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Knit in a sentence | knit example sentences

  1. The count knit his brow.
  2. With brows tightly knit, he.
  3. He knit his eyebrows together.
  4. The pores knit small and close.
  5. Anna continued to knit her scarf.

  6. You knit with great skill, madame.
  7. She dropped the knit on the bench.
  8. His bones don’t knit very easily.
  9. These couples shall eternally be knit.
  10. His knit cap lay on the floor beside him.
  11. He knit his brows and contracted his lips.
  12. I’ve knit myself half way into next week.
  13. I learned to knit in less than 30 minutes.
  14. Helping your mom knit isn’t a lot of fun.
  15. Mary stood up and pulled off her knit hood.

  16. Why do you knit now when you can later?
  17. Thy stones with lime and hair knit up in thee.
  18. The factory was a tight knit little community.
  19. There was nothing to do but knit all day and.
  20. The next crafter are those who knit or crochet.
  21. Zoe sat forward, her eyebrows knit with concern.
  22. Mary knit and held her tongue, but used her ears.
  23. The bone had knit, but the flesh was slow to heal.
  24. She smoothed down the front of her purple knit top.
  25. We try to keep ourselves as tight knit as possible.

  26. Nancy and placed the finely knit garment in her hands.
  27. The knit was loose enough that her nipples poked thru.
  28. It is crucial that the church be knit together in the.
  29. My mother told me that when I was learning how to knit.
  30. Our souls are knit into one, for all life and all time.
  31. She knit her brows with a nervous gesture, then went on.
  32. In fact, a tighter knit venue to burn rubber so to speak.
  33. She wore one of the finest knit dresses he had ever seen.
  34. Behind Alistair’s knit brow, I could almost see the cogs.
  35. Oh, you make me knit the brows of my very soul and cogitate.
  36. Old hens don’t have much to do but knit, watch the weather.
  37. Finally the soft knit gave way and she slipped the shirt off.
  38. Why, I'm going to knit in this window the next thousand years.
  39. He felt his broken bones began to knit into place and his mus-.
  40. Beneath a thick cake of dried blood, the wounds had knit neatly.
  41. It was limp and pale, knit through with deep splashes of crimson.
  42. Part of the downside of being so closely knit, Billy said.
  43. Telling your imperfect story, you were trying to knit me together.
  44. Gabriel coloured and was about to knit his brows, as if he did not.
  45. The two adulterers and their spouses formed a closely knit foursome.
  46. Rich removed his knit cap—which had acquired more holes and hanging.
  47. Who are they? Loran felt his brow knit together in sudden concern.
  48. He squatted in front of Rich and repositioned the knit cap that was now.
  49. She wrapped her knit snugly around herself and wrapped herself around him.
  50. His brows still knit, Raskolnikoff held his tongue, listened, and watched.
  51. They were a tightly knit family who projected family unit and togetherness.
  52. May the bond of our true affection be knit ever more closely for all time.
  53. She was in a cable knit that hugged her closely, with her feet up on a stool.
  54. The Emperor knit his brows with dissatisfaction and, glancing back, remarked:.
  55. Daniel had rigged a sort of cast on her wing hoping that the bones would knit.
  56. Isn’t it beautiful? He was wearing a black knit cap over his balding head.
  57. There was a scream and he pulled back, leaving the black knit mask in her hand.
  58. He takes in a deep breath, and I watch as his eyes narrow, eyebrows knit together.
  59. She had to knit so many rounds of her stocking before she might go to the valley.
  60. Mary was wearing a low cut form-fitting white knit dress that showed off her tiny.
  61. I was the only girl wearing a dark calf-length dress and long black knit stockings.
  62. These were festive occasions and helped to knit this little band of students into.
