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    1. headed for the rocks, the accompanying Sea Rescue helicopters had to return to base as the waves were now high enough to be sucked

    2. would be base upon superficial knowledge you have of that

    3. It’s in a United Order base hidden within the city in the basement of a building posing as a bank,” Ackers said in one large breath

    4. "Brandon" was etched into the base

    5. “We brought her all the way here, showed her our base

    6. Buried at base of plants

    7. “Has she been taking good care of you? Has she?” he purrs, rubbing his hands around the base of the drumset

    8. He knew that Ackers never left the base, and the chances of him actually coming to Johnny’s house were the same as the chances of the United Order knowing that Johnny Clunker was Johnny B

    9. She wished she could have seen the real thing, not just the dimly-lit base of the tunnel rim and the hewn rock disappearing into the blacker black of the mountainside against the black but star-strewn sky above

    10. I suggest that you use builder’s sand around the base of any wooden structures at least 2 feet out and two feet deep

    11. No wonder he stayed back at the base; how was anyone supposed to think clearly when they were out in the field with all these distractions?

    12. No one ever knew what had come from the moon base Talstan had taken over from China

    13. Avoid urea base fertilizers

    14. Another method you can use to control pests on your roses is to bury tobacco around the base of your roses

    15. Bury at base of rose by turning over into the soil

    16. A better method and one that I prefer, is to get a small clay drain pipe (opened at both ends, about 3 inches wide, 12 inches long (smaller for roses, larger for trees) and bury that at the base of the rose bush or plant, level with the ground

    17. Other barriers to keep ants and aphids off are Tabasco sauce and a natural soap sprayed on base and on leaves

    18. Use Tangelfoot (available from most garden centers) and place a line around the base of the plants

    19. DE made into a paste and painted around base of rose will work also

    20. That was our base

    21. ‘Damn you! Leave me alone!’ I cried, hanging up with a crash as the handset hits the base unit

    22. was some other vessel docked with the base

    23. She started to develop the theory that she had been suspended and left on the Biology Base when the expedition returned to Sol

    24. She went to bed in late October of 2278, but had she been suspended while the expedition departed? Was this some kind of delayed punishment for stowing away on that base the first time? Could that ship be the Presidente Lula, last of the sleeperships? Could she have been suspended so long that it was here already? It wasn't due to arrive for another sixty years

    25. "I thought I was off the Biology Base?"

    26. "I used the last one before Gordon's Lamp decoupled from this base when it departed for Sol

    27. She was beginning to feel that it had been a century and a half and a lot had changed in the Biology Base

    28. "So do you call this Biology Base still, or the Victoria McReady Station?"

    29. Even without the missing years, she'd spent more of her life on Gordon's Lamp than at Sol, a good part of it here in this null point and most of her last eight years in this base

    30. "Yeah, that's not my greatest concern but Biology Base feels a bit cramped?"

    31. When she admitted it to herself, that link into their knowledge base had been a little disorienting

    32. It's written for cherons, I built a whole hierarchy from the base up, I didn't use any of the standard derived classes of cherubs, not even pets

    33. A castle that wasn't taller than it was wide, and wasn't wider at the top than it was at the base, was distinctly gauche

    34. I had a pretty good arm because I played third base most of the time

    35. But, I still had first base open

    36. Two runners on base; second and third

    37. The runners moved up one base, another run scored

    38. The catcher picked the ball up and easily threw Stewey out at first base

    39. Before Jimmy went up to the plate, the coach told him to bunt down the third base line because the third baseman was playing way back, protecting the line

    40. He bunted it beautifully down the third base line and just stood there in the batter’s box admiring his handy work

    41. The third batter of the inning; our last hope to end this game without going into extra innings, was hit by the first pitch and trotted down to first base

    42. The one on the ground was a copy of the Ava that had lived secretly in Biology Base with them

    43. It was the one that had been left on Biology Base, way back in 2271, when it was only one hundred years old instead of two hundred and fifty

    44. She was restoring everything of his to how it had been in 2278, hoping that would soften the blow of waking up as a clone in the ruins of Biology Base

    45. void, combining it with the driving base line of fundamental creation that beat at His

    46. "We're on the Biology Base

    47. This is Biology Base, remember? It's just you, me and Ava

    48. "But you never said she was there," Morg said, "with you on Biology Base

    49. shoulder blades back to relieve the tension that he felt tightening at the base of his

