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    1. Never a strong point of mine, I always used to say that I could ask the whereabouts of a station in five different languages - unfortunately, I couldn’t understand the answer in any of them

    2. This is such a royal blue, mine was such a, well, a Carribean blue

    3. “No you just carry on it seems more interesting than mine

    4. More than I could say about mine

    5. I lived it up these last ten years, I lived like that house was mine

    6. Psalms: 119:11: Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee

    7. Have a sip of mine

    8. uprightness of mine heart I have willingly offered all these

    9. 1Sam: 26:11: The LORD forbid that I should stretch forth mine hand against the LORD's anointed:

    10. “It wasn’t me! I told you, it was a friend of mine!”

    11. mine hand against the LORD's anointed

    12. wakeneth mine ear to hear as the learned

    13. Isa: 50:5: The Lord GOD hath opened mine ear, and I was not rebellious, neither turned away back

    14. ‘Like you did with me … little miss innocent …’ he said, glaring at me, his face close to mine

    15. It was his dream that he would marry and have children … and Dan is a man to make his dreams reality … I think he had some crackbrained idea that he could have the wife and family along with my friendship as well … I daresay he thought I would come to terms with Joanna … after all, she was a friend of mine … it made some sort of sense

    16. "It was probably the shuttlecraft that spooked them, once I urged mine to speed, they got carried away

    17. devastated … not only because she’d messed him about, but because he threw us out of the window because of her … y’see, I reckon he was hoping that we’d be reconciled … we were friends, him an’ me, best friends … he once said that any woman he married would have to accept that I came with the package, I reckon he thought that as Joanna was a friend of mine anyway, it would make the whole thing easier

    18. This home is as much yours as mine in all things but to sell, as I hoped you understood by now

    19. He hasn’t mentioned where he slept last night yet … not that it’s any business of mine

    20. "I'll be bringing someone of mine, or you can keep your aluminum

    21. her to stay, let alone be mine

    22. For his sake and for mine too

    23. "If you're too uneasy about it I could back you back out and see if there is some other friend of mine who would like to share this space?"

    24. They took his Yants off him, mine too

    25. Mine weren't," Glenelle said

    26. I'd be delighted if you would share some of mine

    27. Bolt, covered in dust and fresh goat gore, sits on his ass in the mine field

    28. "That was Morg's android I was in then, I haven't had mine out since Alan found out about them

    29. ’ He said, hunkering down beside my chair, his face level with mine

    30. She was going to come straight back here, wasn’t she? Or did she say she was going to look through some of her stuff? Oh drat! This memory of mine is getting very ropey!

    31. it is mine

    32. It was one of mine

    33. ‘You idiot!’ he laughed, holding his stick out on a level with mine

    34. There was no reason not to mine the nearby moon for all the materials they could use

    35. My healing is real! It is mine! I be-

    36. He’s still holding my hand and I grip his fingers with mine, trying to smile at him

    37. Her left arm moves slightly in my direction, her hand obviously seeking for mine

    38. Her stories are structured in a very unusual way: I have written down in a separate notebook memories, fantasies, as well as dreams of mine and I have classified them in certain categories: Start of story – Main events – Secondary events – Cosmic truths – Fights – Dialogues – Space and time – End of story

    39. Jesus said, “And I seek not mine own glory: there one that seeketh and Judgeth” John 8:50)

    40. The negligee I have to wear in the last scene before the interval is not mine, though Andy has made certain comments about it on the way home which have made me wish it were

    41. After a while he pushed his chair closer to mine and complained “there are too many tables and people in here”

    42. Hoping to make him stop this, I made up a melodramatic love story about a boyfriend of mine who was killed in a car accident nine years ago; strangely enough, I felt quite emotional about it and when I said “I have lost someone” I meant it

    43. It's about three months since I first noticed a radical change in Persephone's behaviour: She is always shouting and laughing at top voice, she is trying to be clever and expert in all subjects, she is constantly asking for favours: “Type these poems for me” … “Tell your mother to sew this skirt of mine” … “Will you paint this picture for me?” … “Go to that public service and ask this or that” and so on

    44. Naturally, I don't question Louise's good intentions; on the contrary, she is the only friend of mine who supports me in deed

    45. In the end, he even asked me if there was another friend of mine to introduce to him

    46. There is neither Jew nor Greek; there is neither slave nor free; there is neither male nor female (bold print mine - RR), for you are all one in Christ Jesus

