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Jesus in a sentence

I had told Jesus I.
Jesus is One with God.
Jesus has said it all.
Jesus the Lamb of God.
So I sold it to Jesus.
Jesus was there with me.
I will find this Jesus.

Jesus came out of the.
The Plot to Kill Jesus.
Jesus called out to him.
Jesus was himself a Jew.
The Pierced One is Jesus.
Jesus is the Word of God.
Jesus helped me to stand.
But Jesus held His peace.
Jesus took me to a beach.
Jesus, I must be fucked.
In the life of Jesus it.
Jesus looked at the woman.
Jesus looked at him sadly.
Jesus Walks on the Water.
We are baptized in Jesus.
Jesus, that scares a guy.
No one told me about Jesus.
Jesus looked me in the eye.
Jesus was in so much pain.
The Blood of Jesus Christ.
Jesus looked up to the sky.
Jesus was painting with me.
This is Jesus, our son.
Jesus has it out with them.
Not yet, Jesus, not yet.
Jesus has the sweetest love.
Said , Jesus upon the hill.
They gave Jesus what they.
When Jesus was asked what.
Then I, that Rock is Jesus.
Jesus even calls it murder.
Jesus Teaches at the Feast.

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