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    1. deep that it swallowed entirely the weak shaft of moonlight that tried to sneak into the

    2. Beside me, to my right, I could hear the whine of the transmission shaft as it ground away through the everyday time and space of the world beyond the metal box in which I was slowly suffocating

    3. Where a shaft of light has managed to break through the canopy, there are bright green ferns, but in the main, it is easy going over the pine-needle strewn ground with no bushes or undergrowth

    4. of the flooded pit shaft

    5. I desire for you to enter me,” she presented her yawning genitals to him as she said this, “and fill my empty loins with your shaft and your seed

    6. damage as the shaft went through

    7. When he got out from the third shaft deeper, he could tell just from the smell of the dust that they were in Gnome quarters because he’d heard it described in novels

    8. He seldom had to take the deep shaft any more and supervise crews down there

    9. The interior room was over three stories high at the top of the elevator shaft, the huge arch in the shaft where it turned over was exposed

    10. He removed the cover over the hole in the ground and fitted a slim wax ring on top of it, then set the pump shaft neatly onto the rim plate protruding from the hole, and bolted the connection together

    11. The gun spills from his hand and he hears a straw donkey braying in one last brilliant shaft of sunlight

    12. But before they made arrangements to meet, he was at the top of that shaft and they parted

    13. He made his way up three more floors on foot, it was faster than walking over to the point shaft

    14. There are three elevator lines surrounding the drop, but they are all expensive because of the massive pressures involved in building so tall a shaft on an elevator as these

    15. Yompere had a records room in an alcove of the main records library shaft

    16. squeeze his way back outside, he noticed a shaft of

    17. outside, he watched as the shaft moved gradually up

    18. The oak shaft two inches across and covered in brass studs

    19. Before the first one’s dripping jaws reached Nerissa, before he could grind her into pulp and swallow her to mix with Mother’s gore, she jumped down a gaping shaft that opened on the beach

    20. ” Jista chuckled as they crawled out of their pods into the empty service shaft

    21. She slowed and came to a crouch at a juncture leading straight up and down from the lateral shaft they'd come up

    22. “Eh?” he virtually ignored her, continuing to stare at the damage and out into the shaft beyond

    23. “So’s the air,” coughed Jenny, finding the atmosphere in the shaft barely breathable, fumes from the fire still prevalent

    24. The plasma blade cut effortlessly through the hollow metal shaft, splitting the tool neatly in two

    25. She decided that there just was not a good position to record them from, and her dad had forbidden her from using the thin steel walkways from the edge of the tank to the large water heating and processing unit mounted on a shaft above the centre of the swirling water

    26. The shaft was blocked with ice

    27. Once inside they set about climbing the two wall ladders, one on each side of the shaft

    28. It took a while to climb the twenty metres to the top of the shaft

    29. Halfway up Shelley accidentally dropped her torch, watching sadly as it bounced off the rungs of the ladder and then tumbled to the floor, its beam erratically illuminating the sides of the shaft as it fell

    30. Presumably the shaft went up the sleeve of his

    31. that Percy's shaft slid through his palm, until he grasped it very close to the end

    32. early sensitivity near the top of the shaft, late sensitivity in the glans

    33. placed the back of his hand against the middle of the shaft

    34. the shaft, over the tip and along the underside, barely touching

    35. the propeller shaft was cracked and needed repair

    36. speed was compromised with the crack in the propeller shaft, he

    37. knew he must sail on to Australia where he would have the shaft

    38. in order to protect the propeller shaft, Waddell decided to

    39. was anxious to have the repairs made to the propeller shaft, so

    40. Carl lifted the red shaft of light, and it shrank at both ends to become a spear no longer than two hands that fit snugly in his belt loop

    41. He drew back on the string of his Lukrorian Bow, and a shaft of brilliant blue light appeared

    42. As the woman stood and stumbled towards Adem while screaming frantically, he drew back on the string again, drawing heavy flows of teron into the shaft of flames, then released

    43. The red light of the shaft became brighter when he closed his eyes and began to concentrate

    44. A delay before it opened to lead into a metal shaft, a lift-elevator he realised

    45. A shaft of green light appeared from the roof space and descended, reflecting in the mirror and illuminating a patch of wall on behind the man

