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Luminous in a sentence

1. She’d always had luminous amber.
2. He saw him on the luminous horizon.
3. Their luminous trail guided us to.
4. Luminous blue as the sky of summer.
5. Yawn level with the luminous waves;.
6. Raoul turned to the luminous aperture.
7. Luminous these were too, beautiful and.
8. His face was clenched, his eyes luminous.
9. Luminous appearances in the atmosphere, J.
10. One would have called it a luminous wound.
11. The luminous smile he had almost forgotten.
12. Her girlish face was luminous and beautiful.
13. Her eyes were luminous and her lips glistening.
14. As he moved about, he appeared at times luminous.
15. The dress she was wearing was of a luminous pink.
16. Unlike Ito and the aides, he was nearly luminous.
17. Her eyes had no pupils and were a luminous green.
18. His bones were luminous, as if he were a living.
19. The luminous weep, if only over those in darkness.
20. The luminous tower fascinated him, and he fought the.
21. Ford and Arthur were in a small luminous pink cubicle.
22. A tear, large, luminous and beautiful, fell on his cheek.
23. To the west, it was still a kind of luminous royal blue.
24. A tear, large, luminous, and beautiful, fell on his cheek.
25. It was a woman, with blonde hair and luminous emerald eyes.
26. His heat was cold and shadowy yet luminous at the same time.
27. It was, at the same time, a luminous transparency, for that.
28. M A Sheikho’s face, on the contrary, was clear and luminous.
29. As he puts down the phone, Simon is almost luminous with pride.
30. Therefore this five luminous pearls were from the Hengshan.
31. True love is as luminous as the dawn and as silent as the tomb.
32. The sun was shining and the sky was high above and luminous blue.
33. That was her asset and it reminded me of another luminous smile.
34. His eyes were gray, large and luminous, but strikingly prominent.
35. Under a three quarter full moon luminous clouds eased their way.
36. His luminous blue eyes shifted into a darker tone, then he nodded.
37. This effect was caused by myriads of tiny, luminous animals whose.
38. Even Hugo was mesmerized into silence by the luminous, bobbing bags.
39. His eyes turned luminous as the very blood in his veins began to burn.
40. She knew that Angel was close to her; all the rest was a luminous mist.
41. To my eyes, her features seem luminous, as if lit by a glow from within.
42. Even on the clearest of nights it was misted, glowing, luminous, and old.
43. This is because he lives by the divine luminous balance ordered by Allah.
44. Siddhartha Gautama said that the the mind is luminous, but it is defiled.
45. His face was white, almost luminous white, and she thought he would faint.
46. Beautiful, luminous tears trickled down her cheeks, but still she smiled.
47. Right after Jesus said that, a luminous mist slowly descended from the sky.
48. No expression changed her beautiful features, her eyes luminous, but cold.
49. Cruncher conceived the luminous idea of replying, Agicultooral character.
50. There was a luminous table in the middle, which had a smoky, luscious top.
51. They’re round luminous globes of light, Father, living in those hills.
52. It wavered, elongated; it turned into a luminous greensmoke spiraling upward.
53. Her luminous eyes and wide smile caught their attention and scared them both.
54. A bloody, cold body with the luminous sky gaze that saw nothing more in Laru.
55. Enjolras descried a luminous uplifting beneath the gloomy skirts of the future.
56. Tears stood in his eyes, and the luminous, serene look in them impressed Vronsky.
57. Happy Birthday Cleo, Doppler said as soon as she entered the luminous hall.
58. Moreover, exactly on the eighth day, the gaze of a child becomes alive, luminous.
59. Conan noticed that his eyes were wide, fixed, and of a peculiar luminous quality.
60. Happy Birthday Cleo!, Doppler said as soon as she entered the luminous hall.
61. I would have been as faithful as a dog to such a brilliant, luminous personality.
62. She set herself to adoring Marius as something charming, luminous, and impossible.
63. But her joy at waking up and looking into his luminous blue eyes was worth it all.
64. One would have said that his presence had something warming and luminous about it.
65. If the little, luminous space were deserted, the two boys felt genuine desolation.
66. After Doctor Jung had done his thing he fade into the luminous egg from which then.
67. Up here, the desolate streets gave way to the luminous aura of the city’s skyline.
68. Basic innate nature of the conventional mind which is luminous, clear, and knowing.
69. Her plumage was of a luminous red gold and many more colors that cannot be described.
70. But then, we have had our unforgettable, even luminous summers, a priceless treasure.
71. Princess Mary gazed intently into his eyes with her own luminous ones as he said this.
72. In Pierre, however, that comet with its long luminous tail aroused no feeling of fear.
73. The walls were dark green like the tunnels but the water itself seemed to be luminous.
74. We looked as if our naked bums and legs had been sprayed with slightly luminous paint.
75. Just then the luminous globe lighting our cell went out, leaving us in profound darkness.
76. He had a clear, almost luminous complexion and remarkable long-lashed, copper-brown eyes.
77. While that thought was in my mind there started to appear from within the luminous egg a.
78. The luminous dial on his watch showed 11:30 and the moon wasn‘t due to rise until 1 am.
79. Magnificent! I’m awed that you can pull such luminous verse out of the lightless void.
80. We need to enter His luminous fort of faith, to be protected from misfortune and adversity.
81. He marveled at the silken texture; even her hair seemed too velvety and luminous to be real.
82. We had had a glorious two hours with Mozart and the very air was luminous around the big lady.
83. Under the veil his eyes contemplate mysteries which are a thousandfold as luminous as the sun.
84. Such a vacuum also reduced wear on the graphite points between which the luminous arc expanded.
85. As though in that patch of sky the skin has been X-rayed, exposing a map of its luminous veins.
86. Who has put in it a glowing lamp that shines at day, and a luminous moon that lights at night?
87. The eerie light sparkled in her hair and shone on her skin, turning her into a luminous beauty.
88. The name had several meanings, but the most relevant was, ‘worshipers of the luminous star’.
89. When the device is operating, this gas becomes luminous and gives off a continuous whitish light.
90. The spirit of prayer seemed to purify her and refine those homely features and make them luminous.
91. If you could observe bare consciousness, without mental states, it would appear empty and luminous.
92. When the hearts finish prayers after charging by these luminous loads, it will be as Allah says:.
93. He smiled his lovely, luminous smile and I kissed him and we made love standing between the horses.
94. There the dust that saturates the air gives such rays the appearance of a luminous fog; but above.
95. Isabel turned and pointed to the last small group of the luminous beings that neared the stone gate.
96. To locate light switches in the dark, put a dot of luminous paint on tape and stick to the switches.
97. When he withdrew his hand the green frog was sitting on it, its eyes oddly luminous in the half-light.
98. A pretty, regular face with straight blond hair to her shoulders and a luminous smile of perfect teeth.
99. Luminous pink reflected from the granite boulders on the mountaintop allowed me to recognize this place.
100. He turned to the sedate master – whose face was still bright, luminous and clear – and he said to Mr.

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