    47. And I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, but to be in silence"(bold mine - RR)

    48. Did they love their fathers as I loved mine? I conjectured and felt sympathy for them

    49. It was a friend of mine

    50. “We had better be friends only, nothing else!” he adds nervously and he takes his hand off mine

    1. This must be the place where Architalos mined clay for his pottery

    2. That she had in fact only ignited a separated portion of the Waghtnin that had been mined for this spectacle as soon as her probes had discovered the anomaly, that needn't ever come to light

    3. The evidence of Naud visitation was everywhere in the two systems: moons and planets carelessly mined, automated refineries left here and there to rust and decay on the otherwise nicest real estate, having already clotted the atmospheres and generally made a mess of those worlds and their systems

    4. You know they mined saltpeter near the bridge and early American soldiers dropped hot lead bullets from the top of the bridge so they could solidify and cool down when they hit the shallow water at the bottom? Interesting! Oh, yeah, and this is also interesting

    5. ) In Nicaragua, the US government mined the harbors and sponsored terrorists

    6. tons of gold had been mined and panned there

    7. Copper continues to be mined at a faster rate than we consume it

    8. Asbestos was shown as a silicate, mined from the earth

    9. Teypachtli had just gone up the Thanuge to get some of the teoxihuitl stones mined there

    10. mined to go on with the work once it is started, and be committed to continue in

    11. The social landscape is pockmarked by petty interdictions and mined with coercive penalties

    12. mined, but did not know what to do

    13. Beings mined the mineral resources

    14. percentage is higher, for example MTR provided 30% of the coal mined in West Virginia in 2006

    15. I’ve heard that blue diamonds are only mined at a South African mine by the name of Maatchie, or something like that

    16. Some iron was mined from Altgeld, but it was of inferior quality

    17. So, until the Rotham mined the ship's hard drives and decoded everything, they couldn't possibly know about these containers

    18. “Our people mined the ore and metal veins in the Arkadian Mountain Range for many generations

    19. “We have mined the veins of copper in this ore-laden granite

    20. The dwarves continued their march along the outside perimeter of the tunnels and caverns mined by their clan

    21. She takes her position with her periscope where she can watch the robots pass over the mined area

    22. Possessing the same physical and optical properties as mined gems

    23. Someone had built a completely vertically integrated space ship manufacturing facility to the point where they apparently even mined their own metals

    24. A huge percentage of their resources were mined and stolen

    25. where there is evidence that uranium has been mined

    26. The gates were open but by this time, with the pills and the grog, we wouldn’t have cared if they’d been mined

    27. They are not in the Arrivals Hall because the wind raged, forcing tumultuous seas through barren lowlands to mercilessly drown the gasping unprepared; the anguished turmoil of racing rivers did not obliterate intruding infrastructure; land long poisoned and saturated from decades of denuding did not lasciviously swallow enslaved creatures, nor did it cruelly crush the explosively emboldened who had mined its underpinnings for glitter

    28. The beaches that they expected the Japanese to use for their landings had also by now been discreetly mined and prepared for defense, while every Army unit had been kept busy with either training or with digging of defenses

    29. mined, and found, within even what appears to be the most horrific of

    30. ‘I think the question is, who’s they? The company that mined it and started the fire’s

    31. “And how much gold was actually mined there?” Breckenridge

    32. They derailed trains, hijacked trucks, mined roads and destroyed arms and supply depots

    33. earth, and mined the garden for cantaloupe and watermelon

    34. It has however been extensively mined during the years and is now little more than a hollow rock shell

    35. There they panned for precious metals and mined for magnetic drive crystals

    36. For several years they mined without an incident

    37. A little gold is still mined

    38. Most of the very best specimens were mined there over a century ago, and these have stood the test of time as very important collector specimens

    39. Chinese cinnabars have no equals, and they have been mined and revered in China for hundreds of years

    40. mined, but this example, at 7 inches, has larger doubly terminated quartz crystals than most

    41. My father found it in the water-filled pit at the Sawmill Quarry in Haddam while it was being actively mined by Herb Hewitt

