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Jack in a sentence

1. Jack In The 6 pc.
2. Jack In The 3 pc.
3. Jack In The Box 119.
4. Jack was who he was.
5. Jack if truth be told.
6. I reported to Jack G.
7. Jack In The & Cheese.

8. He was a jack Mormon.
9. Put an end to it Jack.
10. Jack went for a coffee.
11. How are you and Jack.
12. Jack ran in after him.
13. Jack in the n' Cheese.
14. Jack holds up his hand.
15. Jack blew out a breath.
16. I also heard Jack in.
17. Jack was waving to us.
18. She had faith in Jack.
19. Jack in the Jumbo Jack.
20. Jack let out his breath.
21. He had his eyes on Jack.
22. Back at the boat, Jack.
23. Jack turned to face her.
24. Jack put his hands down.
25. It reminded Jack of St.
26. Jack had nothing to say.
27. That will be fine Jack.
28. Jack was making a funny.
29. Jack thrust out his hand.
30. Jack gave up trying to.
31. Jack had put her through.
32. Jack was now happy again.
33. Jack did not mince words.
34. The place Jack had gone.
35. Jack, she wanted to say.
36. I love you too, Jack.
37. Jack was in shock as he.
38. Story of Jack the Ripper.
39. Jack In The Jack's Spicy.
40. Jack then sped off again.
41. Jack had ordered a book.
42. Jack was still out there.
43. Show me that spot Jack.
44. I was involved with Jack.
45. Jack and his men walked.
46. But I know what Jack did.
47. Jack knew what that meant.
48. Jack kneed me in the back.
49. Jack froze in the doorway.
50. My name is Jack Hesidence.
51. Jack hammered on the door.
52. Again, Jack knew his stuff.
53. Then he let the jack down.
54. Jack brushed off his hands.
55. Jack bent over to kiss her.
56. I did too, said Jack.
57. Jack flew across the room.
58. Jack said it was harmless.
59. Damn! Jack was on his way.
60. I smirked, staring at Jack.
61. Johnny and Jack snuck up.
62. Can we deal with Jack.
63. Jack was furious with her.
64. Jack, ever since you and.
65. Then he called Jack Morgan.
66. Jack decided to adopt her.
67. He is just an animal Jack.
68. Little Jack made no reply.
69. Jack moved it from her way.
70. Jack walked into his house.
71. Jack walked out into the.
72. Jack edged along the wall.
73. Jack looked down the street.
74. Jack seems like a nice man.
75. Jack had had enough of this.
76. Jack was having a field day.
77. Jack said half way to Colac.
78. Jack was tentative but calm.
79. Jack placed it on the table.
80. No one noticed except Jack.
81. Jack was frozen to the spot.
82. Jack put his arm around her.
83. Jack told me about Rawson.
84. And then she met Jack - a.
85. Jack in the Jumbo Jack 261.
86. Jack looked back at Chelsea.
87. Jack stepped into the room.
88. Roman walked over to Jack.
89. So could I, Jack says.
90. Whenever Jack came to the.
91. Jack was at a disadvantage.
92. Jack and his Jack Johnsons.
93. Jack tore back up the stairs.
94. Yes? Jack said to him.
95. Yes that is correct, Jack.
1. But you are jacking her?
2. Jacking is what you’re meant to do.
3. This jacking thing is wiping me out.
4. Can you do your, um, jacking from there?
5. A seed thrown into the sea is jack jacking it off.
6. So, how does this jacking thing work? he asked.
7. He had his cock in one hand and was jacking it slowly.
8. Think about passing a law to prevent men from jacking off.
9. Even with all the jacking I had done, it still grossed me out.
10. I held back from jacking into her mind and making it a command.
11. I kept trying, jacking in and grappling with fairly strong jackers.
12. Before jacking himself into the ship‘s navigational computer, he produced.
13. Instead of jacking in to control them, just link in and tell them your thoughts, he said.
14. She didn’t rub him hard but unzipped his fly and took his prick in her hand, jacking it gently.
15. I didn’t think I was gonna be this hot, not after all that jacking off stuff last night with Dick.
16. Jacking feelings was the same as jacking thoughts, but my stomach twisted every time Simon made me do it.
17. Ok, it’s time to quit jacking around and find out why my future ancestors had cloned and brought me back to the future.
18. I had convinced Simon to let Laney practice her jacking skills on him, since she couldn’t jack into my Impenetrable Mind.
