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Liquid in a sentence

But it is not liquid.
It was thick and liquid.
The powder or the liquid.
The liquid in the glass.
The liquid coils his arm.
This liquid that is life.
Raki is the liquid of life.

Still the liquid was fluid.
A small liquid candle was.
Elm took a sip of the liquid.
The liquid flows out of 15.
How liquid are the options?
The liquid metallic core is.
Liquid inside, like a spider.
One more glass of liquid gold.
They cooked the liquid with.
And that is in liquid options.
The ratio of liquid assets to.
Give this liquid vitamin a shot.
He holds out a glass of liquid.
V = Volume of the liquid metal.
I served his man the liquid cold.
Simmer until liquid is absorbed.
The problem with dosing liquid.
A clear liquid comes to the top.
Mind and body were searing liquid.
There was no more food or liquid.
He peered at the sparkling liquid.
Wolcott gave her a glass of liquid.
As he poured liquid darkness into.
Her liquid face contorted in anger.
Occasional puddles of liquid water.
Liquid snot poured out of his nose.
The liquid was called Amrita Water.
The dark red liquid ran everywhere.
He was created from gushing liquid.
Slowly add the liquid to the flour.
Joey felt warm liquid down his pants.
It was simply fire in a liquid form.
It has three states, solid, liquid.

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