    50. "Ava believes that the base universe contains a huge and ancient human civilization that was given an immense technological boost by whatever third party brought humans here sometime during Earth's last ice age

    1. You will begin to do the things that you need to do because your thoughts, based on these two words, will solidify a belief system of confidence within you

    2. A lot of our parenting is done on autopilot and is based on what we

    3. about how to walk with God is based on Malachi: 2:4-6

    4. Moreover, until recently, feelings of sexuality and sexual need among those over 60 years of age might be cause for guilt feelings, based on the culturally constructed assumption that people were supposed to "mature out of" sexual interest and become sexual neuters as they entered into their so-called "golden years

    5. direction based on how you are being

    6. tune you become to your intuition, based on what you want, the faster you will begin to see positive life changes happen

    7. When you have an intuition you are making a decision and you are running through your mind the different scenarios that may occur based on your

    8. However, these studies don't always take into account the efficacy of the treatments and may be based more on actual availability of the treatments and personal preferences

    9. autoresponder follows up with additional offers based on what the How to Pick a Shopping Cart System that Makes You Money

    10. Over the years we create a self-image and when we face situations, which are as it is not under our control, we react based on this image

    11. Do not use Urea based products! Urea kills the beneficials, and stays in the soil for years

    12. Our understanding of the human stress response has been based on the "fight-or-flight" model, which states that when confronted with a stressful situation, humans either will respond with aggressive behavior or will withdraw

    13. We have become selfish individuals, taking all decisions based on materialistic considerations and adopted a culture marketed by others

    14. In such cases the counselor is well trained in his profession and can supervise the client and modify the approach based on the inputs from the client

    15. But the fact she finally based her decision on, when all was said and done, was Kulai's maturity

    16. Once we stop comparing ourselves with others and define our identity based on our own terms, we remove the constraint we have put on our mind

    17. Yoga, Meditation, community singing of songs in the praise of one lord or the other, and spiritual discussions etc are not identified with one religion but are adopted by individuals based on their experience with regard to its good effect on physical and emotional health and in search of true happiness

    18. Avoid fertilizers as they are all salt based

    19. Even the right to worship is restricted based on caste, gender or any other consideration

    20. ” Growing up in Puerto Rico/Miami, Lopez was heavily influenced by the fact that his mother grew her own fruits and vegetables and always used animal manure as fertilizer This organically based philosophy toward gardening techniques laid the foundation of Lopez beliefs and in 1972 he founded Astra’s Garden, based on something of a religion that subscribes to living in harmony with the environment: not polluting; treating all living plant life with respect; and, basically just listening to what the earth is telling us

    21. ‘Dad got an education – trained as a skilled worker and got a job in the aeronautical industry based in Bristol

    22. Though Brazil was still ruled by mortals, they had a heavy presence in the solar system and space based weapons with which to retaliate

    23. I could visualise the blocks in the walls and the ventilation grill in the door based only on memories of things from another time, from another world

    24. I had to trust my youthful judgement, a judgement based on the meagre sum of knowledge gleaned so far about my captors

    25. He said he mapped in the specific point he picked for us to breach space based on tidal shifts in local stellar gravity

    26. The command for their silence is based on the law

    27. which the respective roles of men and women in both the home and the church are based

    28. church are identical! God's respective roles for men and women are based on their nature as God created them! It is not a question of one sex being either superior or inferior to the other

    29. This hasty decision based on fear and dogma bothered him

    30. care should be taken NOT to select elders based upon the domestic qualifications (husband

    31. They might have their reasons of course, but I, for one, feel that such a decision based largely on looks is more suitable for a casual

    32. Everything in our culture is based upon these principles

    33. And what is the false religious establishment at its core? Does it not have at its heart the very things that the principalities and powers promote? It is based solely off of self-preservation, self-promotion, and self-pleasure

    34. The first 5 chapters of Romans are written in a way to undermine any religion that is based on our good works or efforts

    35. Everything is based on the cross

    36. Jesus claims that this entire system that is based off of violence, greed, isolation, and we’re-in-and-you’re-out-mentality is over

    37. construct realities based on what they are fed and what they

    38. can only do this, based on the environment and information

    39. Wasting little time, she strode along the pavement and turned into the side street where the Association was based, arriving at the door slightly breathless and consequently more than a little annoyed that it should be so