  63. I always told Papa I'd win! Why, I'll knit in this window the next thousand years.
  64. She knit their way on a direct path from the opening near her house to town square.
  65. She guessed what he meant, knit her brows, and shaking her head pushed his hand away.
  66. She couldn’t knit anymore, because she couldn’t grip the needles with her fingers.
  67. Loki looks over at her, his mouth still frozen in a frown, his brows still knit together.
  68. Carnies are a tightly knit community and generally more law-abiding than the rest of us.
  69. The only spots of color were the knit hats and mittens of the homeless scattered nearby.
  70. You can see him yourself, standing there—and very well made and close knit he is, too.
  71. Colossians 2:2 That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love, and.
  72. Observing reality once more the shaken child faced her caretaker again, her brow knit in.
  73. You could sew or play checkers, he suggested brightly, even cards, and maybe knit.
  74. He looked after her and her reputation in the small, tightly knit Greek community of the time.
  75. They were dressed in dark, heavy long coats and black knit caps to ward off the February cold.
  76. Knit one, purl two, he thought, not my problem, the others have it well in hand, tra-la-la-la.
  77. That is why I draw your attention to the fact that the fracture is specific, it is badly knit.
  78. She was wearing black pants and a heavy black and white knit sweater borrowed from Aunt Janet.
  79. Lady Beth started to knit a baby sweater, and the rest of the women insisted she teach them how.
  80. On the far side of the short valley was a close knit grove of pine trees, which I now headed for.
  81. Noting that Gwen hadn’t been wearing black, I put on a pair of beige slacks and a white knit top.
  82. Circumstances knit themselves, fitted themselves, shot into order: the chain that had been lying.
  83. She looked up at him, her brows knit for a second, but she poked at her invisible screen some more.
  84. Adu knit his hands together and smiled, while Nicole sipped at her drink languidly, staring at Ethan.
  85. Zelda knit her eyebrows together and scowled at the private conversation to which she was not a party.
  86. There, Mary, you've knit your three inches and you can go and play with the children for half an hour.
  87. The other knit hat wearing Bboy had feigned using num chucks in his up rock battle against his friend.
  88. That is well, said he, and fell once more into silence, striving to knit present and past in his mind.
  89. It was evident from his pale face and knit brows that his resolution to revenge himself was growing weaker.
  90. The Picts had the advantage of numbers and unity, whereas the Atlanteans had fallen into loosely knit clans.
  91. Yes, they say the giant’s body has knit itself together, and he has sent a messenger from his fortress.
  92. As soon as he heard what was wanted, Yuzitch took on an air of importance, knit his brows, hemmed, and hawed.
  93. She saw him pale, his brows knit slightly in a way that had become constant with him, his eyes dark with pain.
  94. John himself leant upon it with folded arms; his brow knit, his gaze, grave almost to displeasure, fixed on me.
  95. He had worn a black knit cap for warmth on that evening and he hoped that it had hidden his light colored hair.
  96. A week later in the spring, I did the walk wearing jeans, quilted flannel shirt, down vest, gloves and knit cap.
  97. The King could take up fishing and she would be able to sit in her chair and knit booties for her grandchildren.
  98. Knit your hands together in front of you, he orders as he peels the towel off me and throws it on the floor.
  99. Pure carbon, each atom linked to four equidistant neighbors, perfectly knit, octahedral, unsurpassed in hardness.
  100. I helped her out of the oversize metallic knit cardigan and flea market–style skirt she had been wearing all day.
  1. Foreman smiled at her knitting.
  2. Dolly could work at her knitting.
  3. And spectacles, his knitting staid.
