadows

    46. ” Comments showed that viewers were touched by the heartache, others disgusted that the man posted such a violent video detailing the death of his child

    47. used to communicate, detailing the use of online singles chat-forums

    48. The kind all the students have to fill out detailing their address and other important information

    49. She could tell the carpenters were still carving out some of the detailing on the railing

    50. document detailing changes to his will

    1. He could have been close, just waiting for the details from the map

    2. · Include all details in the will

    3. ’ I admitted, not wanting to go into details about how I dealt with it … that could be a little awkward

    4. ’ I said, trying to recall where I left the members’ handbook which gives all the details about opening hours and the like

    5. I would rather keep any more details private

    6. She owes me for a couple large favors, the details of which I would also prefer to keep private

    7. The rest of the details are in my wallet, also in the jacket hanging

    8. Deeply disappointed that it is not Stephen, I kick myself and try to sound enthusiastic as I scribble down the details

    9. "You're most trusting," doostEr said but was sure there were a lot more details to this than Tahlmute had revealed

    10. "I can't reveal all the details to you

    11. Were you given details?"

    12. Theo put the details into his own phone

    13. "Too much to catch up on there, I'm just following the details of the evolutionary sequence, that's been my study

    14. Aphrodite sent me to the kitchen and she told her boyfriend everything, with all details

    15. They maintained the atmosphere was chaotically driven by the continental contours and their details were unknown

    16. Bahkmar wondered at the shallowness of it all, 'she's an electric whack-off stick,' he wanted to say, but that would be dishonorable wouldn't it? It was his oath to keep that knowledge of what she was, as well as the details of her code, from Jaseem

    17. I began to suspect what's going on with her last night, when we went out together and she revealed more details about her job: As a sales manager, she controls some teams of commercial travellers

    18. This afternoon I saw Diana at the gym, we had an aerobics lesson and then, as we were leaving together, she revealed to me some more interesting details about her job; in fact, she didn't hesitate at all to describe -always with an air of importance- a fixed fraud committed by the company she works for: It all starts with an advertisement they place in the newspaper every week, looking for new commercial travellers; they offer an alluring basic salary, as well as commission on the sales, plus social security

    19. I tell her all about the day yesterday … leaving out some of the details with regard to Nick … and mention that I’m going for lunch with a couple of the residents today

    20. Just as I started to get the image into some sort of focus, at the critical moment when I started to remember details about the garden, their clothes and the house, right then the truck would bounce or shake over rough English roads, and these carefully assembled pieces of the picture puzzle would break and scatter

    21. I hand over my medical card and try my best to answer all the questions Terry ask about my previous surgery, though it’s hard work prising the details from my brain

    22. Herndon was already getting lost in the details of the map because of the native serum and had to force himself back on topic

    23. She was technically competent with space drives and had to know the details

    24. We've got some disagreements about some details but most of us have settled down

    25. " There were of lot of those details he had to write down for her but it was a lot of practical stuff, she didn't get to the emotional part till they were in bed

    26. He got her to explain more of the economic details of food raising/gathering in this area

    27. She saw that there were some engineering details to consider and had to build some simulations

    28. ‘Yes, she came across when she was seventeen to work for a time at an archeological dig in the Bristol area … we don’t know the details but she became pregnant

    29. There are many details that are yet future, but we have a symbolic pattern that we can see and claim in our life here and now

    30. Despite the fact that everyone she’d spoken to played down the seriousness of the attack, Kara had worked out, by dint of garnering minute details from every staff member in the hospital she had come in contact with … as well as picking Angie’s brains and prising information out of the policeman … that she’d been extremely lucky to survive

    31. ‘Let’s just say that the details are not commonly known

    32. She was still trying to actually believe it and finding more details helped if they fit together

    33. Not only will allow Facebook followers have the ability to see the images, see the competition and learn about the details, but they will also be able to post their own images through Facebook or through Instagram when they use the right hashtag with their image post

    34. He gives such details and makes such choices that you have to wonder whether there is any free will at all

    35. Human memory, the details anyway, lasts nowhere near that long, not a fraction that long

    36. But still, while the details were gone, something of the ancient Elven princess remained in her

    37. Again she set off, scouring her memory for details of the subway

    38. He’d pass their details to Lorenze and between her and Bazilda they’d concoct the papers and arrange transport

    39. We are informed that a service of thanksgiving will be held in the Great Gotteshouse in London next month and will publish details as soon as they are available

    40. and a clause that lets us film the details of the case,

    41. passed over the details not knowing she was unwittingly setting

    42. She knew they wouldn't remember any details from three hundred centuries ago, but knew their behavior patterns were based on the successful patterns from all the ages of their lives

    43. They had darkened the room with the night-mats so the plates could be projected on a whole wall and let them see all the details

    44. The first few plates had been the details of the asteroid string as it had lain in the stasis point for the past thirty five years

    45. They had to tell Nuran, Lmore and the innkeeper the details of their adventure crossing the wilderness from the Lhar

    46. where the details of past lives lived

    47. Today he was looking for the details of the instruments that were detecting the signals he was analyzing

    48. should you so wish besides of course sexual orientation and religion or other details that matter to you

    49. Then, when he heard all of the details concerning the young man, who was, as it was now becoming clear, quite widely known as The Telephone Man, he realised that it had, in fact, been a very close shave for his daughter

    50. He never knew it could even be done, much less the details of that keyword’s function

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    Synonyms for "detail"

    detail item point contingent particular detachment squad force team unit organisation organization part aspect article singularity trait itemise itemize make clear particularise particularize reveal enumerate catalogue recite assign appoint designate detach allocate

    "detail" definitions

    an isolated fact that is considered separately from the whole

    a small part that can be considered separately from the whole

    extended treatment of particulars

    a crew of workers selected for a particular task

    a temporary military unit

    provide details for

    assign to a specific task