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Saviour in a sentence

You are the Saviour of all men.
You are the Saviour of the body.
They know that a saviour is.
You are: The Saviour of the world.
They expect me to be their saviour.
He also is a pati, the lord and saviour.
His saviour perceived, he proceeded to.

Saviour to be filled with his Holy Spirit.
Saviour was a jew and his father was a jew.
Christ) becomes the wife of Christ (saviour).
In his hands was put an ikon of the Saviour.
David was still, in some sense, her saviour.
Saviour for his own soul, and he went forth.
I confess Jesus Christ is my saviour and Lord.
No son of God was sent on earth to be a saviour.
Testament points to the coming of a Saviour, and.
God manifests himself as a saviour of saintly men.
But Mario was said to be the picture of Our Saviour.
Saviour, Jesus Christ, showing how he fulfilled the.
Lord and Saviour will be saved and live forever with.
It represented the Saviour just taken from the cross.
Here we are taught that Jesus is the saviour of the body.
Jesus in us, to attract others to Him as their Saviour!.
Saviour), Behold, I pray thee, the situation of this city.
Jesus, Pamela pauses, is my Saviour, period said.
He was a scribe, not a saviour of people or a great fighter.
Take Christianity that says: Jesus is your Saviour, believe and.
This life of the Spirit begins when you receive Christ as Saviour.
Th e mythologem of the second saviour is a modifi cation of the.
I looked into His loving eyes and said, I love You so much, my Saviour.
T = Testify - tell others that we have accepted Jesus is our saviour -.
Now, tell me more of this so called saviour I requested dubiously.
Jesu, most beautiful, have mercy on him who cries to Thee, Saviour Jesu.
Artists always draw the Saviour as an actor in one of the Gospel stories.
So Thomas had not been the assassin, after all, but the saviour of the king.
He knew if you would receive Him as your Saviour or if you would reject Him.
This day shalt thou be with thy Saviour in Paradise, his head fell by the ax.
I shall soon be with my Saviour, she said quietly, relieved and at peace.
I was the jailer and the torturer, or a saviour and the provider of happiness.
He would have been the one holding her in his arms as her saviour but he wasn't.

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