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    1. My will power in firm control, I had debated whether a long bath or a stimulating shower would be the best course of action so, my priority being to use up time, I opted for the former; taking a book with me, I had spent an hour in the bath up to my ears in hot water and soap bubbles

    2. their firm young bodies gleamed in the candle light, they adopted poses and positions

    3. There is a firm opinion in the minds of many that God’s healing is

    4. He moved her with a firm but gentle pressure out of the aisle with the still

    5. twirled into his firm embrace

    6. ‘I bought this place when I was offered a partnership in the firm

    7. ‘It’s at the home of the senior partner in my firm

    8. sticks his weapon in Russ’ stomach, Russ deftly steps aside, grabs the barrel of the gun, gives the soldier a firm knee in the groin, snatches away the weapon, as the soldier collapses in a heap on the highway

    9. Later that morning, with Johnny restored to some sort of order, and with firm

    10. curve of her firm, full and neatly upturned breasts

    11. ’ I faltered, my grip on reality becoming more firm as the minutes tick past

    12. You could do worse than getting a job with my firm, Liz

    13. You have to be firm, have to stick to your guns, but you have to show respect

    14. He stood solid and firm, framed by the doorway

    15. Bahkmar had time to understand that he had no firm claim on being restarted after the upcoming death

    16. Later that morning, with Johnny restored to some sort of order, and with firm instructions to tell his wife, Mary, that one of his batty old Aunt’s cats had mauled him during the night, she bade him farewell

    17. The Countess ran her free hand along the contours of her body, tracing the curve of her firm, full and neatly upturned breasts

    18. Her breasts thrust proud and firm in front of her, tipped with long, permanently erect nipples that are purple-black

    19. We are going to restore millions and my last warning to you is that you are to stand ancient laws and make new ones which will be just and firm behind us so that we can prove to the world that when noble

    20. Setting a firm pace, she strode along the main road that led towards the bridge across the river; the station was on the other side of the river

    21. She had on a blue shirt that draped over her ample breasts, and white Capri pants that framed a firm good-looking ass

    22. With these flowers, my love, my firm, true maid,

    23. and firm in my visions of calamity

    24. Mothering themselves by the fire, hands firm

    25. and with a will that stands firm in misunderstanding,

    26. stately in a small, urban way, firm and secure

    27. She was slender and dark, very firm and wiry

    28. She holds her head firm and straight when she looks at him,

    29. No, you must be firm with yourself

    30. She ignored him until she was on her way back when she leaned on his table within inches of his eyes and said in a firm, low voice so all could hear, 'Listen to me, moron

    31. I pointed at him, my arm outstretched and straight, then in a firm clear voice I used some simple words that everyone could understand, words to let him know how it felt to be humiliated

    32. After all, what could be more natural? She swayed like a eucalyptus in a breeze, gently from side to side, her limbs long and firm

    33. Even those close friends and relatives who knew about the hole were amazed at the couple’s loving resilience in the face of such deep shadow, and unlike so many people who find that their strength and union is built on sand rather than on firm foundations, Ken and Eileen simply wouldn’t let the darkness at the heart of their marriage tear their relationship apart, choosing instead to face their enemy in a committed search for the one thing that could complete the turn of the seasons in their lives

    34. " For larger grants - those over $300,000 a year - an audit by a private, independent outside legal or accounting firm is required

    35. ’ He flushes at this reference to the fact that we’ve been talking about him, ‘That’s a firm foundation for anything, Jake

    36. Kelvin was saying, “New Jerusalem is the only firm connection we have with scripture and you are telling me that it could have been here before we built it?”

    37. I don't have time for emotions,' I said in a firm voice, 'and this is

    38. who was a book-keeper for a local firm and had worked there all of

    39. The way she jiggled told him she was very firm for her size, and like cherubs from Alan’s world, without underwear

    40. I started working for the firm just after Rob and I moved here and, after a couple of years, became Gary’s secretary … we have worked together for nearly eighteen years

    41. aunties wearing sarees and sneakers and with a firm resolve to lose weight

    42. ‘Yes, we’ve got a cheque as a wedding present – Simon, they’ve been amazingly generous!’ Again, I’m flooded with gratitude at the generosity of everyone in the firm … who would have thought it …

    43. firm pressure within about 3 seconds

    44. He had green eyes and curly dark hair, a thin beard and firm, compact muscles

    45. Imada was a statuesque beauty, voluptuous even on Kassidor and nearly as firm as Yellelle

    46. I note that your firm carried out the conversion of the building back in the 1970s and wondered if there would be anyone who could talk to me about it

    47. I understand that your firm carried out the alterations to the house

    48. 'Don't know, the firm does have a mechanism for support staff to swop over to the fee earner side; I'll have to explore that

