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Journal in a sentence

1. Mom left a journal there.
2. Note these in your journal.
3. Her journal was inside the.
4. Alice picked up the journal.
5. It is the Journal of Lothur.
6. He also kept his own journal.
7. I think it was ‘The Journal.

8. Journal of World History 6, n.
9. Slagg was holding the journal.
10. Let's start with how to journal.
11. She had read Corey’s journal.
12. The journal told a mixed story.
13. Journal, and the headline says:.
14. Journal of the Society for Psy-.
15. This will be my last journal entry.
16. It also acts as a kind of journal.
17. Santi grabbed the journal from him.
18. He pushed his journal to the side.
19. Journal of Teacher Education 5, n.
20. The Wall Street Journal reported.
21. Journal of Investing, The, 46, 301.
22. I have a journal your mother wrote.
23. This is the daily journal of Lt.
24. Some wretched journal in his hand;.
25. In the Journal, Tolstoi calls her S.
26. Lydia’s journal lay on her pillow.
27. Journal on the Theory of Constraints.
28. I’ll let this journal go from here.
29. Lachey took notes in a lined journal.
30. In: Journal of Economic History, vol.
31. What would my journal show me?
32. He never looks at a JOURNAL of course.
33. For the American Journal of Science, &c.
34. If she had her journal, she’d write.
35. Journal of the History of Biology, vol.
36. Journal of Asian History, Wiesbaden, v.
37. Gwenny’s journal would still be there.
38. Journal of Health and Social Behavior.
39. Your mother wrote in her journal about.
40. Keep a training journal, off and online.

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