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Yearn in a sentence

As if you yearn to learn.
Yearn to give them ease?
None Other That I Yearn To.
You are not wrong who yearn.
It is your love that I yearn.
You yearn for the moment when.
We yearn for what we cannot reach.

I yearn to be by the ocean’s tide.
To ask forgiveness seemed to yearn;.
Miserable insaniacs yearn for it, too.
His smell made me yearn for his touch.
You'll yearn for what you'd not valued.
I yearn to see you when the day is dying.
Thomas began to yearn to attend a synagogue.
I love those who yearn for the impossible.
The more that you yearn, the higher you climb.
To be as good as the pros, he’d often yearn.
You yearn my house, my flowers, the clothes I.
I don’t just think of Ladia, I yearn for her.
They will yearn to follow the ways of peace and.
Will he yearn for her? Will she be on his mind?
The less that you know, the more that you yearn;.
Once you taste a little power, you yearn for more.
Texas, in about the same period, to yearn a living.
If I were your mother I would blindly yearn over my boy.
I see the strain in your eyes as you yearn to feel teron.
Though we may fear the test, at the same time we yearn to.
No human heart can sincerely yearn after such a God as this.
The warmth in Annie’s fingers made her skin tingle, yearn.
She seemed to yearn, as she sang, for the mystery and comfort.
I yearn to connect with his final flicker of "I"ness and sentience.
When our spirits yearn and wait upon the Lord, He will encounter us.
The oddest things make me yearn for what I can’t THE IDENTITY CHECK.
So why, then, do I yearn so for this damp, crowded, stinking place, for.
She could feel every cell of her skin yearn to be the first to touch him.
It was meant as a soothing gesture, but it made body yearn for his touch.
Hindu philosophy of being satisfied with what one had, rather than yearn for.
Just as I yearn for happiness myself, so I want the world to be happy as well.
If we yearn to create a major shift in the world because it truly.
I yearn for Adlivun more than I ever believed anyone could yearn for any place.

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