  4. Barnes does a great deal of knitting.
  5. She resumed her knitting and went out.
  6. My knitting exertions were successful.
  7. After supper was laundry, and knitting.
  8. Anne looked up from her knitting at Kim.
  9. Government should stick to the knitting.
  10. If it's not first aid it's the Knitting.
  11. I would start the knitting in the evening.
  12. No, she responded, knitting her brows.
  13. Mary Vance sat beside her, knitting meekly.
  14. The three ladies snorted over their knitting.
  15. I was sent to my room to work on my knitting.
  16. Alan's current project was a knitting machine.
  17. Neither of them needed their eyes for knitting.
  18. Fletcher, who was busy knitting in the back row.
  19. Who put down their needles and their knitting.
  20. Panin’s mother dropped her knitting with a start.
  21. She had added about an inch of knitting while they.
  22. I’m knitting, she said, holding up the scarf.
  23. His wife held down her knitting and looked attentive.
  24. Estella was knitting, and Miss Havisham was looking on.
  25. Marge was by the fire with her knitting and a cup of tea.
  26. Ye Manqing was knitting her eyebrows with her head lowered.
  27. Oh probably not for hours, he loves that knitting machine.
  28. Cosette had dropped her knitting, but had not left her seat.
  29. We left her sitting in the middle of the room knitting and.
  30. Now if this same blacksmith started knitting sweaters for a.
  31. Kitty was walking about knitting rapidly and giving directions.
  32. I recognise the needle as Maria was often sewing and knitting.
  33. She smiles again and, chuckling, goes back to knitting the cap.
  34. He's gone down to his new dig scaving out a knitting machine.
  35. Rostov, knitting his brows, left the room with another low bow.
  36. Rostóv, knitting his brows, left the room with another low bow.
  37. When I got home, she was sitting on the couch knitting as usual.
  38. I glance at Mari; she’s stopped knitting and is watching me quietly.
  39. Behind the desk sat an elderly woman wearing glasses who was knitting.
  40. She said it aloud, but added to herself, as she resumed her knitting:.
  41. She convinced me that it would help me with the tension of my knitting.
  42. People have clubs for real estate, movies, books, knitting, sports, etc.
  43. Avery was knitting his brows in deep reflection, knuckling his forehead.
  44. He was knitting a stocking, and listening to Luka with an indifferent air.
  45. I received a box of ugly green yarn and my first pair of knitting needles.
  46. Amy was sketching a group of ferns, and Jo was knitting as she read aloud.
  47. The prisoner, knitting his brow, was listening to her with raised eyebrows.
  48. They were sitting together in the sun just outside the front door knitting.
  49. She said, however, that the cognac was flattered, and took up her knitting.
  50. The Boss sat in the dark, knitting his fingers together and plotting as the.
  51. She laughed and cooed in approval, while knitting her fingers into his hair.
  52. May God illuminate your path, she said and I started knitting furiously.
  53. An old man, a servant of the princesses, sat in a corner knitting a stocking.
  54. Gomes took out a plastic bag and carefully placed the knitting needle inside it.
  55. In the evening, at home, I took out my thick pair of knitting needles and the roves.
  56. This keeps you on top of your knitting supplies while keeping them out of site and.
  57. Anne concentrated on her knitting for a few minutes, but soon she became restless and.
  58. She was sitting in an armchair placed sideways, screening and was knitting a stocking.
  59. Among these last, was one, with a spare piece of knitting under her arm as she worked.
  60. After every step of knitting that she showed me, I was expected to go back to my spot.
  61. The fingers of the knitting women were vicious, with the experience that they could tear.
  62. Some of the old women was knitting, and some of the young folks was courting on the sly.