    46. He wept even more as he removed the weapon’s shaft and laid the cat out as if it were asleep

    47. He stepped back and a shaft of pure white light elevated from the sphere and made its way to around six feet above the pillar before splitting into three solid bars

    48. to the bottom of the shaft, so that Kara sent up a wild hallo of alarm

    49. It was perhaps four inches in length, constructed of a solid shaft with a fairly basic pattern at one end

    50. A shaft of raw sunlight broke into the cave, giving more illumination to the rear

    1. stout, wooden shafted golfing iron

    2. We knew better than to complain but we all knew that the same thing had happened again and once more we had been shafted it was nothing unusual whether it be fatigues or anything else we would always get lumbered or so it seemed

    3. After the countess had gone I was at a bit of a loss I sat thinking about how I had been shafted and railroaded through the farce that was my Courts Martial

    4. The result is that competent people get shafted because this individual has standards which don't mean anything to anyone except people with the same ideals

    5. Curly Pete's overalls fit perfectly and reaching back into the bag he pulls out a short crowbar, bolt cutters and a steel shafted claw hammer; �Just the job

    6. Those of you who regularly read my blogs or listen to my music will recall me mentioning „v" the mate who did the dirty by me and shafted me out of my weed thing

    7. Shafted only in the palest of moonlight,

    8. “I think my husband has just been shafted by a jolly mechanic with a sense of humour

    9. As they approached the entrance to The Stables clouds scurried across the heavens creating windows of sunlight that shafted onto the sparkling wilderness of submerged farmland

    10. “You've heard what happened? That fuckin' Abkhazian shafted us

    11. “Listen copper,” Pike looked Smith in the eyes, “I’m coming to the end of my career; I’ve been well and truly shafted in a recent divorce, any extra way to earn cash is welcome

    12. Clinton Cards was another recent instance where shareholders were, as they say on the BBs, “shafted

    1. The big dog climbed on top of her from the rear, his forepaws grasping her firmly about the waist, his long, red, angry-looking prong shafting her all the way to the hilt

    2. It was the lightest touch, a flicker of a may-fly’s wing, but enough to electrify his skin, sending ice slivers shafting to the core

    3. You want to earn a living where at least you don't have to see the people you're shafting?”

    4. The sound of water gently tumbling over the turquoise colored rocks, accented by the light dappling on the walls from the sun shafting in through the opening above, gave the feeling of being in a magical grotto

    5. And thank you for not shafting me into the Chandravanshi

    1. What he saw looked like a knot of malevolent hoses slowly flying through shafts of light and shadow

    2. I rolled onto my stomach, allowing the water to wash and revive me, pulling myself forward over the pebbles like a lizard, sliding down into the water past the boulders, keeping as near to the bottom as I could and then turning, and looking skyward through sparkling shafts of sunlight beaming through my open fingers

    3. Now here I was back between the cart shafts dragging a schedule again, with keys and locks to my routine

    4. When she was finally able to lift the lid, the light blasted her like a nuclear fireball, its shafts stabbed within the chamber, searing her eyeballs

    5. Ava took him to an elevator and went straight down for more shafts than he cared to think about

    6. He put his ‘Be back soon’ sign on the door and went down three elevator shafts into the catacombs of the Gnomes where the original sample tickets for the Helmet Room labs were stored

    7. New Orthanc’s elevator shafts are ten floors high, Delurna was still on the first one up from the current level zero

    8. The floors are so smooth here that the light reflected down to the shafts was dazzling

    9. Less than a quarter mile and two more short shafts from the southwest corner of the pyramid and that deep elevator

    10. None of the sensors in the ventilation shafts had been

    11. tripped and besides, the fan blades at the ends of the shafts were too close together

    12. Up and down the wall the volley was joined and the air was filled with hundreds of wooden shafts

    13. This far from the Archenon, the streets were empty but for a blanket of silver tipped shafts resting on the cobblestone roads

    14. They went up three shafts of twelve floors each and passed thru more corridors after getting off

    15. They reached a spacious elevator hall and sank many more shafts than he thought they should have

    16. ; of the capital which the undertaker of a mine employs in sinking his shafts, in erecting engines for drawing out the water, in making roads and waggon-ways, etc

    17. Father plucked the shafts and hurled them back

    18. Day dawned sending shafts of warm sunlight, through the layers of mist on the horizon, probing the earth for suitable points to lock into and hoist he huge fiery ball into the sky

