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Publication in a sentence

Publication classes in the adult.
You can still buy this publication.
Presented in this publication are.
Publication: Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm.
Soon after his publication, Harold S.
It’s a publication on my home world.
XXX(name of publication) on XXX (date).

Once altered, release for publication.
Children Limited (NARC publication), 199.
The publication doesn‘t do that sort of.
Book publication about celestial black holes.
Navigating the research publication process.
Leaflets of the Free Press, a publication by A.
Jewish Publication Society, Philadelphia 1946.
Please refer to IRS Publication 524 for more.
He, with his publication and presentations of.
No part of this publication may be stored in a.
The cases of Genet, Yrujo, the publication of Mr.
The dominant publication has been the comic book.
The annual meeting is the trigger for publication.
He was still so after initial publication of The.
Writing for Publication class at the University of.
QUICK LINKS that were featured in this publication:.
No, it's not for publication or anything, just for.
Without a decree and its publication it would not be.
The publication you now hold is an expression of my.
But I got nothing out of him—nothing for publication.
The first known publication was sometime before--.
It has witnessed the publication of two volumes by Mr.
The text of this publication or any part thereof may.
I would have valued such a publication in my own youth.
This indicates that adding the publication title into.
The stranger peered up periodically from his publication.
She subscribed to every fashion magazine, art publication.
They were just in time to meet the deadline for publication.
In the event that upon publication of the book a complaint.
It was also the time of the publication of The Centuries by.
The only thing that matters is the quality of the publication.
This publication would not have been possible if it were not.
II - the publication of accounts in total transparency via on-.

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