19. Soon after, Xander had been caught on camera jacking a mini-mart clerk to give him ice cream, and the Feds had picked him up.
20. A clump of hooded kids were standing around the Ferrari, not jacking it, which told me that Tommy had hired them to stand guard.
21. Claire had seen a 60 Minutes story where a government whistleblower had said connecting your computer to the Internet was tantamount to jacking yourself directly into the NSA.
22. Jacking an image of my Grandma O’Donnell into the conductor’s mind, along with a postcard I had stolen and ripped into the size of a train ticket, had won me a tip of his hat and an escort to my room.
23. In what can only be described as an American Tragedy, the World Trade Center (Twin Towers) was leveled this morning (September 11th 2001) by Middle Easterners who, after high jacking two commercial airliners, rammed them into both towers.
1. I think you got jacked.
2. Yeah, jacked up is right.
3. And even though I’m jacked up on.
4. He was still victoriously jacked up.
5. That’s whacked, jacked, heart attacked.
6. I reached down to the living room and jacked Mrs.
7. I jacked into his mind, but he immediately threw me out.
8. As George entered the castroom, I jacked him to ignore me.
9. I jacked Daniel to take advantage of their confusion and run.
10. Anyway, did the linkers you jacked know you were there?
11. They’re called drug addicts jacked up on the latest mind bender.
12. I jacked the command to him hard: I was invisible, nothing but air.
13. I took a deep breath and jacked into his head with everything I had.
14. Have to what? What?? He ignored me and jacked fast into Raf’s mind.
15. Santos’ thin frame appeared in the doorway, and I jacked her to ignore me.
16. She was Janice from math, the one that I had jacked to write nursery rhymes.
17. I jacked into Kestrel’s mind to bring him up from that deep unconscious state.
18. His mind barrier was weak, and I could have easily jacked in and controlled him.
19. Probably still sore that I had jacked him into doing the chicken dance earlier.
20. But he’s too jacked up to stay with anything anymore, the dial keeps turning.
21. As usual, she took her spot at the pilot‘s station with him jacked in behind.
22. He jacked himself up to his feet and stood resolutely facing the opposite direction.
23. If I jacked into his friends’ heads, he couldn’t pretend that I didn’t exist.
24. What worried her, however, was the fact that the boys had jacked each off all night long.
25. Seizing his hard prick, she jacked it once or twice and aimed it at her juicy cunt hole.
26. I jacked back in, and they stopped in their tracks, while he and I wrestled in their minds.
27. The heron pounded the air with its wings, jacked itself clear of the water and flew off down river.
28. My heart rate jacked up another twenty beats a minute as I put my hand on the doorknob and twisted.
29. When Xander’s change came, he had accidentally jacked his abusive step-father and knocked him out.
30. I jacked into the driver’s mind and ordered him to return to the loading dock, which was deserted.
31. She could see him getting that same look Runner got when he was around the kids: jacked up and tense.
32. I mentally wrestled with the two agents as they jacked into the nurse’s and the med-techs’ minds.
33. They put in an elevator system and jacked the entire building up on small yet effective building jacks.
34. I jacked his attention firmly on the ball game, which wasn’t hard since the game was in extra innings.
35. I slowly jacked her out of her gas-induced sleep while I unhooked the IV and started undoing the straps.
36. The blue jacked was in front of him and he felt a pain in his left forearm as something struck him with force.
37. From the tired sound of his thoughts, this wasn’t the first time Simon had jacked him to illegally sell beer.
38. I jacked into the minds of the med techs and found that there was another holding facility—directly below us.
39. They"d jacked their ideas up and thought of questioning all the artists I"d had anything to do with at the gallery.
40. I could have jacked the images into his head from the next street over—I just wanted an excuse to touch him again.
41. Most had been jacked to believe that their children had run away or been snatched and were thrilled to have them back.
42. Siri folded his jacked and carefully placed it beneath Musab’s head, which was unrecognisable from blood and lacerations.
43. The hard marbles of the agents’ presence were jacked into both their minds, yet were strangely absent from my dad’s mind.
44. Of course he wouldn’t get anything from me unless I jacked it into his head, and I was determined not to do anything but link.
45. And since I don't truly care what happens to you, it would be a good idea if you just played ball and not got me jacked, okay?
46. There's a time for romance, and this isn't it, although Emily's got my adrenaline jacked so high I'm already bouncing on my toes.
