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Witness in a sentence | witness example sentences

  1. I did not witness it.
  2. A witness in the end.
  3. I was witness to the.
  4. And she was a witness.
  5. I need a witness for.

  6. That I had to witness.
  7. The moon as my witness.
  8. She was on my witness.
  9. Mine is of the witness.
  10. You are the true witness.
  11. I bore witness to food.
  12. I was bearing witness to.
  13. An I'm the only witness.
  14. And you can be a witness.
  15. Was nice to witness how.

  16. He was their witness now.
  17. The witness was quite sure.
  18. My tears are my witness;.
  19. Eddie was a vital witness.
  20. I bore witness here to a.
  21. And this will be a witness.
  22. Those who witness a human.
  23. In the Supreme the Witness.
  24. And the angels bear witness.
  25. A cabman would be a witness.

  26. Raymond is a witness what.
  27. You didn’t have a witness.
  28. M: Then who is the witness?
  29. Q: Does the witness remain?
  30. I have been a witness to it.
  31. Q: And you are the witness?
  32. The witness is not a person.
  33. Who is the witness of time?
  34. Your witness opened the door.
  35. Put the witness in the stand.
  36. Here he was; to witness any.
  37. The Spirit bears witness to.
  38. And he bears witness to that.
  39. The Faithful and True Witness.
  40. Do know this: God is witness.
  41. ROBERT: My next witness is Mr.
  42. How strange it was to witness.
  43. I want to witness their death.
  44. It is the witness that works.
  45. And Allah is our best witness.
  46. The judge spoke to the witness.
  47. God is Witness over all things.
  48. The witness is not a doctor.
  49. How could anyone be a witness.
  50. You will come and witness this.
  51. Lewis is badgering the witness.
  52. I could not bear to witness it.
  53. I am here simply to witness it.
  54. God is witness over everything.
  55. We witness from the standpoint.
  56. God is Witness over everything.
  57. Treat the witness with respect.
  58. The defense has a new witness.
  59. He was going to witness to Eric.
  60. The first witness was the Hatter.
  61. They both mean the witness heap.
  62. The witness will answer the.
  63. Q: Does not the witness remain?
  64. Oh the Witness, Oh the Witnessed.
  65. The witness is a vampire and.
  66. I have been witness to the fact.
  67. Vic here is my expert witness.
  68. No one wanted me as a witness.
  69. Yes, you have! Here's my witness.
  70. White was a very credible witness.
  71. I bear witness that there is no.
  72. We know that his witness is true.
  73. You are the Witness of all things.
  74. Be my witness, O God, that I have.
  75. The angels witness man’s actions.
  76. Remain as the silent witness only.
  77. Winter's volume, "My Witness," (J.
  78. Terry Bolt is on the witness stand.
  79. None, be my witness Heaven above!.
  80. Gary set down in the witness chair.
  81. When we witness to others we can.
  82. Another dead witness, I said.
  83. Witness protection is not our job.
  84. This is something I often witness.
  85. Only witness we had was a walk-in.
  87. He was a witness to the empty tomb.
  88. Nathan Reeve was the first witness.
  89. Bearing witness from the Throne.
  90. Witness and give joy to the Father.
  91. Though God is a sufficient witness.
  92. A false witness that speaketh lies.
  93. The witness winced ever so slightly.
  94. Their mass bears witness to apathy.
  95. The witness goes with the witnes-.
  96. I am the witness and the heart too.
  97. That don’t exist without a witness.
  98. The witness is not on trial here.
  99. In the Supreme the Witness Appears.
  100. The witness in me always kept watch.
  1. The girl is witnessing life.
  2. M: Witnessing is of the mind.
  3. Today, witnessing a Reform or.
  4. There is no effort in witnessing.
  5. God is witnessing everything you do.
  6. Q: When does this witnessing begin?
  7. Only witnessing can bring that about.
  8. We may be witnessing the final stand.
  9. Witnessing is central to our humanity.
  10. Witnessing the birth of your children.
  11. The witnessing consciousness knows all.
  12. Witnessing and Missions Work by Faith.
  13. He kept witnessing to everyone he knew.
  14. Witnessing the collapse of Yugoslavia.
  15. Witnessing the incredible rise of Japan.
  16. His transcendent witnessing would allow.
  17. Witnessing visions of hope and strength.
  18. Chapter 54: Charon, the Ka, and Witnessing.
  19. The key to this transcendence is Witnessing.
  20. This witnessing is essential for the sepa-.
  21. Witnessing terrible events as the war ended.
  22. In witnessing, you want to take a step back.
  23. It was like witnessing the bursting of a dam.
  24. It is our witnessing that gives us that power.
  25. Maybe it was just witnessing the same bizarre.
  26. What I was witnessing left the technological.
