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Thrive in a sentence

They thrive on the expected.
She seemed to thrive on it.
Some traders thrive on this.
As Flowers mingle and thrive.
But those that thrive on that.
And you will thrive and prosper.
To thrive, frugivores would have.

They live on and thrive on memories.
A few hardy plants survive and thrive.
Where we fools dumbly thrive ourselves.
In fact I think I thrive on challenges.
You can either survive or you can thrive.
This is why our homage will always thrive.
You live and thrive on life’s challenges.
It will be in their best interest if you thrive.
You can either thrive in it or be destroyed in it.
Champions always look to improve and thrive under.
You can survive and even thrive in a slowing market.
You can either thrive in it, or be destroyed in it.
Only the war mongers can thrive in this atmosphere.
Enablers thrive on the weaknesses and needs of others.
Those that thrive can ride that colossal swelling wave.
No tufted pines beside it grow, no osiers thrive around.
I thrive on thinking through dilemmas as an individual.
In a world of love and generosity, communism could thrive.
Most diseases will not thrive in an oxygen-rich environ-.
Life was tough until the wine industry started to thrive.
Even in enslavement, these humans have managed to thrive.
The majority of the people seem to thrive under the Khanate.
It works best for people who thrive on raw fear or masochism.
You can't thrive in that kind of poisonous, sick environment.
Dishonest, lying harlots that thrive on the misery of others.
He mentions, however, that exotic plants will not thrive there.
They lived close to the land and knew well how to thrive there.
McDuff is betting that CBD will thrive as Brazilian incomes rise.
I told him that the reason why flowers and trees can thrive.
It’s a place where a vampire can thrive as well as stay hidden.
Left to their own devices she hoped the roses would thrive and.
But without you, all other animals can survive—indeed, thrive.
As promised, he was thriving under.
Today, Vietnam is a thriving country.
But are you thriving? As Over 66 percent.
A thriving business would be looking to.
But, as in all thriving theocracies, they.
But the Beancounting Department was thriving.
Amarillo is remarkable in that the thriving.
The four cacti were thriving on the windowsill.
They are a bunch of exploiters, thriving on the.
Ranch is thriving, I complimented him as we strolled.
He’d proved himself the head of a thriving household.
Thriving also, were the early ancestors to mammals, the.
He now has a thriving business which is expanding rapidly.
What had once been a thriving, busy place was now moribund.
In 1897, the landlady and her husband had set up a thriving.
Today the Irish language is thriving in the North of Ireland.
This would be our contented abode, thriving with six or more.
With the tourist industry thriving and a lot of people coming to.
The other sugar colonies of France are in general all very thriving.
Settlers Court is thriving and so are its residents, both old and new.
If he is born in a noble or thriving household and is subject to the in-.
A trio of sisters does a thriving business in blankets, especially quilts.
Michael recognised the decaying remains of what had once been a thriving.
Similarly a visitor whose offspring did not survive, had thriving issues.
He added that young Carlotta was thriving with her relatives in the northeast.
Aquatic plants need a steady supply of oxygen to keep them alive and thriving.
Fast-forward a few years and the shelter at Court Street was open and thriving.
Obviously, this training is not happening in China, yet the Church is thriving.
Japan has large, thriving, and influential peace and environmentalist movements.
They showed no respect for the dead that lay around the once thriving community.
Life is thriving in this little ecosystem, in the middle of this dying metropolis.
After all, this infant is thriving, so it is not essential for her to nurse directly.
He’d built a thriving business, whether or not his wife’s money had launched it.
It was the usual thing, when a trader died leaving a widow and a thriving enterprise.
I take that as a pretty strong sign that CERKO is, to one degree or another, thriving.
You are a sentient race with a thriving society regardless of ‘how’ you came to be.
In a week’s time the Shag & Golf had become defunct; no longer a living, thriving entity.
If this did not turn out to be a thriving business, then maybe rack stations are not needed.
They are reckoned, however, as thriving, and consequently as rich, as any of their neighbours.
Explosions rocked throughout what was left of the once thriving city, as fires consumed the rest.
But he thrived on it.
They both thrived on a minimum.
I thrived those Sundays with Mrs.
The girls thrived on Rose’s attention.
Roger Cook’s career had thrived in UVS.
They had arrived and thrived: what now?
She thrived once she overcame that barrier.
But I survived and thrived and you will too.
She thrived on her victims’ pain and humiliation.
It was a strange situation to Lucy, but she thrived.
A thirty three year old man I know has thrived to be.
He was loved deeply by his mother and thrived within his.
However, polytheist religions often thrived on war and blood.
Our cult has thrived for thousands of years,' said Alessandra.
Human beings have thrived on animal fats for thousands of years.
So as the sister thrived and blossomed to parental applause, he.
He was funny and entertaining and my Mum thrived on his attention.
V could see how paranoid I was about life though and he thrived on it.
Moon bears, also known as Asiatic Black Bears, once thrived throughout the.
The wood trolls have thrived in this environment for countless generations.