47. Each time a praver jacked into Daniel’s mind to inflict some imagined injury, I recreated the same one in the tormenter’s mind.
48. I pulled open the ward’s double doors and jacked minds to look the other way as I strode past curtained beds and medical equipment.
49. I jacked into the mindware interface, and the metallic taste stung the back of my tongue as I switched the truck to manual controls.
50. The farmer that sells you the ‘organic’ eggs and dairy and ‘ethically raised’ poultry and pork has jacked up the prices a little.
51. Her eyes had the purposeful look of someone whose actions were being commandeered, and her thoughts were the endless loop of a jacked mind.
52. I was jacked deep in his mind to control his heart rate and couldn’t help hearing all his thoughts, even the ones he was trying not to think.
53. Colt twitched and shook as he was held in the grip of a vision from the past that had crossed over into a nightmarish fantasy jacked on steroids.
54. A hiss announced the beginning of the gas, so I jacked in further to step up both our heart rates before the first whiff of orange scent reached us.
55. The thought came to him that besides his wife being mad that he stopped, she'd be extra mad if they turned out to be car thieves and jacked his car!.
56. Keeping my head down so that the hat shielded my face, I waved Kestrel’s passring at the ID scanner and jacked an image of his smiling face into the guard’s head.
57. The men jacked the lid off the barrel, imbibing began, the pile of wood was set on fire, an Alabaman transformed a huge can into a drum, and inebriated men began dancing.
58. I jacked into Raf’s head, too, and found Simon’s presence had tunneled deep, going past the thoughts that were jacked by Molloy’s guard and into the part that controlled breathing.
59. I easily jacked the dozen people in the lobby to look the other way, but I nearly stumbled over my own feet when I linked into the janitor’s mind and he struggled unsuccessfully to push me back out.
60. The thing that made me really angry was the fact that my officer in charge at Niagara Falls had high jacked my idea and took credit for this modification, most probably receiving a really nice bonus for it.
61. Nevertheless, how much longer must the average fan see their season(s) high jacked by self-centered, lingering adolescents; many of whom don‘t appreciate the value of a hard earned dollar? I remember when it was only a game.
62. Marvin was proud of his shiny charcoal paint, tuck and roll interior, vinyl top, mag wheels, and a back end jacked up so high you could drive a foreign car under it! Whenever the high school administration wanted to find Marvin all they had to do was go to the auto shop.
63. Every dirty fantasy I had ever jacked off to alone in my room, every Japanese porno and every yaoi fanfiction, even those stupid gay porn gifs the guys in Cali would send me to make fun of me that secretly turned me on beyond belief all came crashing into my mind like an avalanche, causing a river of curses, encouragements, and a few phrases that would make a hooker blush to flow out of my mouth and down to the boy on his knees before me.
1. They are jacks of all trades.
2. Two were cranked up on jacks.
3. Jacks was running out, shouting at me.
4. It made sense to me, and playing jacks was fun.
5. Harriet bought me a jacks set to teach me co-ordination.
6. I think the bartender, what was his name, Jacks? Yes.
7. Some of them were even brave enough to wave Union Jacks.
8. I was playing jacks on the neighbor’s porch with friend.
9. Is he all right? Jacks said approaching the three men.
10. He did a few swift sit-ups, press-ups and jumping jacks to.
11. Tomorrow it’ll be geometrical jacks and motorized hopscotch.
12. Jacks is more than qualified to accept anything that he is offered.
13. Both boys were back in time, exactly a year earlier, playing jacks.
14. We both enjoyed it a lot and celebrated with Hungry Jacks afterwards.
15. Okay, it was because he'd had two too many Black Jacks with a couple.
16. A great warm-up that prevents injury is to perform jumping jacks and.
17. Or have you still got some more jacks that haven't yet come out of their boxes?
18. Signals, ensigns, and jacks of all colours were flying from her rigging, on every side.
19. Jacks and Stance had gone west and seemed to be pleased with the choice, as well as Jeff.
20. Someone else, I didn’t feel anything, and neither Jacks nor Cord mentioned anything.
21. For the next two to three minutes, do jumping jacks or running in place for exercise again.
22. As they had reached the valley of smiles, Babsy leapt off Jacks back and fell into Slinks arm.
23. Mostly dealing with poker-like jokers wild, double-bonus poker, or just plain old jacks or better.
24. It looked like a child’s jumping jacks gone mad and the air vibrated with the resonance of magic.
25. Jacks had come from the Western region and was well acquainted and at ease with most of the command.
26. They put in an elevator system and jacked the entire building up on small yet effective building jacks.
27. Jumping jacks will help your body to get in the motions that you will be performing while jumping rope.
28. He remembered great horns of foaming ale, jacks of sparkling wine gulped carelessly or spilled on the tavern floor.
29. Over-Annie-Over, jacks, tops, mibs, and the sound of the little monsters in every shrub and shadow would not let him rest.
