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Medium in a sentence

It was in a medium.
She is a medium of.
It acts as a medium.
Medium, the use of, 111.
A medium of choice itself.
Reduce heat to medium low.
Grill the salmon medium rare.

Turn the heat on medium high.
The Medium and the Mediator.
It was armed with one medium.
She was of medium height and.
Marketing is the only medium.
Cook over medium heat just to.
There's a medium in all things.
What were they? Medium children.
He was medium built and muscular.
Charcoal was her favorite medium.
Cook for 5 minutes on medium heat.
A medium round of applause went up.
The new medium was too impersonal.
Not low, not even medium, but high.
The sun over Jersey was medium rare.
Whatever medium of communication we.
It said medium seas, wind 15 knots.
It had to have a Medium to exist in.
Between one and others in the medium.
On the Grill: Turn barbeque to medium.
It was a medium size room with bare.
He is a wonderfully powerful medium!.
The medium of promotion should not be.
I knew him to be a medium before this.
Heat a large pot over medium high heat.
A man of medium height stood before her.
Preheat an outdoor grill to medium heat.
Richard started preparing culture medium.
Preheat a cast-iron tawa over medium heat.
He's tall with a medium build like Scott.
She turned up the heat from low to medium.
It’s only a medium bow for you, actually.
He did not need a lost medium on his hands.

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