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Gob in a sentence | gob example sentences

  1. Nick sat gob smacked.
  2. The gob was coming faster.
  3. Gob, Jack made him toe the line.
  4. Gob, he'd have a soft hand under a hen.
  5. Gob, that'd be a good pucking match to see.

  6. Shut your gob, said Max, still chewing.
  7. Donald pulled out a gob of it from his overcoat.
  8. Gob, he had his mouth half way down the tumbler already.
  9. It was a gob of spit, mixed with what looked like cheese.
  10. Gob, he near burnt his fingers with the butt of his old cigar.
  11. A large gob of cum shot over his shoulder and landed on a satin cushion.
  12. She sucked heavily at the air and spat, clearing her mouth of a viscous gob.
  13. So he told Terry to bring some water for the dog and, gob, you could hear him.
  14. The citizen said nothing only cleared the spit out of his gullet and, gob, he spat.
  15. I heard the gob of saliva fall and I knew that the mouth of the monster had opened.

  16. Ramin worked his jaw and cheeks, then spat a gob of white foamy spit between his feet.
  17. I'll thank you to keep your gob shut! as he back-handed the impertinent conscript.
  18. LP was gob smacked at what he was seeing, walking to the base of the Glacier with Ingrid.
  19. Reaching into Myserrah's mouth with his finger, Moshe dislodged a great gob of flies and.
  20. The boy was still standing somewhat gob smacked, so she tilted her head at him in question.
  21. For a fat gob of phlegm, Melchor knows his way around a sword, Rob admitted at the noon break.
  22. He abruptly stuck a gob of C4 to the corner of the room’s main console and walked out not bothering to look back.
  23. That folks was a gob of torment that I’d inflicted on her that I can’t even begin to try and rationalize or explain.
  24. I quickly learned never to walk out a doorway without checking that someone wasn’t about to hawk a gob of thick yellow phlegm in my direction.
  25. Lazare felt suitably bohemian, and in one day I managed to race around all the essential sights, gob smacked at the beautiful architecture that even layers of soot and scaffolding couldn’t hide.

  26. Gob, the devil wouldn't stop him till he got hold of the bloody tin anyhow and out with him and little Alf hanging on to his elbow and he shouting like a stuck pig, as good as any bloody play in the Queen's royal theatre:.
  27. I know you want it so you’re going to get it! Not being well placed to refuse his offer I lay limply till he'd deposited a gob of North American semen and, wheezing slightly, clambered off and returned to his bed, passion spent.
  28. Did you have something to say Grundy or was that just piss and wind that was coming from your lips? Johnny for once did the sensible thing and kept his gob shut but I could see he was dying to tell the CSM exactly what he thought.
  29. If the department store is to be liquidated, merchandise inventories are indeed a current asset, convertible to cash within 12 months at prices that conceivably could be close to NAV, although much less than NAV may be realized if the merchandise is disposed of in a GOB (going out of business) sale.
  30. So I just went round the back of the yard to pumpship and begob (hundred shillings to five) while I was letting off my (Throwaway twenty to) letting off my load gob says I to myself I knew he was uneasy in his (two pints off of Joe and one in Slattery's off) in his mind to get off the mark to (hundred shillings is five quid) and when they were in the (dark horse) pisser Burke was telling me card party and letting on the child was sick (gob, must have done about a gallon) flabbyarse of a wife speaking down the tube she's betteror she's (ow!) all a plan so he could vamoose with the pool if he won or (Jesus, full up I was) trading without a licence (ow!) Ireland my nation says he (hoik! phthook!) never be up to those bloody (there's the last of it) Jerusalem (ah!) cuckoos.
  31. He deposited the quid in his gob and, chewing and with some slow stammers,.
  1. THE IDIOT: (Gobbing) Ghaghahest.
  2. Not one that Maiorescu was protecting; Caramarin did not want the chef gobbing in his food.
  1. Gipps? Here? Fieldsie, who was still standing behind the bar, gobbed in disbelief.
  2. Patting the plane on the bonnet, which gobbed a lot of castor oil onto my glove, I told the Avro, This is the new love interest you are going to have to contend with.
  1. Gobs and gobs of grass fed to her by.
  2. The conifers weigh heavy with gobs of snow.
  3. Thick gobs of blood bubbled over his mouth and nose.
  4. Her womanly bosom heaved and sank, drawing in great gobs of fresh, cool air.
  5. That’s my brother! said Max, and he threw gobs of mashed turnip at Andrei.
  6. She could see great gobs of spittle form at the corners of its disgusting, misshapen mouth.
  7. Trollish beer is rich and dark and heavy with floating gobs of fermented plant material and 204.
  8. The pavement was liberally smeared with gobs of something that looked suspiciously like bubble-gum.
  9. The more overpriced crap they stuff in their gobs, the more money us investors will make, I thought.
  10. The easiest is probably on the Value Line page you’ll be using for gobs of other stock information.
  11. He ordered up four pancakes, rich with butter, syrup, and huge gobs of peanut butter on each cake in the stack.
  12. Finally, after seconds of Edy’s French Vanilla with gobs of chocolate sauce, Denny pushed back and stretched his arms and legs.
  13. From its mouth, the beast was salivating gobs of translucent goo as it viewed the Halfling and wondered what it would taste like.
  14. Yuki didn’t know what she could do to rehabilitate the woman who had taken great big gobs of money from the man she said she loved.
  15. Many of the old traits are still buried in us; a point that sociologist, behaviorists and philanthropists now a days are granted gobs of research grant money to study.
  16. That’s Mindy Heller, RN, she said, indicating a streaked blonde wearing nurse’s whites and gobs of eye makeup, dumping platters of plastic-wrapped cookies into the trash can.
  17. I can't say that my experience with Wattpad has translated into gobs of sales, but it has translated into invaluable feedback for my work, thoughtful fans, and nearly a million reads of my novel Glide (and counting).
  18. Watching unlovely relatives and others stuff fodder into their gobs like starving pigs should have featured in Dante’s circles of hell, along with all that determined jollity among people who normally wouldn’t give each other the time of day.
  19. But I had no mind for these smooth things; instead, fear worked like yeast in my thoughts, and the fermentation brought to the surface, in great gobs of scum, the images of disaster; a loaded gun held carelessly at a stile, a horse rearing and rolling over, a shaded pool with a submerged, stake, an elm bough falling suddenly on a still morning, a car at a blind corner; all the catalogue of threats to civilized life rose and haunted me; I even pictured a homicidal maniac mouthing in the shadows, swinging a length of lead pipe.

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