  63. But the woman who stood knitting looked up steadily, and looked the Marquis in the face.
  64. Her knitting was before her, but she had laid it down to pick her teeth with a toothpick.
  65. The nurse lit the gilt candles before the icons and sat down by the door with her knitting.
  66. My mother was silently knitting, and her tears were dropping from time to time on her work.
  67. There was a woman about forty year old in there knitting by a candle that was on a pine table.
  68. My mother was knitting in silence, and from time to time a furtive tear dropped upon her work.
  69. If you think I'm being hard on you, you're right! We're not discussing knitting patterns here.
  70. The spinning of linen yarn is carried on in Scotland nearly in the same way as the knitting of.
  71. The company has stuck to its extremely profitable knitting, and that is virtually its whole story.
  72. Where is Perry this time? asked Gwen as she settled down on Celeste’s couch with her knitting.
  73. He came out of his daydream and drawing of knitting machine parts when he heard someone in the area.
  74. Next noontide saw the admirable woman in her usual place in the wine-shop, knitting away assiduously.
  75. We all alternated between English, Spanish, and Ramonish, fluidly knitting three languages into one.
  76. When I departed with Cleo in the knitting basket, my mother-in-law sat propped upright in the bed.
  77. She had her knitting in her hands so she hung the sheets over her shoulders by way of carrying them.
  78. Harker says that they are knitting together in chronological order every scrap of evidence they have.
  79. We offered to bring her knitting, so she could finish the lovely pink mohair sweater she had started.
  80. I quitted from the poultry business and resumed my old job of knitting and weaving clothes for others.
  81. Many communities provide programs that allow you to learn painting, knitting, computers, and many more.
  82. The frequency of conjugals is always a hard call as women have many calls on their time, like knitting.
  83. She was sitting up in bed, holding some knitting, which she had been busy upon during the last few days.
  84. Jewks, her head bent over her knitting, for it was one of the moments when she too was engaged on socks.
  85. He guessed Maria grabbed the first thing she could to repel her attacker and that was a knitting needle.
  86. From that day the eldest princess quite changed toward Pierre and began knitting a striped scarf for him.
  87. Fairfax had dropped her knitting, and, with raised eyebrows, seemed wondering what sort of talk this was.
  88. In the clouds of cigar smoke and a pause in the knitting, Grandpa, who always came out after dark, said:.
  89. From time to time Cosette raised her eyes from her knitting, and watched their play with a melancholy air.
  90. She took a knitting needle, stuck it through both the ball and the stocking, and went out into the corridor.
  91. From the early morning until night, she would sit on her knees in front of the machine, knitting and sewing.
  92. Gertrud's face wore a look of satisfaction as she got into her old seat beside me and took out her knitting.
  93. Harriet showed me one day on a strip of my knitting there were spots that were tighter or looser than others.
  94. Christine herself was seated by the bedside of the old lady, who was sitting up against the pillows, knitting.
  95. He was then a plump, pale child, quiet, with heavy blue eyes, and still the peculiar slight knitting of the brows.
  96. Knitting her brows, and biting her lips till they were sore, Olga Vseslavovna went forward determinedly to the bier.
  97. Anne led the way to the veranda, where Susan was knitting, with Shirley and Rilla conning their primers on either side.
  98. She was sitting in an armchair placed sideways, screening the light of the candle from him, and was knitting a stocking.
  99. Larger baskets are excellent tools for taming the beast that can easily become your supply of knitting tools and notions.
