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Luxuriate in a sentence

1. To luxuriate in the physical pleasure.
2. I could feel no sunny warmth on my skin nor could I luxuriate in soft and yielding sand under my toes.
3. But he now allowed himself to luxuriate for a few moments by reflecting on what they had all accomplished so far.
4. It is not uncommon for us to spend the entire hours of darkness following the path of the moons from horizon to horizon and then to luxuriate in the beauty of the starlit heaven until the rays of the morning sun gradually spread higher and higher.

1. Luxuriating in the feel of the oils on.
2. He was luxuriating in some extra meditation.
3. She writhed in his arms for a few lazy minutes, luxuriating in the caresses.
4. As the taxi pulled away she cuddled in to him, luxuriating in his closeness.
5. She watched him watching her, luxuriating in the way his gaze seemed to devour her body.
6. This will leave the few who might remain luxuriating in Linkola’s authoritarian agrarian society.
7. Told to undress and get in, he stepped into the water, luxuriating in the warmth, scrubbing himself clean for the first time since he’d left Oahu.
8. To sum up, there are two aspects of a subject, the one luxuriating in the sensuous pleasure of it, with all of spiritual significance it may consciously or unconsciously convey, and the other concerned with the lines, tones, shapes, &c.
9. A man of our time, whether he professes the divinity of Christ or not, cannot help but know that to take part, whether as a king, a minister, a governor, or a rural officer, in the sale of a poor family's last cow for taxes, with which to pay for cannon or the salaries and pensions of luxuriating, idle, and harmful officials; or to have a share in putting the provider of a family into prison, because we ourselves have corrupted him, and let his family go a-begging; or to take part in the plunders and murders of war; or to help substitute savage and idolatrous superstitions for Christ's law; or to detain a trespassing cow of a man who has no land of his own; or to deduct a sum from the wages of a factory hand for an article which he accidentally ruined; or to extort a double price from a poor fellow, only because he is in need,—a man of our time cannot help but know that all these things are disgraceful and execrable, and that they should not be done.
1. For a few minutes she luxuriated in a hot.
2. They just lay there for awhile, she luxuriated in his caress.
3. Vidich was an arrogant man who luxuriated in his position at the head of the SFO.
4. She luxuriated for about half an hour, until she felt like she couldn’t stay awake.
5. Karla luxuriated under the water pounding her back, the hot needles easing the tension from her shoulders.
6. A small, flat-nosed Jew raised his large head and regarded me with two fine growths of hair which luxuriated in either nostril.
7. For the first few days at Princeton, the boys kicked back and luxuriated in the posh surroundings of the hotel and country club.
8. It was left in this state of indecision while Brigit luxuriated in a long warm bath topped with green bubbles courtesy of the hotel.
9. He’d taken her then, luxuriated in her ranging memories, adding them to his diaries, and had then scattered her sentience to the winds.
10. She luxuriated in the feeling of closeness, of his tender touch, any hurt that lingered from him not calling her set aside in her mind, at least for now.
11. He discarded the bath water still in the tub and filled it afresh, and he luxuriated as he immersed himself and used a piece of soap to work up a lather.
12. It was the drowsiness of happy, well-fed childhood, and they sat in the fire glow and luxuriated in it until Sara found herself turning to look at her transformed bed.
13. The tree-ferns that had luxuriated in its spray had died around the dried-up pool, and the high ravine was only a big trench half filled up with the refuse of excavations and tailings.
14. Freshly bathed in hot springs in the private bath inside the cliff wall that ringed the village, they had luxuriated in the twin rooms for an hour emerging clean, wrinkled and weak kneed from the heat.

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