He thrived on the kind of attention and encouragement he had just experienced.
Lil thrived on reading, watching and learning about end of the world scenarios.
Her entire field thrived on it but she was in no condition to deal with it today.
He found a pond to wash the blood away, but the insects thrived in shallow water.
I thrived on watching the tourists, the locals and the girls and the dudes doing.
She thrived despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles and almost impossible odds.
If it thrived better in the shade then he planted it towards the end of the garden.
Terranoids are cautious folk and have thrived within this mineral-laden earth for eons.
The small varmints that were one of the wolves’ favorite prey thrived on the new crops.
You knew that there was nothing left of the human soul that once thrived inside the shell.
Although, there were States that disliked Slavery, there where States where Slavery thrived.
Clever enough it seemed, to not only live in an infected world, but to have thrived within it.
But was it real or had he just been seeing what he wanted to see? She thrived on the challenge.
Everything had place and proportion, and a man like you … well, you would have simply thrived.
She could see that he and Shelagh thrived in each other’s company and she wondered about them.
Clifford, also known as Little Comache and Brownie, thrived there and was a member of various bands.
This was just the kind of fodder that the international media thrived on and focused on so intensely.
They will put her through paces she never dreamed of! She is too soft to endure what I have thrived on.
They evolved around organisms that thrived around volcanic vents in the ocean floors, in pure darkness.
In spite of that issue we have grown and even thrived as a people in our harsh underground environments.
He lives and thrives.
He thrives on attention.
It thrives on the cold and the wet.
The ego’s a man that thrives in anger.
Sorcery thrives on success, not on failure.
You body thrives on having fluids to flush out.
Search engine marketing thrives on quality content.
And let's face it, the main stream media thrives on.
He continues: Corruption thrives where things are not done.
God says: …a magician thrives not, (no matter) where he goes.
Newtonian theory, albeit relegated to approximation, still thrives.
He thrives in an environment where he is challenged to work harder.
The courgette thrives best in a sunny though sheltered part of the garden.
The Church thrives under pressure, that was the very birth of the Church.
Man thrives, oddly enough, only in the presence of a challenging environment.
Astrologers thrives in self knowledge particularly on the ideas of heavenly forces.
Most mutations are neutral, having little or no effect on how the animal thrives.
What Pinga has in his favor is that he doesn’t mind risk; in fact he thrives on it.
As further noted, Sexual harassment of women thrives in environments that are male.
One of the big things related to sexual sin, is that it thrives in darkness and secrecy.
The Greenway Community Garden thrives in Richmond, California with forty-two raised beds.
The zodiac thrives with them to such a point that it prevents their seeing the weeping child.
The construction industry that thrives on money does not want to do the job in an ecological way i.
Fear is not the only feeding ground for the ego as it also thrives on feelings of jealousy, arrogance and pride.
Even so, we plan to remain in the presence of that divine goodness where the softness of spiritual fruit thrives.
Theocracy lives by the opposite principle: it is born, lives, and thrives on immobility, death, and the irrational.
And The Eliminator is not all that dangerous; it thrives mostly around lower dimensional realities and unrealities.
The tetanus bacillus thrives throughout the environment and in the following days it had easily taken hold in the wounds.
They do not know that the softness within themselves thrives with spiritual fruit, from that divine deity that lives within.
Whether living things thrive or die on this planet is of no concern to the tool: as long as its host thrives, that’s all that matters.
A $30 billion dollar industry thrives on our false hope of miraculous weight loss supplements itching to effortlessly turn us into svelte hard bodies.
When the fruit of the spirit thrives within our mind and emotions to guide our behaviors, even in hostile situations, we are living from that inner divinity.
Would you be willing to study for thirty years just so you could manage to recite the alphabet? That is the kind of Negative feedback that Science thrives on.
There was a suggestion of scaliness about it, as if the owner had dwelt long under conditions almost antithetical to those conditions under which human life ordinarily thrives.
Democracy lives on movement, change, on contractual agreements, flexible time frames, enduring dynamics, dialectical interplay? It creates itself and thrives at the best of a will that stems from living forces.
Our women, no less strong than our men, gather round, clad in the old ways, with brightly colored skirts, laced blouses, and bare feet, in honor of the coming feast, which will be attended by the entire village that thrives in the valley below our mountain.
But, is species differences as simple as a behavioral change among a portion of a larger population, that causes it to be separated out, with this physical separation creating a sexual separation that in turn creates physical appearance differences? And when environmental change creates a survival opportunity for one over the other, that one thrives and the other disappears?
Who thrives this moment as I write,.

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