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Luminous in a sentence

He saw him on the luminous horizon.
Luminous blue as the sky of summer.
Their luminous trail guided us to.
She’d always had luminous amber.
Yawn level with the luminous waves;.
Raoul turned to the luminous aperture.
Luminous these were too, beautiful and.

His face was clenched, his eyes luminous.
Luminous appearances in the atmosphere, J.
One would have called it a luminous wound.
The luminous smile he had almost forgotten.
Her girlish face was luminous and beautiful.
Her eyes were luminous and her lips glistening.
The dress she was wearing was of a luminous pink.
His bones were luminous, as if he were a living.
Unlike Ito and the aides, he was nearly luminous.
Her eyes had no pupils and were a luminous green.
As he moved about, he appeared at times luminous.
The luminous weep, if only over those in darkness.
Ford and Arthur were in a small luminous pink cubicle.
The luminous tower fascinated him, and he fought the.
To the west, it was still a kind of luminous royal blue.
A tear, large, luminous and beautiful, fell on his cheek.
A tear, large, luminous, and beautiful, fell on his cheek.
It was a woman, with blonde hair and luminous emerald eyes.
His heat was cold and shadowy yet luminous at the same time.
It was, at the same time, a luminous transparency, for that.
M A Sheikho’s face, on the contrary, was clear and luminous.
As he puts down the phone, Simon is almost luminous with pride.
True love is as luminous as the dawn and as silent as the tomb.
Therefore this five luminous pearls were from the Hengshan.
The sun was shining and the sky was high above and luminous blue.
That was her asset and it reminded me of another luminous smile.
Under a three quarter full moon luminous clouds eased their way.
His eyes were gray, large and luminous, but strikingly prominent.
His luminous blue eyes shifted into a darker tone, then he nodded.
This effect was caused by myriads of tiny, luminous animals whose.
Even Hugo was mesmerized into silence by the luminous, bobbing bags.
His eyes turned luminous as the very blood in his veins began to burn.
She knew that Angel was close to her; all the rest was a luminous mist.

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