    40. based on West African folktales it tells the story of a

    41. A faulty religion that is based on man’s ability is taken to death so that in resurrection it might be glorious

    42. landed based birds, they had never seen a bird that had settled

    43. She knew they wouldn't remember any details from three hundred centuries ago, but knew their behavior patterns were based on the successful patterns from all the ages of their lives

    44. JOYCE: You say having a lot of dates is an indication of his popularity, and based on his popularity with women, you call him a "fine young man

    45. All facts presented to the reader are based upon

    46. Many of the Yoga exercises are based on the natural stretching of healthy animals which the ancient Yogis, who formulated the science of Hatha Yoga, observed and emulated

    47. The antidote was based on limbering up the spine and keeping it supple, bending it this way and that to relieve tired muscles, and putting the feet up above the head to combat the pull and downward drag of gravity

    48. The antidote in this chapter is based on toning up the sciatic nerve and the muscles of the lower back to relieve the pain of sciatica and lumbago

    49. It is, in fact, a methodology based on the old Dickensian philosophy of serialization, but rather than stories appearing once a week in a magazine, new stories appear pretty much once a week across the globe in electronic format, using aggregators and direct publishing at sites like Smashwords

    50. Unfortunately, Cyberia’s appreciation of art and craft was based on the experience gained at her finishing school, where she had spent relaxed Wednesday afternoons fiddling with watercolours and making decoupage kittens out of old socks and yoghurt pot lids

    1. with bases loaded in the 13th

    2. The bases were now loaded again and the lead-off hitter coming to the plate

    3. Even when set on their sassiest however, they cannot show the independent will that Shibet could, that made love with her so much more interesting than love with this collection of surface renderings and response data bases

    4. This system that bases itself off of violence and greed is being opposed by a man from Nazareth

    5. bases her science fiction work on the culture of the islands

    6. The stones loomed in the half light, deep shadows clouding their bases

    7. Anyway, this chapter will teach you all about the Soul Slayer and I will try to cover all your bases while keeping it brief and to the point

    8. In the time while Gordon’s Lamp was away on its mission, most souls of means got preserved, and the bulk of mortal Chinese voluntarily ascended to the bases in the moon

    9. All the information was carved into signs screwed to the bases of the huge trunks

    10. they ever received was from other NN bases

    11. We were up by four runs thanks to a two out bases loaded triple by yours truly

    12. Although no runs scored, the bases were now loaded and the tying run

    13. attention we’re in a real pickle here, bases loaded, nobody out, and the tying run is

    14. warm inside, like I was there running the bases with you

    15. There were two outs and the bases were loaded

    16. Of course all the guys on the bases immediately took off the second he hit the ball because there were two outs and that's what you do in baseball, you immediately take off

    17. Somehow or other Pat O'Brien loaded the bases in the top of the ninth inning so Arizona State had runners on first, second, and third

    18. The guy from first base was flying around the bases and the guy from first beat a throw to home plate so Arizona won the game 1 - 0 and Pat O'Brien stood up on third base with a triple

    19. Even though the base ball was at 450 feet away, Paul Ray Powell was not exactly a leading speedster running about the bases because he was pretty big and bulky and muscular but he still got a triple

    20. There had been a stream thru here at one time because there were small sandbars deposited behind the bases of the machines

    21. Her eyes grew even wider when she caught sight of moving parts along the sides of the room and steam rising from the bases

    22. The bases for such intellectual and emotional capabilities are built through caring, consistent nurturing and age-appropriate challenges

    23. mean Rex’s bases!!) was on the moon,

    24. Rex had dedicated one of Ariel’s bases as

    25. Tours of the other three bases of Ariel were

    26. Polymer concrete and mortars have improved finishing properties and raised adhesion to different bases

    27. Admiral Pearson had his hands full trying to cover all the bases with such a small force

    28. 9/ll was caused by Islamic terrorists, and our troops are being killed by Islamic terrorists overseas and on our very own military bases; yet, our commanders are more concerned about „diversity" and not offending the Muslim community

    29. He certainly had many bases to

    30. Unity? They’d always viewed the enemy at a distance, as machines to be destroyed, or bases to be

    31. Once inside the country the terrorists or rather those who survived, created bush camps or bases from which they trained locals to be terrorists

    32. They could distinguish likely (read actual) terrorist bases by looking at the number of toilets and the paths to it for African men do not (in rural areas) share a toilet with a woman

