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Menial in a sentence

He worked menial jobs, e.
was only a base menial?.
menial - a monkey could do it.
Her job was the menial stuff.
responding to menial instructions.
worked menial jobs to keep the ship moving.
companions had returned to their menial task.

skill, however menial, was valued and respected.
These menial tasks fitted in between the practical and.
But the maintenance of a menial servant never is restored.
The others left to handle the menial tasks while Darek and.
tasks) with some menial job like clearing leaves off the patio.
Being a waiter in America is regarded as a low-class menial job.
even though he did all kinds of menial and lowly jobs with utmost.
They were probably uneducated, and in menial forms of employment and thus.
John frequently did menial jobs for me on my property and whenever I could I.
They are only servants who work without doors, as menial servants work within.
The labour of a menial servant, on the contrary, adds to the value of nothing.
They were loaded down with all the boring menial work of that earlier lifestyle.
Apprentices were kept as menial slaves for years regardless of how competent they were.
Meanwhile, Dave doesn’t like his job much because it is too menial - a monkey could do it.
Now what I suggest is that the menial task is more the sort of work that dockyard workers.
charity, asked to perform menial tasks, helping the countess dress her hair and choose her clothes.
He felt strangely humbled as never before, in spite of the menial and unskilled nature of his existence.
Ozzie was standing to one side with Chas, the managers of the dig – above such menial tasks as digging.
Menial work is required for the survival of society, and is therefore just as important as faction work.
He was willing to withstand the petty slights and menial work for the opportunity to work aside a real genius.
A growing mass of menial issues all caused by the fact that most of their equipment was almost thirty years old.
Members of The Host’s Menial Sentries run down the stairs and fix themselves into trenches of rock and machines.
He had hit her once in a five-star hotel because she’d teased him about his mispronunciation of the word menial.

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Synonyms for menial

menial humble lowly