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Publication in a sentence | publication example sentences

  1. Publication classes in the adult.
  2. Presented in this publication are.
  3. You can still buy this publication.
  4. Publication: Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm.
  5. Soon after his publication, Harold S.

  6. It’s a publication on my home world.
  7. Once altered, release for publication.
  8. XXX(name of publication) on XXX (date).
  9. Children Limited (NARC publication), 199.
  10. The publication doesn‘t do that sort of.
  11. Book publication about celestial black holes.
  12. Navigating the research publication process.
  13. Please refer to IRS Publication 524 for more.
  14. Jewish Publication Society, Philadelphia 1946.
  15. Leaflets of the Free Press, a publication by A.

  16. He, with his publication and presentations of.
  17. No part of this publication may be stored in a.
  18. The cases of Genet, Yrujo, the publication of Mr.
  19. The dominant publication has been the comic book.
  20. The annual meeting is the trigger for publication.
  21. He was still so after initial publication of The.
  22. Writing for Publication class at the University of.
  23. No, it's not for publication or anything, just for.
  24. QUICK LINKS that were featured in this publication:.
  25. The publication you now hold is an expression of my.

  26. Without a decree and its publication it would not be.
  27. The text of this publication or any part thereof may.
  28. The first known publication was sometime before--.
  29. But I got nothing out of him—nothing for publication.
  30. It has witnessed the publication of two volumes by Mr.
  31. I would have valued such a publication in my own youth.
  32. This indicates that adding the publication title into.
  33. The stranger peered up periodically from his publication.
  34. She subscribed to every fashion magazine, art publication.
  35. In the event that upon publication of the book a complaint.
  36. They were just in time to meet the deadline for publication.
  37. It was also the time of the publication of The Centuries by.
  38. This publication would not have been possible if it were not.
  39. The only thing that matters is the quality of the publication.
  40. II - the publication of accounts in total transparency via on-.
  41. In 1996, the publication Taizhou Buddhist Monthly sponsored by.
  42. For the time being, we will suspend publication, he said.
  43. In hindsight, maybe I shouldn’t have allowed its publication.
  44. He also knew of writers who could contribute to the publication.
  45. A publication team wanted to reduce the number of typographical.
  46. Holmes has shown to the continued publication of his experiences.
  47. The official dates are recorded here and released for publication.
  48. Ironically, Eric’s book got a big boost with the publication of.
  49. He said he was a reporter for a publication called the Hobo Times.
  50. You just select your time of publication when you upload your post.
  51. Take out the centerfold in this publication, what does that cost?
  52. A publication in November of 1993 by the Council on Foreign Relations'.
  53. Include the names of the books, the authors, and the year of publication.
  54. As a 'companion' publication, which could reside at the bedside or in a.
  55. Even though this publication has undergone several revisions since its.
  56. I was told that only then could I achieve publication of any entire book.
  57. The publication also states that South Africa needs political competition.
  58. Obviously, our conversation is not for publication, and is off the record.
  59. This is listed within Appendix A (Information Resources) this publication.
  60. No part of this publication may be reproduced or translated into any form.
  61. The going rate is two coppers and the publication fees start at two irons.
  62. Upon acceptance of your book for publication, and receipt of the completed.
  63. We started the process a whole year before publication, which, for a first.
  64. The correct form of the head may be seen in the British Museum publication.
  65. This publication may be shared with others as long as the original content.
  66. Note: Links to websites may have changed after the publication of this book.
  67. This was sadly for all, was also covered extensively by the same publication.
  68. This publication references performance data collected over many time periods.
  69. When this publication is duly acknowledged by My Pretty Lotus and her Creator.
  70. Wang, Jwing-Ming, The root of Chinese Chi Kung, yMaa Publication Center, 1989.
  71. This service is not for a new publication such as this e-book has been talking.
  72. Benedite has commenced in the same way the publication of the Temples of Philae.
  73. Inсludе thе names of thе bооkѕ, thе authors, аnd the year of publication.
  74. He threw the publication on the brown traditional dresser and sat down on the bed.
  75. All quotation marks have been retained as they appear in the original publication.
  76. However, it is every bit as relevant today as it was in its original publication.
  77. I have done an immense amount of research on a follow up publication to be called.
  78. The publication of Jason and the Astronauts marks the end and the beginning of an.
  79. Without Comte, without his philosophical publication, we probably would not exist.
  80. It can also be publication of important industry or macroeconomic statistical data.
  81. Wang, Jwing-Ming, The root of Chinese Chi Kung, yMaa Publication Center, 1989 first.
  82. In Canada, Melissa Miller had coordinated the publication of the damning information.
  83. For internal product pages, introduce publication titles and author names into the.
  84. No part of this publication shall be reproduced, transmitted, or sold in whole or in.
  85. These issues were on the newsstand about a week earlier than their publication dates.
  86. My vagueness here should cover me, but I will talk to my attorney before publication.
  87. It was the publication of the Facilities Central Committee and was meant for insiders.
  88. But he found readers in the lower classes: and made his fortune from mass publication.
  89. The very cautious publication reporting the above results appeared in the world medical.
  90. Selected Poems 2004-2007 is a collection of poems written after the publication of Kairos.
  91. This is where you describe how you will promote your book, both before and after publication.
  92. At the time of the publication of this report, purchasers of How To Seduce Out Of Your League.
  93. Since we started publication in 1984, IBD has helped countless people achieve financial success.
  94. Where else can you get that in about 15 minutes a day? It is an extraordinary publication!.
  95. Finally praise is given to the new publication of the Abbé Vigouroux, Dictionnaire de la Bible.
  96. Biriukov, The Story of My Exile, printed in the publication O Minuvshen (Petrograd, 1909).
  97. Uri Armanov is the proprietor, editor, publisher, and chief writer of this biweekly publication.
  98. The manner of the publication of the paper in question, was undoubtedly extremely exceptionable.
  99. An example of the Dow Jones 20 Rails (now Transportation) taken from that publication follows:.
  100. The smaller the publication the more likely they are to let you have any title you want because.

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