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    1. In the preparation of this tome, I advertised its availability in the bi-weekly satirical paper Private Eye

    2. He saw what she had now, another scrap of paper that Ava said was useless, the last in that folder

    3. Do you put ads in the paper?”

    4. The desk was filled to overflowing with paper, pens, clipboards, used coffee mugs, and a large, old computer

    5. Henry started sorting through the piles of paper with renewed energy, like he was digging for buried treasure

    6. “Hello, I found it,” Henry whispered again, clutching several pieces of paper in his hand as he knocked again

    7. She shamelessly watched the creature trapped in a maze of metal wrinkled like crumpled paper

    8. There was nothing else in Herndon's folder but a scrap of scratch paper and a blank copy of the storage contract

    9. Herndon was taking a second pass thru it, but they'd already made sure they'd examined every piece of paper in that box, a second time

    10. He was trying to project an aura of mild disappointment, like he was strong enough to take this, but Ava could see each piece of paper shaking as he put it back in its folder

    11. Ask for their favorite comic strip, a school paper that they are proud of, or a drawing from their trip to the park

    12. Henry was holding up two different pieces of paper and trying to look at both of them at the same time

    13. “Not again,” Henry said as he lifted up the paper and got a napkin, trying in vain to wipe the jam off the paper and succeeding only in smearing it around even more

    14. She handed the paper back to him and dumbly walked toward the boat

    15. Over a long period of a few years some share show a consistent growth, some show ups and downs around a mean value, some show a persistent fall in value and quite a few just vanish out of market or are quoted at a value which is not worth the cost of paper on which the share certificate is printed

    16. Ackers slowly turned around to see a paper delivery boy standing on the porch with his mouth hanging open in surprise

    17. The boy held out the paper in answer, his mouth still open as he looked at the weird gadget sticking out of the front door

    18. “Yes, thank you, I was looking for this,” Ackers said as he took the paper out of the paper boy’s hands and then dropped it to the ground

    19. “You’re a little late, aren’t you? Isn’t this supposed to be delivered first thing in the morning? While it is morning, it most certainly is not first thing,” Ackers rambled, trying to get some sort of information out of the paper boy while confusing him at the same time

    20. Don’t worry, the situation will resolve itself in a moment,” Ackers said, thinking quickly that he now had to appear as normal as possible so as not to arouse too much suspicion and have the paper boy call in any authorities

    21. The paper boy became slightly more alarmed the longer he stayed with Ackers

    22. Ackers turned away from the paper boy and peered into the house

    23. “The alarm!” Ackers yelled to the paper boy as soon as he figured it out

    24. Ackers was simply no good at this, but he thought he was doing a splendid job of putting the paper boy at ease

    25. If anything, the paper boy would have probably been less alarmed if he had stumbled upon a group of people wearing masks and trying to openly burglarize the house

    26. The paper boy took a stumbling step back, and then another, and ended up almost tripping and tumbling down the stairs

    27. He stepped inside the house, and then went back outside again to pick up the paper that was just delivered and the thermometer gadget he had just used to open the door

    28. “Don’t want to forget this,” Ackers held up the paper as he called out

    29. The paper boy hurried away

    30. · There is no need to get hold of a stamp paper

    31. A will can be written on any piece of paper

    32. John looks in confusion at a scrap of paper in his hand

    33. He noticed that the map was an eye-copy of an old handwritten scrap of paper, more evidence that there was plenty of money involved in this deal

    34. "I'm here to claim a crate that I believe is stored in that area," he said to the guy sitting there, bringing out a piece of paper

    35. We compost all of our kitchen wastes and recycled paper wastes as well as the wood from the matches we use, etc

    36. He wondered if a press that could print this magazine on paper could fit in that crate

    37. Nurse 1 is nearby with a small paper bag in her hand

    38. The back snaps open and a piece of paper falls out on the counter

    39. He unfolds the piece of paper, hands it to John, continues to inspect the watch

    40. John opens the paper, reads it

    41. Again all is covered in dust, but on the kitchen table are two plates, two cups, forks, spoons, a couple used paper napkins,