  27. Viktor could not believe what he was witnessing.
  28. The other side, if there is one, is witnessing.
  29. Only your witnessing consciousness is essential.
  30. Q: The witnessing — is it not my real nature?
  31. M: Awareness with an object we called witnessing.
  32. He’s witnessing the newborn spiders in the sky.
  33. Dave was beyond comment after witnessing the horror.
  34. And were witnessing what they did to the believers.
  35. It is our stupidity that we are witnessing this day.
  36. She had been able to keep us children from witnessing.
  37. Witnessing in North Korea is generally very secretive.
  38. The purpose of our witnessing is to be obedient to the.
  39. This is the meek Jesus who was scourged for witnessing.
  40. If in the state of witnessing you ask yourself: ‘Who.
  41. Witnessing his second court case changed Victor’s codes.
  42. She had had no idea, even after witnessing it in Memphis.
  43. Q: You speak of the mind, of the witnessing consciousness.
  44. So that’s how she looked just after witnessing a murder.
  45. Q: What about witnessing the witness? Awareness of aware-.
  46. Peik – as some of you had the misfortune of witnessing.
  47. She testified by written deposition of her witnessing of E.
  48. Witnessing to unbelievers took on many forms at the Assembly.
  49. I had the feeling Moses was nearby witnessing the spectacle.
  50. Witnessing this, Guinevere burst into tears and embraced her.
  51. There was the sun shining and silently witnessing the scene.
  52. Yet they are busy witnessing despite the threat to their lives.
  53. M: The attitude of pure witnessing, of watching the events with-.
  54. I rubbed my arms from the chill of witnessing his greatness unfold.
  55. Zaina, but witnessing her parents' death with abduction, and then.
  56. She could hardly believe what she was witnessing from Mercer Frey.
  57. Certainly, after witnessing the culpable indolence manifested by M.
  58. After witnessing that particular scene, Berniece cornered her mother.
  59. They are witnessing the material exploitation of ecological systems.
  60. The thinking consciousness cannot know the witnessing consciousness.
  61. Even in the wilderness, after witnessing all of the mighty works of.
  62. My young lady, on witnessing his intense anguish, stooped to raise him.
  63. Witnessing those tearful eyes of her mother, Sophia ran to console her.
  64. No thank you Umi, Rani couldn’t believe what she was witnessing.
  65. No sentient being witnessing this would not have been moved in some way.
  66. I was witnessing something that most people would never see and could.
  67. A normal person witnessing this slaw prep might not order the Cole slaw.
  68. Through witnessing God is watching God, God is celebrating His own show.
  69. This higher type of transcendence comes through non-attached witnessing.
  70. As we said in the beginning, here we are witnessing an extraordinary event.
  71. He couldn’t comprehend what we were witnessing; it was too much, so raw.
  72. But none of these characteristics seemed to fit the template of witnessing.
  73. Someone else had been in the room recording, witnessing, every degradation.
  74. Wade involved or witnessing, had been furthest from his thoughts or desires.
  75. He guides into the truth, sanctifies its agents, and empowers for witnessing.
  76. Witnessing her amazement, Abanir cleared his throat to lessen his own tension.
  77. It is the full, magnificent range of our witnessing that defines our humanity.
  78. Witnessing the bad habits of Charlie Parker, Brown avoided heroin and alcohol.
  79. Galaxy, we would be witnessing events one hundred thousand years ago, for them.
  80. That made her and me stay strong enough to handle the marvel we were witnessing.
  81. I have a lot of friends, and am witnessing many thousands more Human Adults who.
  82. Could you be happy for all eternity witnessing the excruciating fire and torture.
  83. And in fact the love is not attained except after the witnessing and the viewing.
  84. Witnessing how Grandma Lucy recklessly exited the room, she knew they had a fight.
  85. I regarded her from the corner of my eye, unable to believe what I was witnessing.
  86. After witnessing part of that little interlude, I think I need a cigarette!.
  87. I believe that what we are witnessing represents the tip of the proverbial iceberg.
  88. No, there had to be a scientifically acceptable reason for what they were witnessing.
  89. It’s the way the serpent moves, she said, the way it directs our witnessing.
  90. Halfway through, the pastor announced that it was time for witnessing, and Emeka stood.
  91. This does not mean that they will harm you, for what they are doing is witnessing the.
  92. Gorbachev and Thatcher each has a small number of advisers witnessing the conversation.
  93. Remember that you were only witnessing the event, and not actually participating in it.
