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Thresh in a sentence

I will thresh them first.
You will thresh the mountain and.
Go, Tit, thresh a bit! said the wag.
Parents try to thresh out problems in the home with loving consideration of the individual differences and uniqueness displayed by each son and daughter of the family.
It is not a difficult matter to thresh with several flails, but to keep in order, not to get confused (and not only to thresh, but not to interfere with the others), one has only to remember oneself, one’s own tempo while beating.
The old men on the rising straw-rick talked of the past days when they had been accustomed to thresh with flails on the oaken barn-floor; when everything, even to winnowing, was effected by hand-labour, which, to their thinking, though slow, produced better results.
But if he had been at liberty to sell his whole crop to a corn mercliant as fast as he could thresh it out, his whole capital might have returned immediately to the land, and have been employed in buying more cattle, and hiring more servants, in order to improve and cultivate it better.

And this will go on in July also, when the peasants, without obtaining sufficient sleep, reap the oats by night, lest it should fall, and the women rise gloomily to thresh out the straw for the bands to tie the sheaves; when this old woman, already utterly cramped by the labor of mowing, and the woman with child, and the young children, injure themselves overworking and over-drinking; and when neither hands, nor horses, nor carts will suffice to bring to the ricks that grain with which all men are nourished, and millions of poods [165] of which are daily required in Russia to keep people from perishing.
Now Ornan was threshing wheat.
Threshing hands caught at her stirrup.
Corn floor: The threshing floor for corn.
It was a threshing floor that David bought1 –.
Katya and Dawes stood next to the Threshing Machine.
You shall not escape! Nor shall you leave this threshing floor!.
It is the threshing of the last wheat-rick at Flintcomb-Ash farm.
Threshing: The separation of grain or seeds from the husks and straw.
It was Araunah’s threshing floor that Gad the prophet had told David.
And the angel of the Lord stood by the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite.
So David bought the threshing floor and the oxen for fifty shekels of silver.
There was one every year when the threshing time was at hand on the text Micah iv.
Guessing Stubby was right, he switched his attention back to the Threshing Machine.
Edwin squawked with fear as he saw the mouth of the Threshing Machine looming closer.
His winnowing fork is in His hand and He will thoroughly cleanse His threshing floor.
But the scarecrows ignored him, and continued turning the wheel of the Threshing Machine.
Luckily for Bryony, her excited cry was drowned by the grinding racket of the Threshing Machine.
Jed shouted further orders at the scarecrows, which formed a circle around the Threshing Machine.
A new threshing-machine has been bought at a great expense, and it is put up and started threshing.
It was said that he was threshing corn in the fields at the age of 130 years old, such was his vigour.
With a desperate threshing of her fins and clutching of her outstretched hand, the gap continued to close.
You must cut your line and sacrifice part of it, for the shark’s threshing will soon attract its fellows.
The Threshing Machine was silent, with just a few wisps of black smoke wafting from its funnel shaped chimney.
Slowly but surely the trailer tilted higher, tipping its black muddy load into the chute of the Threshing Machine.
The scarecrows obeyed, and as the wheel turned faster, the Threshing Machine pumped black smoke higher into the air.
Ornan looked and saw David, and went out of the threshing floor, and bowed himself to David with his face to the ground.
Boglehob’s headless body went tumbling straight down the chute, and was swallowed by the gaping mouth of the Threshing Machine.
Edwin opened his eyes, and looked up to see Zach was clinging to the scythe that had jammed across the mouth of the Threshing Machine.
They are crazily afraid of everything in the shape of a conveyance run by its own motive power, from a threshing machine to an automobile.
Harrow: A sharp threshing instrument, for leveling and breaking up the lumpy soil, and to cover seed when sown; to break or tear with a harrow.
Trapped beneath threshing water for two full minutes, hands frozen to the wheel just like mine had been, Chad had "lost his bottle", as they say.
No more shall My beloved be subject to this threshing ground! No more shall My children be hurt upon your threshing floor, O most wicked generation!.
Zach howled loudly, but Edwin couldn’t be sure whether it was a cry of pain or fear as they went tumbling into the mouth of the Threshing Machine….
Fan: Work of the flesh to imitate a cool breeze of the Spirit; division of the impure and pure; Christ’s fan in one’s hand: purging His threshing floor.
And his shovel is in his hand thoroughly to cleanse his threshing floor; he will gather the wheat into his garner, but the chaff will he burn up with the judgment fire.
The homestead consisted of a threshing floor, outhouses, stables, a bathhouse, a lodge, and a large brick house with semicircular facade still in course of construction.
The homestead consisted of a threshing floor, outhouses, stables, a bathhouse, a lodge, and a large brick house with semicircular façade still in course of construction.
And the last place in Judges 6:11, guess what? Gideon encountered God at the oak tree, and God spoke to him and said, you're not going to be doing this threshing wheat anymore.
James watched the attack run, there was no way out for his dad, and it would be all over in a couple of seconds; the shark was only inches away and now a threshing, dark streak of speed.
There is a loss, and it is as clear as can be that the machine ought to be abandoned and another means be employed for threshing, but the money has been spent and the threshing-machine is put up.
Aspen and Rogan yelled at Mars as he threshed in the sky.
Miriam was the threshing-floor on which he threshed out all his beliefs.
It reared up, threshed the water, and rushed at the tower, its eyes filled with angry torment.
It was full of bundled hay, for winter fodder, and sheaves of barley and wheat waiting to be threshed.
Cooger, threshed in a final harvest, was now a billion parchment flecks, tumbled sea-scrolls capered in meadows.
His hands and feet threshed in the tangle of the wild grapevine, and he whimpered and gibbered as he tried to get up.
The handful of dazed, all too often wounded Church riflemen in the threshed and shattered trenches didn’t understand why the fire had stopped.
He began to work about the house: he got the wood ready for the winter with his son, threshed the grain with the women, thatched the sheds, gathered in the bees, and gave ten hives with the young brood to his neighbour.
Finally, when he was utterly at a loss, it set off over the field of its own accord, padding easily along beside one of the rows of threshed straw, trailing the broken cord and pouncing in and out at every squeak and rustle.
It threshes miserably, no matter how you set the screw; it threshes badly, and the grain falls into the straw.

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