    42. Bronner’s soap, “The most incredible piece of literature I’ve ever seen printed on a six-by-six piece of paper,” and “The power of word over design

    43. ‘Have you got a pen and paper there? I’ll give you her address … it’s not easy to find, but I’ll give you directions

    44. The temple is constructed of rough timber and lumber with no ornamentation, the sliding doors are made of rice paper

    45. What happens to a litmus paper when it is dipped into the special

    46. Tables are covered with books, used paper cups and plates, half-eaten chunks of food covered with slowly crawling, lazy flies

    47. Cat had never sailed paper boats in puddles, but she got the gist of it

    48. ‘You are a monster!’ she said chuckling and trying to extricate the paper

    49. While sat on the loo, I had dozed gently before the realisation that the loo roll only had two sheets of paper left stirred what was left of my brain into action

    50. "We're in this blank paper here," Tahlmute showed him on the map

    1. The doors opened, and we walked to my door, marked by the huge collage of pet memes that Lisette had papered it with

    2. results can no longer be hidden or papered over with the usual

    3. I’ve pored through his letters, and I’ve papered my walls with his prints

    4. The soffit above the cabinets, papered with a

    5. Not unless you're utterly determined to write, year in year out, walls papered with rejection slips, without being published

    6. It annoyed him so much that one day when he awoke in a merry mood, Aureliano Segundo appeared with a chest full of money, a can of paste, and a brush, and singing at the top of his lungs the old songs of Francisco the Man, he papered the house inside and out and from top to bottom, with one-peso banknotes

    7. Systematically, serenely, in the same parsimonious way in which he had papered the house with banknotes, he then set about smashing the Bohemian crystal ware against the walls, the hand-painted vases, the pictures of maidens in flow-er-laden boats, the mirrors in their gilded frames, every-thing that was breakable, from parlor to pantry, and he finished with the large earthen jar in the kitchen, which exploded in the middle of the courtyard with a hollow boom

    8. The walls were paneled up to a white chair rail in a dark wood, not mahogany, to match the scarred floors that were partially covered by worn, hand-woven rugs from India, like cherry or walnut; the upper portions were papered to the wide crown moulding with a light yellow design of plumes that had the effect of giving vertigo if one looked at the pattern for any extended period of time and would to the casual observer seem quite unsuitable for a place of such intense work requiring concentration and stamina

    9. the red damask papered walls and wooden floors

    10. The walls were papered in dark crimson, the design of which resembled pineapples—a symbol synonymous with hospitality in the South

    11. The walls were papered with climbing red roses and deep green leaves on a creamy white trellis which stretched across the ceiling, giving the room an appearance of a blooming rose arbor

    12. Climbing red roses on a creamy white trellis papered the walls and stretched across the ceiling, giving the appearance of a rose arbor in full bloom

    13. The walls are all papered

    14. Officially, the cracks were papered over and the leaders of each community referred to the others as brothers

    15. The walls were papered with oak paper

    16. The walls and ceiling was not papered, but painted: you know what I mean; sort of panelled out, and decorated with stencils and hand painting

    17. Anyway, there was the mark on the wall where it used to be fixed, but when we did the staircase down, the place was papered over, and I suppose the landlord or the agent never give the table a thought

    18. There was another job at a lodging-house - two rooms to be painted and papered

    19. Owen was working there at the same time, for the painting of the rooms was not done before Slyme papered them; the finishing coat was put on after the paper was hung

    20. It had to be covered with unbleached calico before it could be papered and when the work was done there were a number of narrow pieces of calico left over

    21. The dining-room of the same house was papered with a beautiful and expensive plush paper

    22. Above her bed are papered her fantastical pencil drawings of Frau Elena’s village, of Paris with a thousand white towers beneath whirling flocks of birds

    23. Werner’s cot in the attic, the wall above it papered over with her drawings of imaginary cities

    24. I paid the check, marveling that the same murals of Dante and Beatrice have papered the café walls since at least my first visit in 1963