  100. I confess, said Natalia Savishna, that I too fell asleep in the arm-chair, and let my knitting slip from my hands.
  1. He knitted but still agreed.
  2. He knitted his brows angrily.
  3. It’s a heavy knitted sweater.
  4. He knitted his brows with pain.
  5. All this time Estella knitted on.
  6. He knitted his brows, said, Oh.
  7. Madame Grandet knitted her sleeves.
  8. She sewed, knitted, and read about.
  9. You have not knitted in ten years.
  10. Tom is watching me, his brow knitted.
  11. The lady on the left knitted the other.
  12. One of her sisterhood knitted beside her.
  13. This sport has been "knitted" to our souls.
  14. The lady on the right knitted one of them.
  15. The two knitted together in perfect intimacy.
  16. It tore him apart and knitted him together again.
  17. Melanie lies on a soft knitted blanket on the floor.
  18. Jack’s brows knitted together as he looked at her.
  19. She unwrapped the blue knitted scarf that had been.
  20. Her brow knitted up in concentration, Then who?
  21. Another trunk was full of knitted and crocheted items.
  22. Wei Qi knitted his eyebrows and wanted to say something.
  23. Do you remember the knitted suspenders with a checked.
  24. She wore her dark-gray knitted suit and carried gloves.
  25. Her brows knitted, and she looked at him with a note of.
  26. Penelope, puzzled, looked at the flute with knitted brows.
  27. As he watched the wound ,the skin slowly knitted together.
  28. His face was burning from fever, and he knitted his brows.
  29. The pain in my neck receded as the tissue knitted together.
  30. The doctor looked at the young man, then knitted his fingers.
  31. His brows were knitted, his lips compressed, his eyes feverish.
  32. Brown Betty teapot, slipped one of her knitted tea cozies that.
  33. She purchased a knitted petticoat and sent it to the Thenardiers.
  34. Melanie was fussing about with the knitted things on the counter.
  35. His brows knitted together as he asked, When did this particular.
  36. Thy knitted frame, thy springs and valves, the tremulous twinkle of.
  37. Gabriel knitted his brows and said, as if he were slightly angered:.
  38. When the reading was finished, he remained silent, with knitted brows.
  39. Johnny knitted his eyebrows in confusion, but before the animal was in.
  40. The judge's eyebrows knitted together as he peered down sternly at Olin.
  41. Peering down at Amori his brow knitted, he had woken her up on purpose.
  42. Jerome pulled his sword out and held it ready, his brow knitted in concern.
  43. Obviously staggered by Maryanka's cold reply he suddenly knitted his brow.
  44. Are you sure you’re not hot? Bernice asked again with a knitted brow.
  45. The woman’s thin brows were knitted above a pair of narrowed lavender eyes.
  46. Lucy's forehead crinkled, her brows knitted and her mouth twisted to the side.
  47. And the Nord would be left with brows knitted and deliberate curiosities piqued.
  48. They knitted special socks, some four feet long, and hoarded hollow bamboo reeds.
  49. He had everything: massive dreads, gold bling, a knitted hat, a beard, the works.
  50. She lay out a large knitted rug and started setting out the plates of sandwiches.
  51. The KNITTED: These fabrics are used in a large percentage of available roller covers.
  52. The eyes were mostly obscured by a floppy knitted hat and fairly long and dirty hair.
  53. Then she sets you down and pours your coffee and shows you her latest knitted sweater.
  54. He was sitting on the single armchair where many a scarf had been knitted by his Gran.
  55. Jim started with hand-made juggling balls (knitted at home by his 90 year-old mother!)….
  56. She, too, was clad only in a chemise and a knitted petticoat patched with bits of old cloth.
  57. The body and sleeves were knitted in colored squares, red, yellow, green, black and orange.
  58. Madame Defarge knitted steadily, but the intelligence had a palpable effect upon her husband.
  59. Ben’s forehead furrowed and his brow knitted together as he tried to interpret the situation.
  60. Knitted, in her own stitches and her own symbols, it will always be as plain to her as the sun.
  61. There was a bedstead against the wall on each side, right and left, covered with knitted quilts.
  62. My skin prickled as the tissue knitted together, but it felt different to when Gabriel healed me.
  63. Fergus dropped his lit cigarette, ground it into the soil and looked at Rosie with a knitted brow.
  64. Then she escorts you in and pours you your cup of coffee and shows you her latest knitted sweater.
  65. He stood in a bowed position with hands knitted together, hidden inside the sleeves of his surplice.
  66. Early attention is called to our Knitted Suit, "The TUXEDO," for Ladies', Misses' and Children's wear.
  67. Sherlock Holmes sat silent for some few minutes, with his brows knitted and his eyes fixed upon the fire.
  68. Frank bundled her into the warm sitting-room and wrapped a heavy knitted woolen shawl around her shoulders.
  69. With a somber eye and knitted brow, Ernie just stared at Henry who clapped his hands together and grinned.
  70. Rosemary was wearing a long velvet skirt in green and gold mottled colours and a dark green knitted jumper.
  71. In the wheelchair photo, Nora was wearing a simple yellow-flowered sundress, a knitted blue cardigan sweater.
  72. Catherine reflected an instant, with knitted brows---she found it needful to smooth the way for an intrusion.
  73. She stood in the yard, a knitted sweater over her shoulders, arms crossed underneath it to ward off the chill.
  74. I said that I did and she took out a little knitted outfit, blue and white, with a pom-pom on the top of the hat.
  75. Her eyebrows were knitted and she sat very still in the chair, balancing her empty brandy glass between her feet.
  76. The latter pointed at Nekhludoff by a look, and Petrov knitted his brows and went out through a door at the back.
  77. It was a far cry from his own warm coat and the fleece-lined gloves and thick, knitted muffler his mother had sent him.
  78. Then he noticed she had a knitted scarf round her shoulders, and he said, 'Whatever have you got that thing on in here for?'.