    49. The current contractor tried to shovel all the blame for the extra cost onto the original firm and, although there are some grounds for that, there is also the fact that the new mob haven't been putting their back into the job, but using their work force on a very lucrative housing development instead

    50. local firm of solicitors, Mansfield Blake

    1. were still firmed attached to his belt

    2. "The caramel coating is very gooey, so refrigerate the apples for about 15 minutes, or until the caramel has firmed up

    3. “Are you sure?” the old voice still held some quaver, but firmed as he looked closely at Moshe

    4. didactic, I firmed my resolve to begin the process

    5. Exposed as he was to the life and times of the convicted, Suresh, in time, firmed up his mind about what he should do and what he should not, as and when he would be free again

    6. His body firmed up and he was showing signs of solid biceps

    7. The taller of the ancestors firmed his grip on his pistol

    8. ” He pushed blue black bangs out of his face, chiseled features with the lantern jaw firmed in rage

    9. firmed by my recollection of something she had casually mentioned

    10. His power was firmed up with money from the great gas and oil reserves his

    11. that moment for the ring of the bell, I firmed my jaw in

    12. as if by realizations firmed through the

    13. Once finished, they were put briefly into the freezer until they had firmed up

    14. firmed Helga’s story about Tom’s tragic death and updated the

    15. firmed Helga was a guest of Uncle Sam, he saved the day

    16. firmed she was eager to hear more

    17. When she once again felt a bit more in control, she buttoned her suit jacket, stood up straighter, firmed her resolve and then almost stomped to the elevator

    18. She thought it was sweet, but then firmed up her resolve

    19. With everything that had happened, Sabrina firmed up her resolve to start fresh

    20. emotional stricture in her throat as she firmed her

    21. All these thoughts firmed up Daniel’s determination; he decided to wait and see how the intruder would play it

    22. Excitement bubbled within her as she firmed

    23. His jaw firmed and his grip tightened on the small bone fragment

    24. Resolve firmed within me to wash away what had been, with what was now

    25. ‘Uncle,’ I said my voice firmed by the whisky, ‘you have to present

    26. Lisa’s lips firmed and she nodded resolutely

    27. Maria thought of the children within the house both born and unborn and something firmed within her soul, “I am weak, but my God is strong and by His strength I declare that you shall not pass!” Maria said, as she was prepared to die for the sake of the children

    28. One of his great spidery hands smoothed his hair and firmed the red bandanna

    1. ‘Did you see these men at all?’ he asked, his ignoring of my cowardly confession firming up my wilting backbone

    2. His voice was rising in anger and firming in self-assured conviction – top cop bossing an underling

    3. firming signs and wonders God had already put His seal on our mis-

    4. Amori jumped back as the fire that licked and lapped at the roof caused a piece of it to fall off, firming her resolve she moved closer yet again

    5. I‘ll have to grab here instead,‘ he laughed, taking a firm hold of his teacher‘s rapidly firming manhood

    6. He could now start firming up his plans

    7. Lift your chin slightly away from the sternum and, firming the shoulder

    8. Our theory about the Russian mafia being involved seems to be firming up, sir

    9. ‘’Nothing else?’’ Asked the major, his tone firming up while he looked into her eyes

    10. Soon, the intermittent drops thickened, pockmarking the sand and firming my running surface

    11. This happens when the overall indexes are restricted in a tight range, but underneath the surface, a couple of key sectors are deteriorating or firming

    1. Available from most garden centers or through mail firms like Arbico, Gardeners Supply

    2. He sold the practice to one of the up and coming firms about ten years ago; got a high price for it too

    3. I know he’s been head hunted by a couple of firms in Bristol but refuses to move – and I don’t blame him

    4. Anyway, who said anything about the Old Bill? There's other firms

    5. One problem with that is that large firms often have new hires, ones who may have bluffed their way thru the vetting process

    6. of the security firms, but one morning

    7. This included mining firms, prospectors, logistical firms, refining operations, support operations and anyone else who lived and worked in the vicinity

    8. built by English shipbuilding firms for the Confederates in 1863, and the Confederates hoped they would be ready for service in

    9. I find myself forced to ask: Why is it that when Obama convenes a council on job creation, the council"s members include only a bunch of CEO"s whose companies have been shedding jobs for years? The council contains virtually none of the small and midsize firms responsible for two-thirds of the nation"s new jobs over the last few decades

    10. He is either part of the big four auditing firms or he is out

    11. The association of nineteen Chemical Alley firms has offered to pay for a major study, one designed to determine whether Lennox residents suffer more from air pollution than others in the province

    12. The US, and the Kuwait government in exile, used over 70 public relations firms, spending over $20 million to build US public support

    13. There were only three dance firms

    14. More of our scarce resources will be put into activities in which firms have expertise and fewer into political manipulation, raising the welfare of the American people