    25. Walls papered in faded floral fall away and burst as a newborn meadow speckled with sun and a stream emptying into a greater stream where a small boat awaits with two glowing oars and one blue sail

    26. The walls were papered with posters and event notices—activist stuff, rallies for the poor, Free East Timor, AIDS in Africa

    27. The walls were papered with photos from magazines, newspapers, record albums, book jackets

    28. The windows of the bookshop were even more papered over than before

    29. The chamber looked such a bright little place to me as the sun shone in between the gay blue chintz window curtains, showing papered walls and a carpeted floor, so unlike the bare planks and stained plaster of Lowood, that my spirits rose at the view

    30. This was when I chanced to see the third-storey staircase door (which of late had always been kept locked) open slowly, and give passage to the form of Grace Poole, in prim cap, white apron, and handkerchief; when I watched her glide along the gallery, her quiet tread muffled in a list slipper; when I saw her look into the bustling, topsy-turvy bedrooms,—just say a word, perhaps, to the charwoman about the proper way to polish a grate, or clean a marble mantelpiece, or take stains from papered walls, and then

    31. What a really beautiful and chaste-looking mouth! from floor to ceiling, lined, or rather papered with a glistening white membrane, glossy as bridal satins

    32. The living room had been newly papered five years before and she and Miss Maria did not want any more holes made in that new paper than was absolutely necessary

    33. In the middle of the large drawing-room, which was papered with extremely old blue paper, two tables had been put together and covered with a large though not quite clean table-cloth, and on them two samovars were boiling

    34. In the third, a lofty room, papered with white and lit up by a shaded lamp, stood two small cots, and a nurse with a white cape on her shoulders sat between the cots

    35. The small room into which the young man was ushered was papered with yellow; there were geraniums and muslin curtains in the windows, and the setting sun shed a flood of light on the interior

    36. Plain papered walls, ascetic chairs, a moldy piano, and a couple of usherettes seemed extremely bare

    1. There was a very noisy week when we rehearsed to the sound of carpenters constructing the set, which made it very difficult to concentrate, followed by a weekend papering and painting the result of their labours to make it look like the interior of a house

    2. Aureliano Segundo finished by papering the house from the front to the kitchen, including bathrooms and bedrooms, and threw the leftover bills into the courtyard

    3. Usually, they would have presented a united front, both prominent, papering over the cracks in their relationship—- she for the sake of her son and Sir Anthony for his own sake

    4. They were papering the walls with a new white paper covered with lilac flowers, instead of the old, dirty, yellow one

    5. His home and garden were his hobby: he was always doing something; painting, whitewashing, papering and so forth

    6. Some of the rooms upstairs being now ready for papering, Slyme was started on that work, Bert being taken away from Owen to assist Slyme as paste boy, and it was arranged that Crass should help Owen whenever he needed someone to lend him a hand

    7. From the window of the room where Slyme was papering, one could see into the front garden

    8. He had been working with Slyme, who was papering a large boarded ceiling in a shop

    9. A new chapter in a novel is something like a new scene in a play; and when I draw up the curtain this time, reader, you must fancy you see a room in the George Inn at Millcote, with such large figured papering on the walls as inn rooms have; such a carpet, such furniture, such ornaments on the mantelpiece, such prints, including a portrait of George the Third, and another of the Prince of Wales, and a representation of the death of Wolfe

    1. "Whatever papers there are in that lock box, I've looked at them a dozen times and never noticed

    2. "If either one of them wanted to leave with those papers," Ava said, "they could have done so a year ago

    3. "Ava said those papers were of little importance

    4. With the insignia from his uniform he has the money to finance a family to raise and train a child to be my shadow, a child who has been trained to do nothing but zero in on those papers

    5. "It is likely the only reason she bought this house is to go after those papers," Herndon said, his lips tight

    6. "What about the rest of these papers in the lock-box," he asked

    7. Sam had just finished his masterclass in Nutritional awareness, and was preparing his papers to leave, when the auburn haired model approached his table

    8. “The sales report!” he cried in relief as he held up the papers which were in danger of being crumpled up in his hand

