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    1. I later found out that his name was Charlie and that he and his wife Lam Yai are local celebrities who visit the bar at the elephant trekking station most days around 4pm

    2. The Lam Yai fruit was harvested two months ago, the farmers have pruned and fed the trees and cleaned the ground in the hope of more next year

    3. 2:11; Lam 1:20) Emotional problems (Ps

    4. He wrapped up his briefing with a reiteration of the safe bailout areas and the Rules of Engagement: don't fly within 30 miles of the Chinese border; 30 miles of Haiphong Harbor; 30 miles from Hanoi; and of course, you can't hit the MiG bases at Phuc Yen, Gia Lam, Kep, or Hoa Loc

    5. Time is on the lam

    6. “Just because he’s not here doesn’t mean he’s gone on the lam,” Stokes

    7. So we shaved off our hair and we went on the lam

    8. I have been on the lam for three months now since I lost my job in August

    9. al y the supreme holder of the Stages of the Path (Lam rim) and

    10. wrong “political path of accumulation” (tsog lam) and that has led you

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    Synonyms for "lam"

    getaway lam flail thrash thresh break away bunk escape fly the coop head for the hills hightail it run run away scarper scat take to the woods turn tail

    "lam" definitions

    a rapid escape (as by criminals)

    flee; take to one's heels; cut and run

    give a thrashing to; beat hard