    15. The other firms are Itochu Corporation and French utility group GDF Suez

    16. law firms in the Tri-State area

    17. other engineering firms rely on the

    18. often been provided by out of town firms

    19. Any way back to academia, because the Law Reviewers had cushy jobs lined up after successful second year internships with hot shit firms in LA, SF, Chicago, and NYC, classes were perfunctory, attendance voluntary, no hard academic work was done by any of the five of us

    20. • Facilitates linkage with firms who are routinely helped to

    21. ” I chose to stay with her, had zero success getting my foot in the door at any Phoenix law firms, and had to settle on a solo GP who almost landed me in jail

    22. Motorola previously had always hired experienced lawyers from Loop firms, usually bright fellows who had been passed over for partner, and they were usually from second tier LSs

    23. For software consultants, law firms, engineering and architect firms the fully loaded employee

    24. Venture Capital firms wil be hungry to invest in green business

    25. Many established firms are still struggling with the economy and are not sure if they are

    26. ” It ran a poor third among even Bay area construction management firms to Fluor and Bechtel

    27. Two law firms and two oncologists working independently told me that while her internist was guilty of gross medical malpractice, we would be awarded no damages even if we succeeded in court because she had a fast spreading adenocarcinoma (what killed Jim Valvano, NC State hoops’ coach) and that she was "dead meat" by the time that her tumor showed up

    28. Stearns; many top law firms with lobbying practices in Washington; Paradise Lost_____________________________ 211

    29. Both outside law firms had confirmed MY advice to Stevenson that because we were only unsecured creditors (because he had failed to pre-lien both jobs), all that EI could expect to receive was pennies on the dollar, and that would be as long as five years in the future

    30. Groseclose pointed out that “most men that run their own firms are intensely competitive entrepreneurs as opposed to professional managers who can run any number of companies without becoming emotionally involved

    31. ” I’m not making the call that any particular finding applied to me, but Harry Levinson, a psychologist who has studied father-son relationships in family-held firms, said, “For the entrepreneur, the business comes to define his position in life, thus when a son comes into the firm an entrepreneur may view his offspring as a threat, a potential embarrassment or merely someone to be tolerated to keep peace in the family

    32. McWilliams indicated he had been approached about selling by publishing firms within Oklahoma, but said their offers were much lower than Park’s

    33. “I learned that top management people in other firms made much higher salaries than I did

    34. export of heavy-duty trucks and tires from firms in Belarus to mining concerns in

    35. Attorney John Ashcroft"s directive (8 October 2001) which urged law enforcement agencies across the nation to go on high alert, and warned utilities (electrical, water and nuclear power plants), railroads, trucking firms and gas and oil companies to expand their capacities to prevent or respond to terrorist attacks (Seper, The Washington Times, p

    36. On top of that, many State regulators have allowed managers of targeted firms to delay or prevent takeovers, and the regulators made the takeovers more difficult in spite of the natural market forces fully capable of handling the transactions without disinterested and politically motivated interference

    37. rented out to law firms and businesses

    38. It is ironic that on the front page none of the big name consulting firms show up, rather they are buried within the six million references

    39. The premise is the firms

    40. The challenges are critical for public firms that are constantly under the scrutiny of the analyst, the shareholders and the markets

    41. On the positive side, some oil corporations, defense contractors and related engineering firms got some very profitable contracts

    42. I worked on Wall Street for over 25 years in the Mergers & Acquisitions business, for mainstream firms such as Merrill Lynch, the Rothschilds and BofA; that profession doesn’t allow for much time to do anything else

    43. This time they ended up being employed in two different firms

    44. Some firms will

    45. Instead of working for the success of their ventures, the promoters siphon off funds to fail their firms

    46. The security guards were bound and gagged and two Mossad agents quickly put on the security firms shirts and took over the guard’s duties whilst holding a sub machine gun to the captured men’s heads

    47. top Law firms are examined

    48. Today, it is those firms who use high powered technology who have a distinct

    49. firms, which is this

    50. “How the hell do the top firms consistently earn such

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    Synonyms for "firm"

    business firm firm house tauten strong fast loyal truehearted immobile solid steadfast steady stiff unbendable unfaltering unshakable unwavering unfluctuating firmly steadfastly unwaveringly stable staunch fixed immovable rooted secure compact compressed condensed dense hard inelastic rigid established confirmed certain set stated settled unalterable determined constant adamant reliable resolute stanch business association company concern corporation partnership

    "firm" definitions

    the members of a business organization that owns or operates one or more establishments

    become taut or tauter

    make taut or tauter

    marked by firm determination or resolution; not shakable

    not soft or yielding to pressure

    strong and sure

    not subject to revision or change

    (of especially a person's physical features) not shaking or trembling

    not liable to fluctuate or especially to fall

    securely established

    possessing the tone and resiliency of healthy tissue

    securely fixed in place

    unwavering in devotion to friend or vow or cause

    with resolute determination