  94. Eyes bulged, witnessing a swarm of little flies appear out of nowhere above the banana.
  95. A thread! A thread! We have been witnessing manifestations more important than a thread.
  96. OK, I’m witnessing … the choppers have just crashed into the ground and.
  97. However, I persisted in certain forms of witnessing, which are still effective, although.
  98. What’s going on? Elizabeth snooped, witnessing those swollen eyes of her daughter.
  99. In the stadium the entire crowd is stunned into silence at what they’re now witnessing.
  100. He minds these facts by his spirit a minding based on witnessing and is beyond all doubts.
  1. I just witnessed the rain.
  2. I have witnessed the fall.
  3. I have witnessed these wars.
  4. I just witnessed a murder.
  5. I witnessed a beheading once.
  6. He had witnessed the terrible.
  7. Aarav witnessed the drama for.
  8. Now that I have witnessed the.
  9. He had witnessed much pain in.
  10. You witnessed it? he asked.
  11. He witnessed to me at that time.
  12. He witnessed tenderly and moved.
  13. The Ulsacro had witnessed many.
  14. The 21st century has witnessed.
  15. They had just witnessed one of.
  16. I have witnessed time and again.
  17. I witnessed the majority of the.
  18. The behavior they had witnessed.
  19. As witnessed in an X-Ray picture.
  20. Oh the Witness, Oh the Witnessed.
  21. What we've all witnessed appears.
  22. I am honored to have witnessed it.
  23. Even the bible witnessed this fact.
  24. I have witnessed a few executions.
  25. They have witnessed most of human.
  26. All that he now witnessed scarcely.
  27. It made what I witnessed even worse.
  28. It was an awful thing she witnessed.
  29. Saouy, who witnessed the agitation.
  30. So much horror you witnessed, child.
  31. He said, ‘You have witnessed the.
  32. And by the witness and the witnessed.
  33. However, having witnessed Sheba and.
  34. He had only witnessed the drama from.
  35. The Rumford witnessed them first hand.
  36. Peabody had ever witnessed in her life.
  37. I once witnessed a group of preachers.
  38. Chunt had witnessed her fair share of.
  39. And that his efforts will be witnessed.
  40. She was certain they had witnessed Mrs.
  41. Yes, I witnessed it! Of course I saw it.
  42. And this was what we all witnessed then.
  43. What she witnessed took her by surprise.
  44. I witnessed every single one of them.
  45. I never witnessed a more exciting scene.
  46. Theresa had witnessed her first shoot-out.
  47. She never witnessed someone get murdered.
  48. I think he witnessed the closure of the.
  49. He witnessed men made to fornicate with.
  50. This is witnessed by all sages who have.
  51. And the child that witnessed the fight.
  52. Our country witnessed this after the fi-.
  53. Pappi that none of us had witnessed before.
  54. This singular fact I witnessed in Georgia.
  55. Earth had never witnessed such an event as.
  56. He, too, was asked about what he witnessed.
  57. What a wonder of romance we have witnessed.
  58. Those who were on the outer deck witnessed.
  59. What we witnessed tonight was not a man.
  60. I argued, not admitting what I had witnessed.
  61. Yet some sort of decline is often witnessed.
  62. I witnessed, and several more witnessed, Mr.
  63. I witnessed adults who were instructors and.
  64. What he had witnessed felt completely unreal.
  65. And by what Saul witnessed, he could see why.
  66. And indeed it was, as she had just witnessed.
  67. When my brother was fifteen he witnessed our.
  68. On shore, they witnessed a pale illumination.
  69. Cutting horses too you may have witnessed or.
  70. And you witnessed her Doctor Jekyll and Mr.
  71. He had witnessed first-hand the passion rul-.
  72. I witnessed one cook preparing biscuits with.
  73. I couldn’t believe what I’d just witnessed.
  74. Bridget who witnessed this was intrigued by it.
  75. Then witnessed a miracle he himself had caused.
  76. Mitchell witnessed Jose's look of lustful desire.
  77. One day I fortunately witnessed a migration of F.
  78. I had never witnessed such intellectual largess.
  79. They had probably never witnessed such an event.
  80. He was not satisfied with what he had witnessed.
  81. Never had he witnessed such man-made beauty –.
  82. Charlie was left in awe by what he had witnessed.
  83. Those who witnessed the battle saw the Prophecy.
  84. I have never witnessed a clean, round exit wound.
  85. These desperately heroic men, who witnessed the.
  86. However, what she witnessed here was wonderfully.
  87. We have witnessed a phenomenon which probably has.
  88. In so doing, he witnessed the horror of Antietam.
  89. As other lucid families witnessed their daughters.
  90. For instance, Centurion Sayers says he witnessed.
  91. No one could believe what they had just witnessed.
  92. My companions and I then witnessed an unusual sight.