    33. They were also used extensively outside Rhodesia in the rural areas of neighbouring countries like Mozambique because they followed the terrorists to their bases no matter where they were and destroyed it

    34. The terrorists were able to establish bases both inside Rhodesia and outside in neighbouring countries

    35. Undeniably they had many temporary bases as they infiltrated south for they had to sleep somewhere

    36. No one forgot the problem of terrorist bases inside Rhodesia and the havoc it caused with the elections afterwards being able to dominate the locals to vote freely and fairly for the terrorists home political parties

    37. When the Army withdrew from Angola after operation Savannah it was realised that the terrorists would and did establish quite large bases to train and equip their men who would then infiltrate into Owamboland or cross Africa to the east and bother the Rhodesians

    38. This meant the terrorist bases destroyed and the poor terrorist reduced to walking hundreds of miles through enemy country before reaching Owamboland where the police waited

    39. As you would recognise the pattern by now I don't really need to explain they planned to have permanent bases inside the country from which they could dominate the elections

    40. There was no insurgency as such because ANC learned from their defeats in Rhodesia and Angola that it would be suicide to establish bases in the rural area

    41. There they established safe house and training bases

    42. Germany rearmed, this time as a US ally, with over 200,000 US troops in over 200 permanent bases across Germany

    43. Being the central part of the collection, �The Art of War� formed the bases of orthodox military theory in China

    44. US bases make up most of the island, and US servicemen and Filipino migrant workers almost outnumber Chamorros

    45. Allotment, the breakup of tribal land bases, also came to an end

    46. His bases of operation in Afghanistan and the one he had in northern Iraq have been destroyed

    47. Again, US protectorate and navy bases could stop that and still leave both nations independent

    48. The term can mean anything from business interests to the need for military bases to simply punishing any nation that does not agree with the US government

    49. As with most Army bases in mainland Britain security was managed through an IT consortium that only allowed access upon production of a swipe card

    50. In the end he seemed to agree that if nothing else, his master’s demise and their current predicament had shown him that nothing’s well with the Territories and indeed the bases of their society were rotten to the core

    1. She felt that she finally had something to offer to these discussions, basing her opinions on her direct experience with these poor unfortunate people

    2. ” She tried to forget she was basing her beliefs on a couple of three minute conversations

    3. By basing your affirmations on the clear, rational assessments of facts that you made using Rational Thinking, you can use them to undo the damage that negative thinking may have

    4. Therefore basing on the keywords that the searchers enter,

    5. Darrell - How did you come up with the idea of basing a mystery series around wine?

    6. are basing our projections on a hyperbolic curve

    7. I was still dealing with a mate of mine but basing it from a girl"s flat I was seeing to play it safe

    8. But then I don’t think I could start off my new life by basing it on a

    9. Basing our opposition to the Swordsmen on how they treat their populations is too simplistic

    10. ‘’What I mean is that, by basing ourselves here and now, we made ourselves highly vulnerable to any attempt by someone to change or modify history in past centuries

    11. Then the Almighty clarified to us that His Guidance is presented to mankind by means of His merciful envoy who reveals it basing on an enlightened discernment

    12. We're basing this recipe on the previous one; however, you don't need to go back and work through that recipe

    13. Indeed, what are you basing your convictions on, if they did not

    14. In her eyes, that counted a lot more than simply gaining basing rights in Japan or making a new ally

    15. those who work in the accounting or engineering fields, basing decisions on a

    16. Basing consumer credit

    17. Much longer than the Deana program, and I don’t believe that the program has been basing its behavior patterns totally on my expectations or fantasies

    18. I believe that she guessed where Cooper was being held through simple but solid reasoning, basing herself on her extensive experience as a war correspondent

    19. I realize that the funding for such a project was cut years ago, when the overseas basing scheme for our medium range missiles and our submarine-launched missile system were deemed as effective while much less costly

    20. Basing your business on one product

    21. This might not show up as a good thing for basing the overall location of the garden on; however, you would be surprised and happy about having it planned out in advance

    22. having money, but not basing your whole life on the thirst for money

    23. The managers making decisions on where to invest are not often basing their decisions on the particular country’s investment regime

    24. “Just basing on this good intention from brother,

    25. “And what are we basing this on? How do I handle the media when they call for more information? I have to have more than this at least

