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Escape in a sentence

I did escape.
No escape now.
Escape or die.
I must escape.
We must escape.
An escape plan.
I had to escape.

To escape from.
He meant escape.
His only escape.
We have to escape.
escape and bring.
You cannot escape.
some way to escape.
She had to escape.
No elegant escape.
were able to escape.
there was no escape.
and stage my escape.
There is no escape.
I can't escape to.
escape out the back.
They had to escape.
No escape that way.
for a way to escape.
I fought to escape.
There was no escape.
escape from the door.
There’s no escape.
Escaping reality is.
There was no escaping.
Escaping the Rat Race.
There is no escaping it.
There was no escaping,.
There was no escaping it.
Could it Escaping Hell©.
There was no escaping this.
He was a prisoner escaping.
thrashing about and escaping.
escaping to the promised land.
Limpy kept any from escaping.
 Escaping the complacency.
The kid was an escaping slave.
‗It‘ only Escaping Hell©.
was escaping the maternity ward.
escaping to the open countryside.
I lost her as we were escaping.
Therefore, it is Escaping Hell©.
more bent on killing than escaping.
Escaping the Cult of Hero Worship.
Here though, there was no escaping.
Here he was, escaping a crime scene.
for there is no escaping the law of.
She was thinking about escaping again.
’ And Napoleon, escaping home in a.
He was escaping from her, she feared.
All he could think about was escaping.
And don’t even think about escaping.
I had escaped.
He had escaped.
One man escaped.
He just escaped.
Then, I escaped.
Only air escaped.
None have escaped.
You have escaped!.
A laugh escaped her.
He must have escaped.
A chuckle escaped him.
He escaped to a cave.
We barely escaped.
I am sure some escaped.
just barely escaped it.
Damn cat escaped again.
That's when I escaped.
The irony escaped him.
Booth had escaped on.
She escaped through a.
angry when she escaped.
escaped in his absence.
slaves who had escaped.
Bruce and I had escaped.
it had escaped the fire.
have escaped the forest.
And a prisoner escaped.
I doubt if any escaped.
groan escaped his throat.
do that escaped his mind.
Then the hero escapes.
Always, he escapes her.
escapes the mortal death.
A sob escapes his throat.
hits him hard and escapes.
But these are all escapes.
and nothing escapes my ears.
Did we have escapes?.
Nothing escapes their grasp.
The mob, of course, escapes.
And if she escapes? Townside.
A strangled scream escapes me.
And then he escapes from prison.
A breath escapes from her throat.
We warn them and Quaid escapes.
I grin and a chuckle escapes my lips.
nothing escapes the senses of Billor.
young life escapes our understanding.
infinite and the finite, escapes them.
Watch the back door in case he escapes.
escapes of them shall not be delivered.
The name of the airline escapes me for.
This is India, no one escapes Delhi belly.
Nothing escapes their concentrated vigilance.
Nothing escapes his attention or his interest.
Built up pressure escapes out the opened door.
surface and escapes into a free-floating state.
I can't help the snort of laughter that escapes.
One about heroic adventures and daring escapes.
What, the reference escapes you, brother?.

Synonyms for escape

escape flight escapism dodging evasion leak leakage outflow miss bunk lam run scarper scat elude