    42. is still being mined in Tasmania for the collector

    43. Opal is also still being mined

    44. “I had no idea the crystals were being mined by prisoners

    45. Once you have mined your own store of talented

    46. The pueblo people mined them before the Spaniards came into the region and enslaved them in the mines

    47. “This is how the Spanish mined,” Dog whispered in my ear

    48. We may find a seam where they mined out enough were we can get above this water

    49. mined out of the back side of that very same rock formation as their

    50. mined these hills and forest rock formations that surrounded the

    1. There is a story of how the miners would take a bird in a cage down with them into the mines

    2. And his reward would be what he wanted most, the post as new Lord Holder of the mines and armory

    3. So in order to get his help, he promised Matai the one thing he knows he wants more than anything – the Lordship of the Mines

    4. He said he was in northern Western Australia around the mines

    5. The dwarven mines had all but run dry

    6. But with his muscular arms and shoulders hardened from years of toil in the granite mines, he was possibly the strongest

    7. Brodin had always let his hammer do the talking for him, whether it was in the mines of the Athmas or, more recently, the walkway of Lock Core

    8. But corn can nowhere be raised without a great deal of labour ; and in a country which lies upon the river Plate, at that time the direct road from Europe to the silver mines of Potosi, the money-price of labour could be very cheap

    9. Some coal mines, advantageously situated, cannot be wrought on account of their barrenness

    10. Other coal mines in the same country, sufficiently fertile, cannot be wrought on account of their situation

    11. The most fertile coal mine, too, regulates the price of coals at all the other mines in its neighbourhood

    12. In coal mines, a fifth of the gross produce is a very great rent, a tenth the common rent ; and it is seldom a rent certain, but depends upon the occasional variations in the produce

    13. The productions of such distant coal mines can never be brought into competition with one another

    14. But the productions of the most distant metallic mines frequently may, and in fact commonly are

    15. The price, therefore, of the coarse, and still more that of the precious metals, at the most fertile mines in the world, must necessarily more or less affect their price at every other in it

    16. The price of copper in Japan must have some influence upon its price at the copper mines in Europe

    17. The price of silver in Peru, or the quantity either of labour or of other goods which it will purchase there, must have some influence on its price, not only at the silver mines of Europe, but at those of China

    18. After the discovery of the mines of Peru, the silver mines of Europe were, the greater part of them, abandoned

    19. This was the case, too, with the mines of Cuba and St

    20. Domingo, and even with the ancient mines of Peru, after the discovery of those of Potosi

    21. A sixth part of the gross produce may be reckoned the average rent of the tin mines of Cornwall, the most fertile that are known in the world, as we are told by the Rev

    22. A sixth part of the gross produce is the rent, too, of several very fertile lead mines in Scotland

    23. In the silver mines of Peru, we are told by Frezier and Ulloa, the

    24. Till 1736, indeed, the tax of the king of Spain amounted to one fifth of the standard silver, which till then might be considered as the real rent of the greater part of the silver mines of Peru, the richest which have been known in the world

    25. If there had been no tax, this fifth would naturally have belonged to the landlord, and many mines might have been wrought which could not then be wrought, because they could not afford this tax

    26. But if you add one twentieth to one sixth, you will find that the whole average rent of the tin mines of Cornwall, was to the whole average rent of the silver mines of Peru, as thirteen to twelve

    27. But the silver mines of Peru are not now able to pay even this low rent; and the tax upon silver was, in 1736, reduced from one fifth to one tenth

    28. Rent, therefore, it is probable, makes a greater part of the price of tin at the most fertile tin mines than it does of silver at the most fertile silver mines in the world

    29. After replacing the stock employed in working those different mines, together with its ordinary profits, the residue which remains to the proprietor is greater, it seems, in the coarse, than in the precious metal

    30. Neither are the profits of the undertakers of silver mines commonly very great in Peru

    31. of silver mines, the law in Peru gives every possible encouragement to the discovery and working of new ones

    32. The same encouragement is given in Peru to the discovery and working of new gold mines; and in gold the king's tax amounts only to a twentieth part of the standard rental

    33. This twentieth part seems to be the whole rent which is paid by the greater part of the gold mines of Chili and Peru

    34. As the prices, both of the precious metals and of the precious stones, is regulated all over the world by their price at the most fertile mine in it, the rent which a mine of either can afford to its proprietor is in proportion, not to its absolute, but to what may be called its relative fertility, or to its superiority over other mines of the same kind