30. Detective Superintendent Tatton was acting best he could on Jacks advice trying to keep Lucy Simpson in the picture so as not to alert Jenkins.
31. Matthew loved it, as it was such a change from working in grumpy Jacks as he called the little vegetable shop where he had worked for some time.
32. Jacks ears pointed up, his face still underneath his front paws began to move to the sides of his long body and he shuddered as the paddle bashed against the.
33. Then smaller fish appeared: miscellaneous triggerfish, leather jacks, unicornfish, and a hundred others that left stripes on this luminous atmosphere in their.
34. General Mandrake, the General over the Western Region arrived next and Billy gave him the tour he expected while Brent and Jacks introduced the Western command around the Camp.
35. By the end of 1956, P&G had introduced twelve mixes into their new line of Duncan Hines baking products from flap jacks, muffins, and rolls to brownies, coffee, and sponge cakes.
36. Instead of neat wall plates with modular jacks for patch cables, an internal thin Ethernet installation had two thick, semirigid cables protruding from the wall for every computer.
37. For another price, after market conversion kits would be available to install on your gas car to enable electric operation; installation, charging stations, and floor jacks separate.
38. I never know when it comes to jacks-or-better poker if you should go for the flush or straight flush, by throwing away a single pair of jacks or better, or even a three-of-a-kind.
39. Jacks theory was that he had gone over the border into Chile or Columbia and with the help of his contacts slipped out of South America and unnoticed into the UK to take his brothers identity.
40. Well, last Sunday a feller called Moe Green raised everybody on three Jacks, and finally when the pot was nearly $1,200 to the good one feller stands pat, and Moe Green gets frightened and drops out.
41. Of course if you are selling very unusual goods, you will want to consult specialized treatments of your issues, but for selling most items from Cadillacs to Cracker Jacks, these nine will do the job.
42. Romie Jacks: Romie Jack was one of the seven surviving children (out of nine) of wealthy and controversial Scottish-born Monterey County land baron David Jack and his wife, Maria Christina Soledad Romie.
43. He had probably not seen who it was only they were after him, and Jacks thought they might be soldiers, Jacks had checked everything he could thing of to confirm it and still only believed they were soldiers.
44. After a while Philpot suggested a change to `Beggar my neighbour', and won quite a lot of cards before they found out that he had hidden all the jacks in the pocket of his coat, and then they mobbed him for a cheat.
45. The second week she’d gone so far as to conduct a reconnaissance---electrical outlets, phone jacks, light fixtures---any place some twisted freak might have planted the intrusive miniature surveillance camera or microphone.
46. From the men that worked the fields, from the garrulous old men in the inns where he slaked his thirst with great leathern jacks of foaming ale, from the sharp-eyed silk-clad merchants he met upon the road, Conan sought for news of Beloso.
47. Mayer and Ben Goetz and all the others piled on and played poker training out to San Bernardino where they went to the movie house to see the latest Gilbert or Garbo or Novarro and come home with fistfuls of preview cards: "Lousy!" "Great!" "Terrible!" "Fine!" and sort out the cards along with the kings and queens and jacks and spades to figure out just what in hell kind of hand they had.
48. The hangar was fifty metres long and ten metres wide, there were two long workbenches, one on each side wall, oxyacetylene bottles, pipe-cutters, and a welding machine, a pegboard was fixed to the wall with a huge variety of tools hanging on it, on the far gable wall were three small rooms that must have been used at some time as offices, on one of the bench’s was most of the gear that Murray had ordered, a bundle of thermic lances, four bottles of oxygen, heavy leather apron and heavy duty welding gloves, welding mask, two acrow jacks, electric nail gun, two small fire extinguisher’s, an extractor fan with a large hose attached, blackout curtains made of canvas, framework shelves stacked with metal tubes and steel plates of different thicknesses.
49. This could mean doing jumping jacks with your kids,.
50. Master Jack (by the South African band 4 Jacks and a Jill),.

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