  93. It was the most obscene thing I had ever witnessed.
  94. Royal Geographer, having witnessed this event, had.
  95. In his early days with the Army, he had witnessed.
  96. You all witnessed today what he is capable of doing.
  97. She believed he witnessed the whole scandalous event.
  98. Swifthand, Bo witnessed how well she earned the name.
  99. He opened his eyes and witnessed Selar slapping him.
  100. He had witnessed the awful destructive power of hate.
  1. We have witnesses to that.
  2. They will be His witnesses.
  3. Ten men were our witnesses.
  4. Were there no witnesses at.
  6. With other cops as witnesses.
  7. I don’t have any witnesses.
  8. We'll be your holy witnesses.
  9. Chapter 21 The Two Witnesses.
  10. There are no witnesses herein.
  11. We can’t have any witnesses.
  12. Count us among the witnesses.
  13. The witnesses if you doubt it.
  14. The Evidence Of The Witnesses.
  15. If there were no witnesses in.
  16. There were never any witnesses.
  17. These women were all witnesses.
  18. There are witnesses enough here.
  19. We became witnesses to creation.
  20. The two witnesses of course are.
  21. No witnesses, no one to pull me.
  22. His character witnesses, sort of.
  23. None of the witnesses saw Gerald.
  24. In the other instance, witnesses.
  25. Perfect witnesses are their faces.
  26. When there were no witnesses, we.
  27. Let’s bring in the witnesses.
  28. Maybe when there witnesses around.
  29. Nor did any of the other witnesses.
  30. The Jehovah's Witnesses and others.
  31. Witnesses say, the vehicle Captain.
  32. Chapter 11 is the two witnesses in.
  33. I need the names of the witnesses.
  34. Whoever he is, he wants no witnesses.
  35. Unless the police or witnesses see.
  36. Both these witnesses depose that Mr.
  37. When we became witnesses to creation.
  38. The Cadi asked what witnesses he had.
  39. The Three Bad Witnesses In The Bible.
  40. There are thousands of witnesses to.
  41. Well, of course, there were witnesses.
  42. The examination of the witnesses began.
  43. Witnesses have been teaching for years.
  44. All of us are called to be witnesses.
  45. It would be stupid to leave witnesses.
  46. The Witnesses Log myth is no different.
  47. Or that is what the witnesses told him.
  48. Albert's witnesses looked at each other.
  49. I met with two new witnesses yesterday.
  50. Leave witnesses that can identify you.
  51. Perhaps what Listen to the Witnesses.
  52. Here again, two witnesses are mandatory.
  53. Witnesses are split on which way he went.
  54. I wish you both to be there as witnesses.
  55. It was the Witnesses who were doing that.
  56. What about witnesses? And evidence? And.
  57. All the things were shown to the witnesses.
  58. Hypnosis has been used to help witnesses.
  59. Chapter 28: The Beatles and the Witnesses.
  60. Not that I expected to have any witnesses.
  61. Is it true that you have witnesses?
  62. The truth is that if Jehovah's Witnesses.
  63. Witnesses say the wave double in size to.
  64. Three police officers questioned witnesses.
  65. All of the witnesses are being investigated.
  67. The Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons are.
  68. He had plenty of witnesses to confirm his.
  69. Victims are not always their best witnesses.
  70. Lots of people in a crowd, but no witnesses.
  71. And now that we have no more witnesses to.
  72. Were there any witnesses? she pressed.
  73. No witnesses, but his driver’s over there.
  74. No witnesses, but plenty of people knew her.
  75. He asked around but there were no witnesses.
  76. He identifies these witnesses painstakingly.
  77. No witnesses reported seeing him after that.
  78. There will be other witnesses to testify.
  79. We have witnesses, Wickland said flatly.
  80. Your friends will all have to be witnesses:.
  81. Afterwards, I scanned the area for witnesses.
  82. The two witnesses can be named they are the.
  83. Revelations, by the hand of the Two Witnesses.
  84. The last thing he’d want is more witnesses.
  85. Without witnesses, the state had nothing on.
  86. The Jehovah's Witnesses believe this version.
  87. So, were there any witnesses to this alleged.
  88. The truth is that if Jehovah's Witnesses did.
  89. For the witnesses, on the other hand, it was.
  90. Jehovah's Witnesses who do not believe in Hell.
  91. Stryver then called his few witnesses, and Mr.
  92. But the two eye witnesses said you did!.
  93. I’ll make sure he witnesses her last breath.
  95. You wantin’ lies and hate, witnesses silence.
  96. There is a cloud of witnesses whom I could name.
  97. Listen, he said it in the presence of witnesses.
  98. UFO witnesses have reported entire objects that.
  99. There were no witnesses to you even in your bed.
  100. The Grave is Hel version (Jehovah's Witnesses).

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