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Oversight in a sentence

That was not an oversight.
It was a sickening oversight.
Perhaps it was an oversight.
Yeah, it was a gross oversight on my part.
They have no oversight over them whatsoever.
The Trustees shall serve as a Board of Oversight.
The oversight bit me in the butt, as I suffered a.

Owen rectified this serious oversight and proceeded:.
FoFs provide diversification, oversight (due diligence.
They have power over the public without public oversight.
That oversight was corrected by the Industrial Revolution.
As a technician, he provided infrastructure, not oversight.
Unfortunately this oversight has hampered our legal system.
Then I suppose you’re honor bound to rectify the oversight.
City council, however, outvoted him in favor of an oversight 240.
Like a well-trained horse, he could serve his purpose without oversight.
Despite this lack of oversight, or because of it, the OTC market is huge.
To rectify that oversight, I offer a few last words of advice to this group.
That oversight and conditions of funding ought to be clear to the president.
But it seemed the Darangi's complacency had resulted in this obvious oversight.
All but two of the original members of Medical Ethical Oversight were still on it.
And since Congress did little oversight of this area, the end run usually worked.
Take a look at this research from the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight.
The community lost all rights or oversight on this essential part of human existence.
The UNs Office of Internal Oversight Services audited the UN peacekeeping procurement.
Anderson rolled his eyes, It’s not a problem, I’ll call Andy, it just an oversight.
That’s something that I admit I let slide without enough oversight during my treatment.
Carla mentioned her in passing which may have been an oversight because she was now in France.
Fritz was operating without transparency; what he did was done without supervision or oversight.
Oops, forgot to sign Stace out, he said, slightly embarrassed at the procedural oversight.
These main regulatory organizations have oversight of commodity exchanges in the United States:.
This loose oversight in reality left bureaucrats increasingly in control of daily life in America.
Inspection Unit, an Office of Internal Oversight, and an Advisory Committee on Administrative and.
The drawback is that the regulated exchanges offer regulatory oversight to all market participants.
Jozabad, of the chief of the Levites, had the oversight of the outward business of the house of God.
The IRS might be a bit miffed at his careless oversight of not paying taxes on his ill-gotten gains.
That was an easy walk from a ninth floor gate into the Music Manufacturing Investment Oversight Building.
That is why we called this special session of the Academic Oversight Supracommittee, to voice our concerns.
The Oversight Committee was able to construct a new organization structure for the IT functions of the agency.
Some churches, or church networks, send missionaries and provide support and oversight like a missions agency.

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