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Base in a sentence

At its base.
At the base.
In the base.
The base of.
base of his dick.
Is that Base Two.
Omer base early.

wide at the base.
base of his neck.
What do I base.
The base of it.
Air Base in Qatar.
Base, you read?.
the NASA moon base.
base of the tongue.
the base of plants.
from his army base.
Those on the base.
the base and emit-.
Moon Base Alpha.
section of the base.
wider than the base.
That was our base.
The military base.
The base was theirs.
the base of his tail.
That gave us a base.
I base this on the.
Basing consumer credit.
Basing on this fact and.
Basing upon the fact that.
Basing your business on one product.
are basing our projections on a hyperbolic curve.
were basing their plans on the assumption that the.
He was basing his present actions on the assumption.
Just basing on this good intention from brother,.
the point - years ago - when I quit basing what I believe.
Therefore basing on the keywords that the searchers enter,.
That is why I am basing this advice on an appeal to self-.
Basing upon the afore-mentioned concepts one may interpret the.
This is not what you’re basing your assumptions on, I hope.
Basing upon the above listed methodological approaches and tak-.
Basing on the chakra conception of diseases described above, we.
Indeed, what are you basing your convictions on, if they did not.
We may answer this question basing upon contemporary concepts of.
However there are some principles, basing on which one can build.
Basing upon results of investigations performed in such systems we.
tems which materials Jung was mainly basing upon while writing his.
Basing upon analysis of description of patients who were subjected.
having money, but not basing your whole life on the thirst for money.
5 percent), so basing your choice on the fee structure is one possibility.
But then I don’t think I could start off my new life by basing it on a.
you choose as the fi rst? (You should keep further talk basing upon the.
those who work in the accounting or engineering fields, basing decisions on a.
Darrell - How did you come up with the idea of basing a mystery series around wine?.
, basing the average on the period beginning in 1934, when operating in 1939 or later.
In stating your salary range, avoid basing your desired salary on your current salary.
Wave 1 is part of a basing process at least half the time and should see rising volume.
She tried to forget she was basing her beliefs on a couple of three minute conversations.
Based on one.
A home based.
All based on.
Based on his.
Based on the.
Based on this.
Its based on a.
Based in France.
The water based.
based on stolen U.
and are based on.
It is fear based.
based on what he.
Faith based and.
Based on the out.
action based on it.
not based on color.
This is based on.
It is based on a.
Just based on his.
based system in 1977.
are based on traces.
should be based on.
She said based on Mr.
All water based types.
It is based largely.
(2 month based only).
mental wel ness based.
An Estimate Based on.
And walks the bases.
bases around the world.
Navy's submarine bases.
need to cover the bases.
I want to touch all bases.
conventional bases of 129.
All the bases covered?’.
I have all my bases covered.
touch bases with all options.
are also referred to as bases.
Third- or fourth-stage bases.
home bases for the Underground.
with bases loaded in the 13th.
All the bases have been covered.
Were all the bases covered? He.
He certainly had many bases to.
up to be placed atop their bases.
bases had been deployed to the rim.
New Highs off Properly Formed Bases.
Military bases were put on full alert.
mean Rex’s bases!!) was on the moon,.
associated concepts and knowledge bases.
Even big important bases like Bien Hoa.
Stationed at various bases around the U.
they ever received was from other NN bases.
kinesthetic bases with that last paragraph.
One-, two-, and three-week bases are risky.
They connect all of the Frooginite bases.
are the three bases of demoniacal tendencies.