    35. If new mines were discovered, as much superior to those of Potosi, as they were superior to those of Europe, the value of silver might be so much degraded as to render even the mines of Potosi not worth the working

    36. Before the discovery of the Spanish West Indies, the most fertile mines in Europe may have afforded as great a rent to their proprietors as the richest mines in Peru do at present

    37. The most abundant mines, either of the precious metals, or of the precious stones, could add little to the wealth of the world

    38. Even though the world in general were improving, yet if, in the course of its improvements, new mines should be discovered, much more fertile than any which had been known before, though the demand for silver would necessarily increase, yet the supply might increase in so much a greater proportion, that the real price of that metal might gradually fall; that is, any given quantity, a pound weight of it, for example, might gradually purchase or command a smaller and a smaller quantity of labour, or exchange for a smaller and a smaller quantity of corn, the principal part of the subsistence of the labourer

    39. This rise in the value of silver, in proportion to that of corn, may either have been owing altogether to the increase of the demand for that metal, in consequence of increasing improvement and cultivation, the supply, in the mean time, continuing the same as before; or, the demand continuing the same as before, it may have been owing altogether to the gradual diminution of the supply: the greater part of the mines which were then known in the world being much exhausted, and, consequently, the expense of working them much increased; or it may have been owing partly to the one, and partly to the other of those two circumstances

    40. It is natural to suppose, too, that the greater part of the mines which then supplied the European market with silver might be a good deal exhausted, and have become more expensive in the working

    41. It has been the opinion, however, of the greater part of those who have written upon the prices of commodities in ancient times, that, from the Conquest, perhaps from the invasion of Julius Caesar, till the discovery of the mines of America, the value of silver was continually diminishing

    42. The quantity of the precious metals may increase in any country from two different causes ; either, first, from the increased abundance of the mines which supply it; or, secondly, from the increased wealth of the people, from the increased produce of their annual labour

    43. The price of gold and silver, when the accidental discovery of more abundant mines does not keep it down, as it naturally rises with the wealth of every country; so, whatever be the state of the mines, it is at all times naturally higher in a rich than in a poor country

    44. The discovery of the abundant mines of America seems to have been the sole cause of this diminution in the value of silver, in proportion to that of corn

    45. The discovery of the mines of America, it is to be observed, does not seem to have had any very sensible effect upon the prices of things in England till after 1570; though even the mines of Potosi had been discovered more than twenty years before

    46. Their concern for Victoria's spirit had moved them in their deliberations as they worked the mines of B

    47. - Between 1630 and 1640, or about 1636, the effect of the discovery of the mines of America, in reducing the value of silver, appears to have been completed, and the value of that metal seems never to have sunk lower in proportion to that of corn than it was about that time

    48. cheaper than it had been during the sixty-four last years of the last century; and about nine shillings and sixpence cheaper than it had been during the sixteen years preceding 1636, when the discovery of the abundant mines of America may be supposed to have produced its full effect ; and about one shilling cheaper than it had been in the twenty-six years preceding 1620, before that discovery can well be supposed to have produced its full effect

    49. When, after the discovery of the abundant mines of America, corn rose to three and four times its former money price, this change was universally ascribed, not to any rise in the real value of corn, but to a fall in the real value of silver

    50. In the greater part of the silver mines of Peru, the tax of the king of Spain, amounting to a tenth of the gross produce, eats up, it has already been observed, the whole rent of the land

    1. After all, giants did not have the delicate touch of humans when it came to mining and extracting ore

    2. Mining Bees in the lawn: Their mounds can be removed with a rake

    3. The amount of minerals and the quality rock used to produce rock dust depends on the location of the for quarry, and the mining process

    4. ‘Is there coal mining in the Bath area?’ I asked surprised

    5. Instead she'd occupied herself with the grunt work, finishing up the full scale fabricator and getting more mining bots deployed

    6. It was nothing more than an overgrown mining tug of a bygone era with a big bad burner on it boosting an apartment building of pressure chambers into the unknown

    7. Take Wales, for example, on Earth the place is riddled with little mining villages where men, women and children slaved underground in the most appalling conditions to produce coal which was then burned to produce pollution and energy to drive factories where even more men, women and children slaved in equally unpleasant conditions in order to keep body and soul together

    8. “Economics is trying to get us moved over to B’s environs to see if there’s anything worth mining in those asteroid swarms

