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Savior in a sentence

He would be her savior.
The Savior, or The Buddha.
I have seen the Savior.
But the Savior was Divine.
The Savior of this world?
And that savior will be a.
Please turn to ME your Savior.

Julie believed he was a savior.
The Savior of us all was a girl.
A savior once more, her savior.
Jesus Christ is the Savior of.
Tormentor will become the Savior.
This infant wasn’t the Savior.
No other Savior exists who can.
Therefore, was He their Savior?
They have left my Savior, too.
But it was clear her savior was.
You have really been a savior to us.
We accept Jesus Christ as our Savior.
Because they consider you a savior.
Israel under the savior they looked for.
Like you did with him? Our true savior.
Christ would be the Savior of the world.
He was both my savior and my tormentor.
Without the need for an external savior.
The savior they looked for was a human.
Down at the Cross Where My Savior Died.
My Savior, Jesus Christ, used to be on.
You need a relationship with your Savior.
We instantly knew the Savior was now born.
Becoming my only Savior this side of Heaven.
He no longer believed Jesus was the Savior.
To Jesus, Our Lord and Savior, of course.
Even as He is also your Savior, says The Lord.
And no one confounds us the Savior who have.
As he left, he prayed that the Savior they find.
There is no Savior except Jesus the Son of God.
The idea of the Messiah is not simply a savior.
It was the giver of life and the savior of hu-.

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