  79. The young woman sitting next to me, the mom who had knitted the outfit for her son, stood up and said, I’m Scotty’s mom.
  80. While she knitted and talked, Sammy tried vainly to stir some life into Rumple, who now occupied the best position by the hearth.
  81. These Knitted Suits are not only the most comfortable and pleasant to wear, but are the most becoming and graceful in appearance.
  82. His father’s wearing, if you can believe it, an even worse sweater – maroon, with a red-and-white Santa knitted on the front.
  83. Another gesture brought a large knitted doily flying from beneath a vase and stuffed it into Alilia’s mouth, muffling her again.
  84. A Vella-what? Her brow knitted in confusion, and she wondered what kind of books Aazuria was letting her little sister read.
  85. With more time on Penny’s hands, she decided that she would try and start up her own collection of knitted baby clothes and toys.
  86. Pugilistic Fraternity, every time she knitted her eyebrows or laughed, there were be countless number of men who got smitten by her.
  87. Because of the chill February day she wore a heavy knitted shawl over her shoulders and beneath that a blue waist length wool coat.
  88. It was so much, however, to her who received it, that she turned from Defarge to his wife, and kissed one of the hands that knitted.
  89. Wendy leaned over to Natasha, knitted her eyebrows in mock ferocity and said, If he ever stops being good to you, we’ll kill him.
  90. She always set to work on it at depressed moments, and now she knitted at it nervously, twitching her fingers and counting the stitches.
  91. She had knitted socks and baby caps and afghans and mufflers and tatted yards of lace and painted china hair receivers and mustache cups.
  92. They looked manly and tough in coarsely knitted G-strings that Edgar had dipped in metallic paint so they looked as if made of chain mail.
  93. The young girl perfectly understood the look, and so did Villefort, for his countenance became clouded, and he knitted his eyebrows angrily.
  94. Rachel has given you one of her beloved knitted quilts of the 'tobacco stripe' pattern, and she says when I am married she'll give me one, too.
  95. Of the men, the greater part were armed in various ways; of the women, some wore knives, some daggers, some ate and drank as they looked on, many knitted.
  96. Pocket's arm, exhibited a pair of knitted shoes and dimpled ankles to the company in lieu of its soft face, and was carried out in the highest state of mutiny.
  97. He had had it conveyed to him, in an accidental touch of his wife's elbow as she knitted and warbled, that he would do best to answer, but always with brevity.
  98. The wounded, bandaged with rags, with pale cheeks, compressed lips, and knitted brows, held on to the sides of the carts as they were jolted against one another.
  99. He always remembered with fear and trembling, that that terrible woman had knitted when he talked with her, and had looked ominously at him as her fingers moved.
  100. One of them, a dark-skinned man in his early twenties with thick, knitted eyebrows twirled a whip in his hand and rhythmically swatted the side of the truck with it.
  1. His brow knits.
  2. He knits his brows—'tis silent all.
  3. She knits socks for soldiers all day.
  4. His brow knits together in confusion.
  5. Sia knits her fingers around the coffee cup.
  6. He glowers and glowers, and she immovably knits.
  7. She knits her fingers together and smiles at the crowd.
  8. He knits his thick gray brows and his eyes gleam with a sinister fire.
  9. She then perches nearby and knits their entrails into the ragged hem of her blood-red dress.
  10. The warmth, the security and peace of soul, the utter comfort from the touch of the other, knits the sleep, so that it takes the body and soul completely in its healing.
  11. On whom is she reckoning then? Is she counting on what is left of her hundred and twenty roubles of pension when Afanasy Ivanovitch’s debt is paid? She knits woollen shawls and embroiders cuffs, ruining her old eyes.
  12. When the kids are big and have moved out, you brew some coffee while she knits you a scarf, and together you look forward to the next visit of your grandchildren, and you live happily in the small, warm house in the wide, wild world.
  13. On the contrary, having the amiable vanity which knits us to those who are fond of us, and disinclines us to those who are indifferent, and also a good grateful nature, the mere idea that a woman had a kindness towards him spun little threads of tenderness from out his heart towards hers.

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