    9. It spreads for 502,000 square kilometres and has a population of 48,600; most people live around the mining areas

    10. She added enough functionality to it that Ava had to send mining probes to the moon to provide the living space it required

    11. She spent months mining that one response, and gaining a lot more respect for the native civilization in the process

    12. Dwarven artisans and builders could often be found in Lock Core, but the majority of their people remained in the mountains; the Rock Dwarves dwelling deep within, burrowing caverns, halls and mining the rich supply of precious ore, while the Boulder Dwarves lived upon the cliffs, constantly sculpting the mountain face into elaborate caves

    13. Mining, it seems, is considered there in the same light as here, as a lottery, in which the prizes do not compensate the blanks, though the greatness of some tempts many adventurers to throw away their fortunes in such unprosperous projects

    14. The profits of mining would for some time be very great, and much above their natural rate

    15. “Turned out that the Tursii hadn't mentioned that the shipments in question were mining explosives---and that the irregularities in question were shorted shipments

    16. One after the other of the mining installations began going kablooey! It appeared that a full scale worker's revolt was underway and our ship showed up as the curtain went up on the first act

    17. Before the Commandant in charge of the cadets, or the First Mate of the ship could even voice the order to reverse course, the nearest facility erupted in a fireball that looked more like a nova than a mining disaster

    18. The Elf continued, “That Husim is still mining the memories of innocent victims to aid his schemes isn't so very surprising I suppose

    19. a base on the moon with mining and

    20. future mining project for the moon” Simon

    21. explore space, as the mining you ordered will

    22. they prepared for the mining to begin

    23. mining would not begin until Earth was

    24. base structure and the mining of the moon

    25. miles of the mining perimeter

    26. mining projects, and Rex of course - the

    27. the mining and construction

    28. the moon mining team prepare the base pad

    29. mining to establish their quadrant of the

    30. Flights into orbit continue and we still service Mars colony and the Galilean mining operations, but now only probes ever go further, manned exploration or colonisation missions are deemed too expensive and a waste of resources

    31. Once the mining operations had located almost all of the elements they required and the farming operation was producing more food than was required, life got a little easier

    32. They weren’t wearing miner’s helmets or anything like that, but I got the feeling they were mining

    33. This included mining firms, prospectors, logistical firms, refining operations, support operations and anyone else who lived and worked in the vicinity

    34. Tony Edwards had worked as the government representative to the Galilean mining operations for over a decade

    35. No government that supports space exploration, mining and colonisation is going to win elections anymore

    36. It was pale blue with the title “Official Plan for the Repatriation of Galilean Mining Operations” printed across the otherwise blank front cover

    37. He was often flying deliveries between the two settlements, the mining operations or the two refineries

    38. It turned out that the vessel responsible for the incident had been stolen shortly before the attack and then dumped on the surface near a mining outpost that had not been occupied for a few years

    39. He had got this in a mining accident and it shone an angry red when he was annoyed I liked him no end he was a straight talker and in my book you wouldn’t find a better bloke in the army he was a little older than us being twenty five

    40. He had already had dealings with Jarad Goldman, the foreman of one of several mining teams, and each man disliked the other

    41. Shelley was a twelve year old girl who had lived with her father and two other families in the small, self-contained ice mining habitat for almost two years now

    42. “All the mining installations on Europa have been attacked and put out of action

    43. “I don’t think the Navy realised there were families living in the mining habitats

    44. The Jovian mining operations have formally declared independence from Earth

    45. No more coal mining

    46. The remaining legal source is the foreign businessman and many big businesses like oil companies and mining conglomerates might already be in the country

    47. Much of the mining during the Gold Rush was done, not be Anglo-American miners, but by enslaved California Indians doing forced labor for Anglo-American miners

    48. Grayson Murphy was the treasurer for the League, Director of Goodyear, mining and rail companies, and on the boards of Bethlehem Steel and JP Morgan

    49. Until then, as far as the government was concerned, there’d been no mining at Double Island

    50. Most Queenslanders were aware of sand mining on Fraser Island, but not on Double Island

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    mine explosive trap booby trap weapon bomb quarry pit lode shaft well tunnel bonanza excavate dig extract pan drill burrow sow with mines defend

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    excavation in the earth from which ores and minerals are extracted

    explosive device that explodes on contact; designed to destroy vehicles or ships or to kill or maim personnel

    get from the earth by excavation

    lay mines