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Liquid in a sentence

Here a liquid.
The liquid was.
Cool the liquid.
As liquid water.
The warm liquid.
cool in the liquid.
ton of liquid metal.

liquid in the cases.
of the liquid cloud.
And they're liquid.
But it is not liquid.
Get the liquid test.
out in this liquid of.
2 x Mc, as the liquid.
it with a clear liquid.
My insides were liquid.
and were full of liquid.
The powder or the liquid.
liquid! And what I held.
Save the cooking liquid.
liquid and leftover food.
It was thick and liquid.
The liquid in the glass.
In addition, the liquid.
No it's liquid charcoal.
green liquid into the air.
The liquid coils his arm.
for liquid layout designs.
The liquid broiled angrily.
is lighter than the liquid.

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Synonyms for liquid

liquid liquidity limpid fluid fluent smooth liquified melted swimming