    19. Left and right, they were sending pointed shafts of death into the ranks of pirates and mercenaries alike

    20. A strange, screaming, thumping, sort of sound issued from the engine compartment and I ducked as the bonnet shot high into the air, quickly followed by bits and pieces of the engine: pistons, tappets, valves and big-ends: filters, shafts, cogs and pulley-wheels, all cascading heavenwards in a shower of iridescent alloy

    21. Those cones and shafts of light were amazing

    22. Twenty metres back, Bear and Red had passed two abandoned mine shafts on either side of the road

    23. Splinters flew as sword tips slowly whittled spear shafts

    24. The sun sent shafts of trembling light

    25. There by the lakeside, where the moonlight poured down in shafts and

    26. Shafts of light pierced through the

    27. The elevator shafts also acted as cross

    28. ” The deck sloped toward the scuppers and was interrupted by cylindrical shafts three feet high and about four feet in diameter spaced regularly over the storage tanks below

    29. The small hatches in the tops of these shafts allowed the mate and petroleum officer to stick the tanks and take samples

    30. In the time that it took Gad to rejoin them, the dust had resolved itself into a small troop of horsemen carrying long thin shafts in an upright position

    31. billowing into the room, curling in the shafts of light from the

    32. But I could hear the screams echo in the shafts and down the corridors

    33. Very little return fire had come their way once the foot soldiers had engaged at close quarters and he had been sent down by his father, to represent their family in the conflict as part of the town’s contingent, but now he was running low on arrow shafts

    34. The slopes of the valley were hewn with roughly-cut tree stumps, the timber from which was now employed deep within the mine shafts that lay beyond

    35. top-to-bottom ventilation shafts and other complex architectures, because

    36. Several held bows with shafts at the ready

    37. It allowed the Gaeans to gaze farther into the network of interconnected mine shafts

    38. Great shafts and arcs of sparkling beams continued pouring out the core, and as they did, some passed through Us which I experienced as peace

    39. Horizontal shafts of golden sunlight light illuminated one side of the vast valley, leaving the other in sombre shadow apart from the tallest trees whose tops shone burnished gold

    40. Tall, Roman-arched windows in thick, white-stuccoed walls, threw shafts of dust-spangled morning light over the assembled students

    41. The rising sun flung its shafts through the mist and wisps of vapour curled from the water

    42. addition built round the radiating shafts a sound-form resembling a

    43. As the horde entered the wide valley mouth the hillmen loosed their shafts

    44. Clouds of shafts sped upward, driving the hillmen to cover

    45. 'We'd best stand to it,' growled the Cimmerian; 'else we'll all die with shafts in our backs, and not a blow dealt

    46. From the lofty gunwales, the black pirates drove down a volley of shafts that tore through the quilted jackets of the doomed sailormen, then sprang down spear in hand to complete the slaughter

    47. The men in the canoes rushed their boats toward the river-wall, and were met by another shower of clothyard shafts and a volley from the small ballistas mounted on towers on that side of the stockade

    48. There were three of these, slender shafts about seven feet long, but not larger than his thumb

    49. Even my sight which was sensitive enough to see a difference in the heat striking the outside walls, I found no hidden passages, shafts or doorways

    50. By Mitra, the clothyard shafts find every crevice of their harness! Horses and men go down, struggling and thrashing in the water

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    Synonyms for "shaft"

    calamus quill shaft rotating shaft scape lance spear cock dick pecker prick putz tool diaphysis barb dig gibe jibe shot slam beam beam of light irradiation light beam ray ray of light shaft of light cheat chicane chouse jockey screw missile streak bar shank handle pole cane axle stem duct well pipe tube tunnel

    "shaft" definitions

    a line that forms the length of an arrow pointer

    an aggressive remark directed at a person like a missile and intended to have a telling effect

    a long rod or pole (especially the handle of an implement or the body of a weapon like a spear or arrow)

    a column of light (as from a beacon)

    the main (mid) section of a long bone

    obscene terms for penis

    a long pointed rod used as a tool or weapon

    a vertical passageway through a building (as for an elevator)

    (architecture) upright consisting of the vertical part of a column

    a long vertical passage sunk into the earth, as for a mine or tunnel

    a revolving rod that transmits power or motion

    the hollow spine of a feather

    equip with a shaft

    defeat someone through trickery or deceit