    9. Underling said again, holding out his hand for the papers

    10. Underling wanted Henry to give him the papers

    11. “Yes, here is the sales report,” Henry tried to say with an air of authority as he put the slightly crumpled papers in Mr

    12. Underling shoved the papers back in Henry’s hands

    13. “Aren’t all the papers here?” Henry asked weakly as he started going through them

    14. They had always kept their papers separate, it was very unlike him to do that

    15. But the worst problem was, "I had all my old papers sent north when I thought I was moving there

    16. He didn't answer, blew right by it urgently, "Did you say she is now living in the house with those papers?"

    17. Those papers could be the reason she is on your tail

    18. "I know where I put those papers," Ava said,

    19. She told Jorma about the papers, as if it was something casual

    20. She found she didn't remember most of the stuff in here, she probably should have thrown it all out decades ago, the papers that were hers were already obsolete and could now be learned by examining any common electronic device with a polarizing microscope, but twenty decades ago they had been some of the Kassikan's most closely guarded secrets

    21. ‘Yes … I know, the papers have been full of it

    22. He looked up to see that his dad’s attention was back on the stack of papers

    23. It took us a few tries, but the bravest of us managed to rip the papers from his calloused hands

    24. · Remove things you can trip over (such as papers, books, clothes, and shoes) from stairs and places where you walk

    25. Your chart,” he ruffles through some papers pinned to a clipboard, “says that you have stomach problems

    26. Hamo sits as at a corner desk in front of an oscillating fan that rustles papers, a calender on the wall, etc

    27. He tries to show them some papers, but they brush past him roughly

    28. brotherhood and written for several brotherhood papers

    29. But one thing did stick in his mind this time, he was even more sure where those papers must be

    30. He knew it was his hand hiding those papers in a safe spot when Col

    31. He could not remember ever getting those papers out after that incident could he? He had never told Ava those papers were there had he? He knew that lock box contained her most important old personal records

    32. " If he hadn't left those papers with Ava he would know both those locations

    33. But this was a noon, they were late for Noonsleep already because he mentioned the copies of those papers he'd left with Ava

    34. "I would hope you wouldn't leave important papers that could mean the death of the whole world in the care of a casual one-sleep

    35. He berthed the thunderboat and began the climb to Ava's latest home, hoping she could find those papers and wouldn't object to giving them over to him

    36. On the way there, he got to ask about those papers,

    37. With an apologetic frown she said, "I had all my old papers sent north when I thought I was moving there

    38. You should have informed me about those papers

    39. "How was I to know you would care? You never let me know I had those papers

    40. It was only when looking through some of her papers that we found her diary

    41. Her brother was too distressed to read her papers until last year … when he uncovered the fact of your existence

    42. ‘All the papers about JJ were still there, if that’s what you mean … aren’t you bothered that someone’s been through your belongings?’ she sounded incredulous

    43. The woman reached across to what Kara now realised was a secure storage shelf, activated it and extracted a sheaf of papers

    44. He’d pass their details to Lorenze and between her and Bazilda they’d concoct the papers and arrange transport

    45. She handed him the papers Berndt had prepared and watched as his until then calm and controlled expression suddenly reacted to what he read

    46. ’ He exclaimed, handing the papers to his colleague and looking at Kara in amazement

    47. ’ Kara said, reaching for the relevant papers and passing them to Liesse

    48. upon which papers are scattered and a projector hums,

    49. in papers for deciding that the grass

    50. being anthropo-whatsit, I can read the papers

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    newspaper paper composition report theme newspaper publisher wallpaper journal daily tabloid publication daily journal essay article exposition writing document certificate record proof note draft bill hang wallpaper hang line plaster overlay decorate

    "paper" definitions

    a material made of cellulose pulp derived mainly from wood or rags or certain grasses

    an essay (especially one written as an assignment)

    a daily or weekly publication on folded sheets; contains news and articles and advertisements

    a medium for written communication

    a scholarly article describing the results of observations or stating hypotheses

    a business firm that publishes newspapers

    the physical object that is the product of a newspaper publisher

    cover with paper

    cover with wallpaper