    26. He was basing his present actions on the assumption

    27. Preserving this obsolete document, and basing a modern functioning Nation upon it by adding a few Amendments the American Constitution: is like trying to add a few Amendments to James Watt’s steam engine, so you can build a rocket that can go to the moon

    28. the point - years ago - when I quit basing what I believe

    29. were basing their plans on the assumption that the

    30. participate in religion and politics, you are basing your lives on primary sources of great harm, hence

    31. That is why I am basing this advice on an appeal to self-

    32. In stating your salary range, avoid basing your desired salary on your current salary

    33. Basing upon the above listed methodological approaches and tak-

    34. Basing upon analysis of description of patients who were subjected

    35. Basing upon the afore-mentioned concepts one may interpret the

    36. We may answer this question basing upon contemporary concepts of

    37. tems which materials Jung was mainly basing upon while writing his

    38. you choose as the fi rst?” (You should keep further talk basing upon the

    39. Basing upon results of investigations performed in such systems we

    40. Basing upon the fact that

    41. Basing on the chakra conception of diseases described above, we

    42. Basing on this fact and

    43. However there are some principles, basing on which one can build

    44. ” It’s jarring for the people around you, but I’ve found that most waiters continually ask if you want food not because they really want you to eat, but because they’ve zoned out or are high (I’m basing that on my personal experience in food service so stop judging me

    45. A direct Charisian attack on Geyra or Desnair the City hadn’t seemed very likely until the Empire began building and basing so many privateers and Navy commerce-raiders along the coast between there and Desnair the City, but Rahdgyrz believed in being prepared

    46. As a much more extreme solution, you could calculate separate indicators for bullish and bearish divergence, basing the tool for bearish divergence off the highs of the price bars and the other off the lows

    47. The basing of common-stock values on reported per-share earnings has made it much easier for managements to exercise an arbitrary and unwholesome control over the price level of their shares

    48. The whole idea of basing the value upon current earnings seems inherently absurd, since we know that the current earnings are constantly changing

    49. , basing the average on the period beginning in 1934, when operating in 1939 or later

    50. “This is not what you’re basing your assumptions on, I hope

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    Synonyms for "base"

    base pedestal stand bag base of operations foot foundation fundament groundwork substructure understructure infrastructure basis cornerstone radical root root word stem theme floor al-qa'ida al-qaeda al-qaida al qaeda al qaida qaeda home radix alkali nucleotide establish found ground free-base baseborn mean meanspirited humble lowly basal immoral menial abject squalid beggarly ignoble degrading low dirty sordid contemptible cowardly villainous degraded inferior shabby cheap poor coarse counterfeit tawdry unworthy corrupt evil foul tainted sinister vile ungodly wretched disreputable dishonourable disgraceful infamous notorious scandalous shameful basement grounds bed bedrock bottom seat rest element essence core support camp site station headquarters settlement post centre garrison terminal

    "base" definitions

    installation from which a military force initiates operations

    lowest support of a structure

    a place that the runner must touch before scoring

    the bottom or lowest part

    (anatomy) the part of an organ nearest its point of attachment

    a lower limit

    the fundamental assumptions from which something is begun or developed or calculated or explained

    a support or foundation

    a phosphoric ester of a nucleoside; the basic structural unit of nucleic acids (DNA or RNA)

    any of various water-soluble compounds capable of turning litmus blue and reacting with an acid to form a salt and water

    the bottom side of a geometric figure from which the altitude can be constructed

    the most important or necessary part of something

    (numeration system) the positive integer that is equivalent to one in the next higher counting place

    the place where you are stationed and from which missions start and end

    a terrorist network intensely opposed to the United States that dispenses money and logistical support and training to a wide variety of radical Islamic terrorist groups; has cells in more than 50 countries

    (linguistics) the form of a word after all affixes are removed

    the stock of basic facilities and capital equipment needed for the functioning of a country or area

    the principal ingredient of a mixture

    a flat bottom on which something is intended to sit

    (electronics) the part of a transistor that separates the emitter from the collector

    use as a basis for; found on

    situate as a center of operations

    use (purified cocaine) by burning it and inhaling the fumes

    serving as or forming a base

    of low birth or station (`base' is archaic in this sense)

    (used of metals) consisting of or alloyed with inferior metal

    not adhering to ethical or moral principles

    having or showing an ignoble lack of honor or morality


    debased; not genuine